Diary entry 8.4

So, I got this diary from my stepmother and I guess I should write something in it. Maybe I should start with some basic stuff. Yeah, that sounds good.

School was never easy, and it definitely wasn't going to be easier if you were ignored by almost every student in the school. And I know this from experience.

My name is Nico. I'm half Italian and half Greek which is the reason to my olive colored skin. I live in New York and hate it. Anyway, a little bit more about how I look.

I have the same dark brown eyes as my mother had, but they have the same glint in them as my father have. Or that's what people say, I don't really remember my mother. I also have black hair that looks like I would have just gotten out of bed. Usually when I was going to school, I would wear a big black hoodie and dark jeans. I was trying to hide myself. Still am… It's not that I hate the way I look, no, it's because I'm tired of all the fake friends that comes along with it. I'm 16 years old, I'm tall, I have muscles and I'm rich. What more would a woman need?

My dad, Hades, is a well-known businessman and everybody wants to be on his good side. So, what would be a better way than to date his son? Yeah, I don't know either… My stepmother Persephone is a really caring parent and she loves flowers. Our house is full of flowers. I have one sister, Bianca, and I have a feeling that she doesn't like me very much. We don't even talk to each other anymore. When I try to talk to her, she just walks away. Well, whatever…

But I have to go now. School is waiting. Should I say some kind of good byes now? Uh… Bye.

I closed my diary and hid it well under my bed before pulling on a pair of dark tight jeans on. They weren't too tight, just so they would look good. After that I put on a black hoodie with a 'son of death' text on it, took my bag and headed out of the house.

I was from a rich family, so every morning I and Bianca would get a ride to school and back home. It was kind of embarrassing.

When we got close to the school, I asked the driver to leave me there. Bianca agreed to this. I keep saying to myself that the only reason she agreed to this, was because she didn't want me to blow off my covers after hiding a whole year. Nobody knew I was the son of Hades, and I couldn't be more thankful.

I walked the rest of the way to school and after arriving there, I headed straight to the class room. I sat in one of the places far behind and looked out of the window while waiting for the class to start. While I was looking out, I could see some guys playing basketball and doing other stuff that friends do. One of the basket players caught my eyes and we looked at each other for a while before I closed mine. I sighed. I couldn't see the boy clearly, but I could bet he was smiling. To me? I don't think so.

When the class finally ended I made my way to my locker. After I had gotten the books I needed, I walked to my next class. But on the way to the class, someone just had to push my shoulder so all of my books fell on the floor. Crap. And the best part of it is, that the pusher left without saying a word. Like I would be a ghost and nothing happened. Well, it wasn't anything new for me. I don't know which is worse, to be alone and lonely or to just be lonely. I guess the latter.

After school was over, I decided to walk home. The walk wasn't that long and I didn't want to wait on the driver. I guess the driver knew already that I wasn't coming, because I never waited on him. I hadn't done it on the first day of school and I wouldn't be doing it on any other day.

"How was school?" Persephone asked as I walked into the house.

"Same as always." I told her while I grabbed an apple from the bowl in the kitchen. "I did get some papers for you and dad, though." I continued and took a bite from the apple. I put the apple down, gave Persephone the papers and continued to munch on my apple.

"Boring, boring, to Hades, boring, boring, ooh…"

"What is it?" I asked 'Phone who was going through the papers.

"It's nothing that you should worry about." she gave me a sweet smile before taking the pile of mails and walking away. I shook my head and threw away the eaten apple before heading to my own room. 'Should have looked at them before giving them' I thought as I dig out my diary and started to write about my day in it.

-Later with Persephone and Hades-

"And you think this is a good idea?" Hades asked his wife while holding a yellow paper in his hands.

"It's an awesome idea, dear, Nico could even get some friends from there. Really, he never brings friends home." Persephone said while giving a massage to Hades.

"But sending my son to a summer camp? Without telling him?" Hades waved the piece of paper in his hands. "That could be our doom." he nodded slowly, agreeing his own words.

"We could tell him after we dump him in there." Persephone smirked. "And besides, we would have the whole summer for us two after Bianca leaves." Hades' wife whispered into his ear while letting her hands fall down his chest into a hug.

"Well… If you look at it that way… It sound pretty good. Alright, mind handing me the phone?" Hades said and watched as her wife left with a victorious smile on her face to get the phone. 'Someday she will be the death of me…' Hades sighed before glancing at the yellow paper with strawberries in the corners. He shook his head.


This is my first fic in this fandom and it's been a while when I read the books. This is gonna be a multi-chapter story and if you have something to ask, just ask. This is an intro and will probably be the only chapter written this way.