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~The Adventures of Sam and Cat~

As Sam pulled up and parked her bike by the food truck, she knew she made a badass image with her dark jacket and bike. She'd been traveling all day though with barely a bite to eat, and no matter how awesome she knew she looked, she knew that she better feed the monster in her tummy if she wanted to keep going. As she was placing her order with the food truck guy for one of their disgusting breakfast burritos, the faint sound of a bicycle's bell tinkled behind her, but she was too focused on getting her hands on her food to look around. However when the voice of a young girl blared over a loudspeaker, Sam couldn't help craning her neck in the direction of the voice to see what was going on.

What in the world...Sam looked curiously over at the girl decked out in bright pink...well...everything...as she waited on her burrito. Once she finally got the burrito she moved a little closer to the unfolding scene, and leaned against a pole to take in the rest of the entertaining action. She watched the girl with the not-found-in-human-nature hair colour dive head-first into a garbage container, and then bring up an adorably-purring kitten. Sam was amused but she was also impressed that this random chick would just fling herself into a garbage bin, all for the sake of helping two kids she'd never met before, find their lost kitten.

She's my kind of cool, Sam thought to herself as she took a huge bite of her burrito...and almost choked on a random battery. It barely phased her though seeing the actual 'disgusting' part of her burrito, and after ditching the battery she went back to watching the redhead and the kids. Except the redhead had just ducked back down into the garbage bin for seemingly no reason, after she'd given the two kids their kitten. That's when Sam realized with a certain level of growing worry that a garbage truck was on it's way, to the garbage bin the girl was in. That worry turned to instant horror as the truck picked up the garbage bin, and emptied its contents...redhead included...into its trash-filled belly.

Sam quickly took one last bite of her burrito before tossing it, then she ran full-speed towards the quickly-departing truck. She wasn't quite sure just what she thought she was doing, but the only thing that kept flashing through her mind was, I have to save that girl!

Once she was close enough to the truck, she grabbed hold of the ladder in back, hauled herself up, trekked across the top of the green-girl-eating-beast, and then with a silent prayer and one more quick moment to wonder just what the fuck she was doing, she canon-balled into the belly of the beast to save the girl.

It stank.

That was Sam's first thought as she emerged from the pile of trash she'd landed in, and looked around quickly for the red-haired girl. She immediately found the girl stuck upside down on her head, so she quickly moved across the small field of garbage to help her. Once she'd tugged the girl down and helped her sit right-side up, she was treated to the most unique laughter she'd ever heard. The voice and laugh belonged to the most adorably-cute girl Sam had ever seen...even when that adorably-sweet face was covered in garbage. Then the girl asked if she was Sam from iCarly and while Sam would have loved to continue chatting, the fact that they were both about to be crushed was the most pressing issue on her mid at that point. The next thing she knew though she had an armful of redhead, and she didn't know quite what to do.

Just how do I keep getting myself mixed up in these crazy situations? Sam lamented to herself as she adjusted the unconscious girl in her arms, before she began the arduous trek back up and out of the truck. She commented to the girl that she better buy her a replacement burrito; not caring whatsoever that the girl was still out cold, with a small smile playing at the corners of her pink lips.

How can she be smiling while I'm huffing and puffing my ass off to get us outta here? She must be having some pretty sweet dreams, Sam thought to herself as she adjusted the girl on her back, where she'd manged to wrangle her onto, to make the climb out of the truck easier. Thankfully once she was back up on top of the truck, she was able to slip back down the ladder, and half-jump half-stumble her way back down onto the road. Thankfully the truck had been going at a slow enough speed that she didn't break any bones on her way down. She lost her grip briefly on the girl on her back, but managed to scramble around quickly enough to grab hold of her as they both hit the asphalt; taking the brunt of the fall, and shielding the girl from the worst of it.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow," Sam muttered to herself as she slowly rose to her feet, and gingerly began brushing garbage from her slightly-bruised body.

"Again, just how do I manage to get myself into these situations?" Sam muttered to herself, as she looked around and notice a lawn blower just sitting all by its lonesome, by the side of a hedge. A brilliant idea of how to both clean off and wake the other girl up flashed through her mind. But before she went over to 'borrow' the blower, she bent down and carefully removed the girl's pink jacket. She then carefully folded it, and gently placed it beneath the girl's head. Even though it had bits of trash still stuck in it, the redhead's hair was the softest Sam had ever felt. It made her think of another girl's hair...another girl who's hair Sam used to also love running her fingers through.

Like she'd been burned, Sam quickly pulled her hand back from the redhead's hair. She then desperately tried to shut the door on the memory of another girl and another time that was trying to force its way through, and instead re-focused her attention on taking care of the girl in front of her now.

Sam quickly went over to the blower, discreetly 'picked it up', and hurried back over to the girl's side. She turned on the machine and used it to blow the excess garbage from the girl's prone form. It didn't take too much longer after being blasted with air for the girl to wake up, and once she did Sam helped her get up while checking and asking if she was okay. While the girl was responding, the owner of the lawn blower tried to make an issue of Sam using it, but she wasn't having any of that and gave the guy attitude right back. She then carefully brushed off a few stray bits of garbage from the girl's clothes, and looked into the most gorgeous pair of brown eyes she'd ever seen...even more gorgeous than the ones she'd left behind...

Quickly shaking her head to try to rid herself of these increasingly-persistent thoughts, Sam re-focused her attention on the girl who insisted that she come over to her Nona's house to take a bath. Sam agreed and using one of her usual brilliant plans, she managed to convince aka freak out a limo driver, to take them to this Nona's place.

As she sat in the back of the limo with the girl, who had introduced herself as Cat Valentine, Sam thought back to that brief moment when she'd grabbed Cat's arm and hand, and twined them around her own. The other girl's hand had been warm and soft, and Sam had felt a brief tingle race up her arm which she felt again now, as both she and Cat leaned lightly against each other in the back of the limo.

Cat turned her head and gave Sam the most adorable, infectious grin Sam had ever seen. And though she was more prone to being quite a bit standoffish to people she'd just met, there was just...something...about this girl that allowed her to move almost effortlessly passed Sam's usual defenses.

It worried Sam a little, and admittedly freaked her out a bit...but so far...she'd actually been having fun with this kooky, strange girl. And Samantha Puckett was all about the having fun while you lived life to the fullest deal. So, she decided that she'd hang around this crazy-yet-fun chick a little longer...see where the road took her. And when she felt a light touch on her arm and looked down to see a small, delicate hand gently wrap around her slightly-larger one, she looked up and saw the same hesitant yet interested look reflected back in the eyes before her. It looked like Cat was also interested in seeing just where this new road she'd suddenly found herself on would lead.

Sam let a small grin tug up the corners her lips, as she gently squeezed the soft hand in hers. She had absolutely no idea where she was going or what would happen next, but there was one thing she did know...she was going to go full speed ahead with this new adventure.

Sam & Cat Adventures Go!

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