These are the teams in capturing the flag:

Team 1: Jason, Jake, Nico, Leo, Grover, Hazel, Reyna, Thalia

Team 2: Luke, Will, Octavian, Percy, Juniper, Frank, Annabeth, Rachel

Leo woke up with a smile on his face. He was feeling great today. The reason, you may ask, but nobody can really answer that. Leo yawned as he sat up on his bed, jumping down from it and walking over to the bathroom to wash his teeth. When he was ready with everything, he walked out of the cabin, smiling at everyone who passed him.

When Leo finally got to the pavilion, he walked over to Nico and Octavian who were already sitting there. "Good morning." Leo said happily, sitting down next to Nico, with a big smile on his face.

"What's gotten you so happy?" Nico asked, glancing at Leo.

"Nothing really." Leo said, leaning on his hand. "You know" Leo looked at Octavian, meeting the blonde's eyes, "Nah, never mind. I'm gonna go grab some breakfast." Leo said, smiling again and standing up, leaving.

"He is usually like that." a new voice came. Nico turned around, seeing Percy behind him. Percy gave Nico a grin, but only nodded towards Octavian. Percy sat down on the place which had been occupied by Leo only a moment ago. "So, are you looking forward to today's program?" Percy asked.

"You mean 'capturing the flag'?" Nico asked, tilting his head slightly so he could see Percy.

"Yeah, I hope—"

"Percy! You stole my place." Leo came, standing next to Percy with a tray in his hand and a pout on his lips. Percy smiled sweetly at Leo.

"You can sit next to Octavian." he said, turning back to Nico with a big grin on his face. Leo rolled his eyes, but walked around the table, sitting down next to Octavian. He glared halfheartedly at Percy, before giving a big smile and starting to talk with them.

The sun was shining hotly from the cloudless sky, making the campers under it feel horrible. It was midday and the sun was on its warmest, when Chiron had decided to start the game. "Okay, we take count to two." Chiron said, pointing at Jason to start. "And no changing places." he announced, shooting a glare at few of the campers.

"One." Jason said.

"Two." Luke continued.

"One." It was Jake's turn.

"Two." Will said, pouting at the fact that he couldn't get on the same team with Jake. And so, all the campers had to announce their number before they could move onward.

"Good. This," Chiron pulled out a big neon pink flag, "will be team 1's flag. And this," Chiron pulled out a neon orange flag, "will be the second teams." Chiron said, tossing the flags to the teams. They all went to their own little groups, talking about some strategies. The winners wouldn't need to do any chores for the rest of the day.

When they were ready with all the preparations (,hiding the flags, showing the boarders and so on), the game could start. Nico and Leo had been watching their boarders, when they saw someone coming closer to them.

"Someone is there." Leo whispered, pointing at the shadows moving in the bushes. They were playing in the woods. Nico nodded, not looking at the direction. "I'll go further away and look if they come here." Leo said, walking away from Nico and deeper inside the woods.

On the other side of the boarder, sea green eyes watched as Leo walked away from Nico. "You go after him, and make sure that he doesn't go on our side." Percy said to the blond beside him. Octavian nodded, slowly standing away from the bushes and sneaking after Leo. Percy made a small victory dance inside his head, walking out from his hiding spot and up to Nico, making sure he still was on his own side.

"How's it going?" Percy asked, smiling at Nico.

"Everything's going fine." Nico said, leaning against the tree on his side. "Shouldn't you be helping your team out?" Nico asked, turning his dark eyes to glance at Percy, before they moved to quickly to look around and settling back on Percy.

"I am." Percy gave a little smirk. "I'm distracting you." Percy beamed. Nico rolled his eyes, but gave a smile nonetheless.

Octavian had been walking after Leo, when he had suddenly lost the dark haired boy from his vision. He walked over to the place where he had lastly seen him. He looked around, confused.

"Aha! I knew someone was following me!" Leo yelled and jumped at Octavian. Octavian gave a surprised squeak, looking over at Leo's flying body. Octavian jumped out of the way, making Leo stumble on the ground. When Leo tried to stand up after facing the ground, he could feel something cracking under him. He looked at Octavian, before looking under himself. The small rotten wood he was standing on, was giving up.

Before Leo had time to jump of it, it rustled down, Leo with them. Fortunately, Leo had time to grab the edge of some metal thing that laid under the rotten wood. Leo glanced down, seeing a cave that looked almost as a room. It had a smooth floor, what Leo could see, and the drop wouldn't be that bad.

"Leo, are you okay?" Octavian asked, stepping closer to Leo.

"Yeah, just fine you know, hanging out here and all." Leo said with sarcasm. Octavian looked at the rectangular hole Leo had fallen in. He looked at Leo's brown eyes, noticing that the boys hand was slipping. "Mind helping me?" Leo asked, trying to get a better hold. Octavian bent down, taking a good hold of Leo's arm, before trying to lift him up. He only got him a few inches upwards before his foot slipped and he too slide into the hole. They were both falling.

The fall wasn't big and they fell in a tangled mess of limbs on the stony floor. Octavian sat up, noticing that he had fallen on top of Leo. "Are you okay?" he asked, moving off of Leo. Leo sat up, giving a slight nod. They looked around themselves, realizing that the place that they had fallen into wasn't in fact a cave. It was more like a big bunker, with all kind of cool things.

"Wow." Leo said, standing up. They couldn't see that much because the only light they had was coming from the hole in the ceiling.

Nico glared at Percy, pouting. "I told you we would win." Percy said as they were walking away from the forest.

"Sure you said." Nico said. Percy smiled, slinging a hand over Nico's shoulders.

"So, wanna hung out later?"

"Help me do my chores and I'll think about it." Nico smirked. Percy walked in front of Nico, turning around and walking backwards, so he could see Nico.

"What do you have to do?"

"Do the laundry. It's gonna take a while, since I have to wash two rounds." Nico said. Percy nodded.

"I can help you, but then you own me a favor." Percy said. Nico looked at him with raised eyebrows. "Okay, you don't own me a favor." Percy smiled, turning back around and walking next to Nico. When they got to the clearing where everybody else were gathered, they walked over to them.

"Have you seen Leo and Octavian?" Chiron asked, walking over to them. They both shook their heads, looking concerned. Chiron nodded. "Dionysos?" Chiron yelled, watching as the man walked over to them. "Look at the kids, I'm going back to the woods." Chiron sighed. Dionysos nodded, turning back towards the campers.

"Okay everybody, go do your chores and we'll see later." Mr. D. said before walking back to sit on his chair.

Leo and Octavian were sitting next to each other on the cold stony floor. The sun had already set, or was setting, so they couldn't see much and it was getting colder. "Thank you for trying to help me." Leo said quietly, breaking the silence that had been there before.

"Whatever." Octavian said, closing his eyes and sighing.

"No. It's not just whatever." Leo said, turning to look at Octavian. "Many would have let me just fall, not caring."

"Well, now you got the same result, although now I'm stuck here too." Octavian replied, giving Leo a glance. Leo turned to look down, leaning closer to Octavian, trying to get warmer.

"I'm sorry 'bout that. And this may sound a bit mean, but I'm kinda happy that I didn't fall alone." Leo chuckled. Octavian hummed in response, not bothering to open his mouth again. Soon, both of the boys fell asleep, Leo's head resting on Octavian's shoulder, while Octavian's head rested on top of Leo's. That was also how Chiron found them.

Nico took out the wet laundry, putting them into a basket and going to hang them up. But before he did that, he refilled the machine with new clothes and put it on. He walked back to the laundry basket and started to hang them up. Percy took half of the clothes, helping Nico.

"Finally." Percy said, sitting down on the ground. Nico sat down across from him.

"I still have to wait for the rest of the clothes to be done." Nico said.

"That's why I'm here. To save you from this boring hour you have to wait." Percy grinned. Nico rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless. "Hey, while we wait, we could play truth or dare." Percy suggested. "Good, I'm gonna start. Truth or dare?"


"Who do you like?"

"You know, I don't wanna play this anymore." Nico said, laying down on the ground. Percy pouted.

"You could still tell me. We're friends, right?"

"No, I can't tell you, sorry. But it's because I'm still not sure myself. I'll tell you eventually. And we're friends." Nico smiled, sitting up again. Percy looked at Nico with his sea green eyes, moving closer.

"Can I hug you?" Percy asked.

"I don't know, can you?" Nico smirked. Percy pouted and moved even closer, putting his hands around Nico's waist. He leaned his head on Nico's shoulder, closing his eyes. Nico put his hands around Percy's waist, looking at a point over Percy's shoulder. They staid like that for a moment and Nico relaxed more, resting his head. He moved one of his hands to Percy's hair, slowly rubbing his scalp. Percy sighed.

"Percy!" Grover yelled running over to the embracing boys. Percy and Nico broke apart as fast as they could. "Yo, I've been looking for you all day. So, wanna hang out?" Grover asked.

"I already promised to hang out with Nico." Percy said. Nico smiled.

"It's okay, we've been hanging out for over an hour. You can go." Nico said. Percy smiled and stood up, leaving with Grover. Nico sighed, his smile dropping. He moved over to the wash machine, waiting the 10 minutes that were left from the washing.

Leo and Octavian returned to the camp in time to eat evening meal. Octavian went straight over to Nico, who was sitting alone. Leo glanced at Octavian, but decided to go sit somewhere else.

"Where have you been?" Nico asked when Octavian sat down.

"I fell into a bunker with Leo."

"Really?" Nico smirked. Octavian nodded, eating on his cereals. "Did anything happen?" Nico asked, mentally scowling for sounding like a girl.

"No, nothing." Octavian blushed, trying to hide it with taking his glass of milk and taking a sip. Nico shot him a look, but didn't say anything. After a while, they were joined by Will, who had a bright smile on his face.

"Guess what?" he grinned. Octavian and Nico turned to look at the overly excited boy. "I finally got Jake to agree on going out on a date with me." he smiled, leaning his head on his hands.

"Did you say that you wouldn't leave him alone before he agrees?"


Leo sat down next to Percy, who was happily chatting with Grover and Frank. Leo and Frank weren't exactly the best of friends, because Hazel had had a crush on Leo before, but they could stand each other. Percy was the first one to notice that Leo had joined them.

"Hey, where have you been?" he asked.

"I fell into a bunker with Octavian." Leo said, starting to eat. Man, he ws hungry.

"How did you fall there?" Frank asked, not really caring about Leo, but wanting to know because of Octavian.

"I tried to catch 'Tavy, but landed on a rotten tree that gave up. Then I almost fell down, but I had enough time to grab the edge of the hole." Leo said smiling, it was a great adventure, although his back hurt a little from the fall.

"And let me guess, Octavian stepped on your fingers, making sure you would fall?" Frank said.

"That could totally happen." Percy said, giving a little laugh. Leo's smile fell.

"He tried to help me up." he said, taking another bite of his meal. He had suddenly lost his appetite, which was really rare.

"Are you kidding?" Grover asked, butting in. Leo shook his head, a small smile coming back onto his lips.

"He tried to help, but then he slipped and we both fell down." Leo said.

"That's weird. Is there a reason why he helped you?" Frank asked. He was the one who had known Octavian for the longest.

"Not that I know about. But how about we talk about something else?" Leo said, getting tired of the conversation. Was he the only one who didn't think that Octavian was that bad? Leo glanced over to where Octavian was sitting, looking as the blond boy was talking with his friends. It was then that Octavian turned to look at Leo, locking their eyes. Leo grinned before he turned back to his food.

Nico was walking back to his cabin when Percy ran up to him. "Hey, did you hear what happed to Leo?" Percy asked.

"Yeah, 'Tavy told me." Nico said. Percy nodded, walking with Nico to the latter's cabin.

"Can I come and watch a movie with you? Because, you know, we didn't hang out today although I said we would." Percy asked as Nico opened the door.

"Sure." Nico answered, letting Percy in. They walked over to the TV, turning it on. "Is there a special movie you'd like to see?" Nico asked.

"I don't know." Percy said, walking to the shelf with movies.

"If you don't find anything, we can watch one from my computer." Nico said, looking at the movies over Percy's shoulder. The movies weren't that good, which wasn't a surprise. "I have the newest Hobbit, if you haven't seen it yet." Nico said.

"That sounds so much better than these." Percy said smiling. "Do you have the cord so we can watch it via TV?"

"I don't have it." Nico said, turning of the TV and walking over to his bag. He took his laptop out and turned it on. Percy walked over and sat down on Nico's bed, making it comfy so they could watch. They both leaned against the wall, cushions between it. They sat really close to each other, so they could both see. They shared earphones and started to watch the movie.

Nico had lied. Of course he had a cord they could have used, but this was way more comfortable. Nico leaned his head on Percy's shoulder, gaining Percy's attention for a second. Nico gave a little sleepy smile, before turning back to the movie. Percy turned to look at it also.

Percy had already seen this movie twice. The movie was good, but he watched it only few days ago. Still, he was happy that he had agreed to watch it with Nico, although the younger boy was probably half asleep. He was also happy that Nico didn't have his cord with him, so they could be closer to each other. Percy tilted his head a bit and pressed his nose into Nico's hair.

The hair was fluffy and smelled good. Like mangos or something. Percy heard the door open and moved away from Nico. Nico's head fell from his shoulder and Nico sat up, glaring at him. "You could have warned that you're gonna move." Nico said, turning to look at Jason, who had entered the cabin. "Hey." he greeted.

"Sorry if I interrupted you." Jason said, smirking at Percy.

"You didn't." Percy said, sending Jason a glare. Nico looked at Percy and then at Jason. The movie would be over soon, so Nico closed it, putting the laptop away.

"Yeah, the movie just ended." Nico said, standing up and stretching his limbs. "Percy ready to go?" Nico asked, walking out of the cabin. Percy looked after Nico, standing up and following him. Had the movie really ended?

"Nico, wait up!" Percy yelled, running after Nico who was already halfway to his cabin. Nico stopped and waited until Percy reached him, walking slowly after it. Percy looked down on Nico's face, realizing that it wasn't quite the same it had been before. "Are you okay?" Percy asked.

"I'm fine." Nico answered. Percy grabbed Nico's wrist, spinning him around, forcing Nico to face him.

"Are you sure?"

"Percy… Why wouldn't I be okay?" Nico asked, turning his dark eyes to look straight at Percy's green ones. "Let's just go, I'm tired." Nico said.

"If you were so tired, you wouldn't have needed to accompany me." Percy said, turning back to their path.

"I wanted to get some fresh air." Nico said, walking next to Percy. They walked the rest of the short way in silence and stopped right in front of the cabin. Percy let go of Nico's hand, which he had forgotten that he was holding.

"Good night." Percy said, giving Nico a hug. Nico responded the hug with some awkward back patting, before he pulled away.

"Nights to you too." Nico said, before he walked back to his own cabin. Percy looked as Nico walked away into the darkness.


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