Let us see ourselves in the way others see us, just then can we judge.

"Today, my dear minions, we will practice our newly learned spells." smiled professor Remus Lupin at his class. Draco Malfoy rolled his eyes. This was his fourth class today AND to his luck it was conjoined with those Gryffindor freaks. He really hoped that the 6th year would be more interesting, but they spent all the time of this class on harmless charms such as cleaning bubbles and drying spells; no defense what so ever.

"I want you to get into pairs..." started Lupin, but was over-powered by loud noise of students moving chairs and setting up into groups. "Wait!" he commanded with an adequate hand gesture and when all students had their eyes on him, he added: "You did not let me finish!.. I want you to get into pairs as directed by me."

Group sigh sounded through the class room, but Malfoy did not really care. He would probably get paired with some idiot who can't even pick up his wand… like Neville, thought Draco for himself and gave Neville, who was probably thinking the same, the most evil grin he could manage. Neville immediately lowered his head and Draco chuckled with satisfaction. Professor, on the other hand, had a little different plan.

"I will pair you up by your ability and your experience." Added Lupin and Draco could see Neville relax. Lupin then started to put students in couples and watched them move into designated area at the back of the classroom. Draco was too busy listening to Blaise bitching about being paired with Pansy out of all people to realize that his own name was called.

"Mister Malfoy" called out Lupin one more time and waited for Draco to pay attention. When it was so, he looked into his notes and stated: "You, Mister Malfoy, will be paired with Hermione."

Brilliant! laughed Draco in his mind. He gets to hex that filthy little mudblood into oblivion and nobody will be able to punish him, because 'he simply got carried away by the duel'. This must have been his lucky day. He watched Potty and Weasel whisper words of pitty to her before she got up with her chin high and walked up to the dueling space. He slowly pulled himself up and theatrically stretched his arms and knuckles.

"Are you ready for your punishment, Mudblood?" whispered Draco as he stood next to her. Hermione frowned: "Sod off, Feret!"

"Potter won't save you this time. You know, there are spells that..." He chuckled evilly, but before he was able to continue Lupin spoke: "You will not be using any spell outside of what we've gone over in past two weeks… AND trust me; punishment for disobedience WILL be cruel! " Professor seemed to enjoy surprised looks of all students.

What? thought Draco quickly. Those spells were nothing…just some stupid entertainment spells. He won't be able to hurt Mudblood with those. What a bummer!

"But those spells are completely useless in a battle! Or should we scrub our enemies until they just can't take it anymore and give up?" said Draco loudly and all the Slytherins busted out laughing.

Before Lupin could answer, Draco heard behind him: "You wanna bet, Malfoy!" All eyes were now on Hermione; her wand already pointing at him. That pathetic bookworm, protecting her professor friend, thought Draco with smirk.

Draco snorted: "Yeah, and what are you gonna dooo-AHHH!" He had no chance to finish as six little singing birds were speeding towards him. He tried to step aside and dodge small creatures, but his foot slipped on something slimy. He looked down and saw blue bubbles spilled all around him. He had no time to think about a defense, because three of those birds pushed him over and he felt his hands and belly hitting the floor. As he managed to get on all four, Hermione said: "And now to the washing spell." Malfoy looked behind him just in time to see a big old-fashioned wooden washing board appearing and hitting him straight on his arsch. All the students laughed like there was no tomorrow. Draco tried to quickly turn around, but it was quite difficult with all the bubbles around him, so he ended up falling one more time, which of course earned even harder laughter from his classmates.

"50 points to Gryffindor for Hermione's brilliant use of household spells in a duel" announced Lupin barely pushing back his laughter.

Draco was so angry that he did not even notice that Lupin had removed all the bubbles from his clothing and the floor. How dare that little bitch, that low life filthy Mudblood attack him with a washing board! Fuck some rules! This bitch is gonna pay! thought Malfoy and walked out of the classroom, not even caring that it was barely halfway through the class.


The gossips of Hermione Granger hitting Slytherin Prince in his private parts with a washing board flew around school like a plague around Europe in the middle Ages and Draco had troubles cooperating with the situation. The fact that all the Gryffindors, plus some other students, started to wear miniatures of the washing board hung around their necks to show off their pride in yet again beating Slytherin. He was getting angrier every time some student mentioned it, his housemates not excluded. Of course he immediately came up with an excuse for himself such as 'Potter must have used some wandless spell to tie me down. I couldn't move' or 'She cheated! That werewolf was helping her!' and it wouldn't be Malfoy if he wasn't already planning revenge. He first thought about writing his dad, but that would end up in Lucius first punishing him for being weak. He did not need that; he will deal with this on his own. He just needed a right spell and that can easily be found in the library.

Four hours later when he thought he will have to give up for the day, he found something perfect. To his surprise it was nor Dark, nor in the restricted section. It was one of those misery spells and the book said about it : Lerichartanae Lanar – this spell, mainly used by the first wizards and witches on muggles, brings all the bad luck, upsetting emotions and misfortune of the caster onto the target for an undetermined period of time. During this time the caster lives free of any 'bad' things in his life. Only one restriction apply; this spell cannot be used on wizards or witches.

Hallelujah! thought Draco. This will make Grangers life miserable, and his better than ever. He quickly packed the book and walked towards his dormitory.


It was dark; really dark. He could barely see his feet as he was quietly following Granger trough the corridor. She, being busy with her prefect duty, did not even notice him. She stopped to pick up some paper from the floor on the corner. Draco decided this was his chance to perform the spell, which would finally show this mudblood not to mess with the Slytherin prince. It was quite difficult spell since there was very little information preserved about it, but he kept repeating it endlessly in his head till he was sure he remembered the right formula. He stabled his breathing, concentrated his mind on the spell and pointed his wand at unaware Hermione.

"Lerichartanae Lanar…" he whispered, but nothing happened. Not the slightest beam of light left his wand. He shook his head and tried once more:" Lerichartanae Lanar" and yet again nothing happened.

Brown haired witch was obviously done with checking the found paper, pocketed it and started to walk down the corridor. Draco lost his patience. This was his perfect chance to repay Granger for embarrassing him in front of the entire school, so he waved angrily his wand and spat out: "Lerichartanae Lagar!" To his surprise the wand in his hand glowed light golden color, but then went back to its normal lifeless stated. It all happened so fast and he would have his doubts of it actually happening if Granger had not turned sharply her head in his direction as the light went on. He quickly hid behind a conveniently placed marble statue. After couple seconds Hermione probably decided that it was her imagination and went on after her duty. Draco breathed out with relief as an evil smirk appeared on his face; not even realizing his mistake in spell pronunciation.


He woke up, because little annoying rays of sunlight fell on his face. Stupid sun, he thought and pulled his pillow over his head. The pillow felt so rough this morning like it was wrapped in old kitchen cloth. He wasn't morning person and this was pissing him off even more. His head was pounding and all that sunshine wasn't helping at all. And how was it even possible? The dorms of his house are in the dungeons and there are no windows…Wait! How is it possible?

Draco quickly freed his head from underneath the pillow and pointed his wand into the light. He had no idea what was he pointing at exactly, as his eyes had troubles adjusting to the sun-filled room. And indeed it was not his dorm room, because all the walls, rugs and beds were covered in red and gold colours. This is a joke right? thought Draco as he slowly got up from his bed and looked around. There were 6 other beds outside of the one he slept in, all with closed curtains, but light snoring could be heard from couple of them. Draco, not quite sure what to do, walked with his wand ready to the closest door.

The door led to a bathroom. Draco walked in carefully. He made sure not to make even a lightest sound as his bare feet touched the tiled floor. Based upon his surroundings he had a slight idea where he could be and he was pretty sure the Gryffindors would not be pleased if the found him wondering around their bedrooms. He took a one more step in and looked back at the dorm-door. When he was sure there was no sound or movement, he turned around and then…

"AAAAAAGHHHHH!" he yelled as his eyes fell on a mirror, or more exactly, on his own reflection. He almost did not recognize himself. The biggest change was his hair, which was now very messy and way much more darker compare to his old platinum blond… to be honest they were dark brown! His eyes reflected colour of chocolate and he could see couple light freckles framing his nose. To his relief in other ways he still resembled his formal handsome self; tall with broad shoulders. He did not have time to muse about his new looks, because black-haired head of Dean Thomas popped in. Dean looked around and his eyes settled on Draco.

He yawned and to Draco's surprise said: "Oh, it's just you, Draco…I thought somebody was dyeing here."

For second Draco was too stunned to even talk. He was in 7th years Gryffindor bathroom and they did not even seem to want to kill him.

"S-Sorry. I…" started Draco, not really sure what to say, to do, or even to think. What was going on?

Sleepy Gryffindor just waved his hand and before he walked back to his bed, he added: "Just keep the yelling for afternoon, Granger!"

Granger?! Did Dean just called Draco Granger?

"What the-?"


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