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Chapter One

I stretch my leg outwards and upwards on the vertical bar, it always reminds me of him. Now we're moving it's like we're leaving every part of him behind. I don't want that to happen but it will.

"Katniss, let's go," smiles Prim. She doesn't understand, she was living with Mom when he died. I held his hand as he breathed his last breath, said his last word, danced his last bar. "Come on," she pleads.

"Come on Katniss," I hear my mother shout

"Coming," I shout back

I exit the house whilst carrying a box of my stuff. I shove the box in the back of our old pick up truck. Correction, his old pick up truck and slide into the front seat.

"You'll like the school you're going to..." rambled my mother. I put my head phones in to Bring me the Horizon and turned it up loud, basically the polite way of telling her to fuck off.

The car journey went on four hours. It was four o'clock and apparently we were less than five minutes away. Finally we pulled into a newly built house, it was right by the beach.

"You didn't tell me we're going to be living next to the beach!" I say to my mother

"Surprise?" she says it as if it was a question, then she hurries off to talk to the delivery men

"Katniss?" asks Prim tugging at my denim shirt which I had unbuttoned with a white vest shirt underneath, I was also wearing black skinny jeans and studded leather boots

"Yes?" I asked impatiently

"Please be nice, it's hard for mom too,"

"Whatever, I'm going to the beach," I say before walking off. I don't know where I'm going and I don't care.

I trudge along the sand and walk to the pier. I stick out like a saw thumb, everyone else sits on the beach in their swimwear and then there's me.

Before I can tell what's happening. Someone grabs my messenger bag and attempts to run. People watch but I run after the thief.

"HEY!" I shout after him, I am just behind him when I grab the back of his black hoodie and pull him down onto the floor.

"Don't take my stuff," I say before kicking him hard in the stomach "What a lovely welcome to this shit hole," with that I walk away, people stare but I don't give a damn, as long as he didn't take my journal I'm fine.

I stalk away from the crowd of people and find a secluded area of the beach. I dump my bag next to me and pull out my journal. I opened the first page and read what he had written when he got this for me.

You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go. I tie no weights to my ankles.
-Jacob Everdeen

He gave me this when he was in hospital, when he was dying. His quote meant that he wanted me to live happy even if he was gone. I loved my dad. When I was six and Prim was two our parents divorced, I went with my Dad. I was never close to my mother or Prim they are both very medical and stuff like that but me and my dad. We loved to dance.

It's been a year since he died, I had been living with my mother and sister in our old house, my mother hated the memories of him being there so she decided that we should move here, to Panem.

I lie back and watch the sunset an the moon rise into the sky. My iPhone rang and I sprang up digging through my bag to find it.


"Katniss! We were worried!" says my mother on the other end of the line "Where have you been?"

"On the beach,"

"Oh. Please come home,"

"Sure whatever," I say hanging up. I shove my phone in my bag and stand up, dusting myself down from the sand. I walked back along the beach back to the new house.

I slung open the front door and slammed it behind me with my feet.

"Thank god! You're home!" shouted my mother frantically rushing across the room to me. I pushed her out the way. "Second on the left," she shouted as I stomped up the stairs.

I swung open the door to a small white room. At least she took my dancing into consideration. Not. I dumped my stuff on my bed and pushed the door open to the right of my bed. At least I had my own bathroom.

Ugh. I laid down on my bed and drifted into oblivion.

"Katniss, come get up!" Prim pushed me awake

"Ugh," I moaned flipping over and pulling the duvet over my head

"Come on, you're going to school!" she squealed annoyingly

"If I get up will you stop squealing?"

"Fine. Mom's left for work,"

"And what do you want me to do about it?"

"Catch the bus with me?"

"Nope, I'm taking my skateboard," I said showing her the skateboard which was on top of the box under my bed


"Nope, I'm not going on the bus, too many people,"

"Fine." she said stomping off

I dressed in another white vest shirt with a green hoodie, black skinny jeans, black converse and a black beanie. New place, new me. I braided my hair into a messy side braid and darkened my eyes with black eyeliner. Now people will want to stay away.

I grab my converse messenger bag and head downstairs to Prim who waits eagerly in the living room.

Prim hands me an apple before I walk her down to the bus stop.

"Sorry for earlier,"

"It's fine, after all there's no room in the house for you to dance,"

"Yeah..." I admit

"At school there's dance classes, I think mom signed you for your syllabus,"

"Tell her I'm grateful," I could see the bus coming up the road "Tell me where I need to go,"

"Down the road on, right in front of you,"

"Thanks, see you later little sis," I said and I put my skateboard down and pushed forwards

"KATNISS! BE NICE!" shouted Prim after me.

I saw the people on the bus watch me go past with wide eyes. Talk about a first impression.

Soon I skate down the road to the large building at the end of it. As soon as I enter the gates I feel everyone's eyes on me, did I forget to mention that we started half way through the October semester so everyone already had their cliques and shit, so I was feeling slightly left out. Prim would be fine, after all she's a social butterfly and me, well I'm more of the loner type.

Seconds later the bus pulls in outside the gates and Prim hops off with sad eyes. She's upset. I hop of my skateboard and rush over.

"Ssh!" I say trying to soothe her "What happened?"

"They made fun of me and-"

"Who made fun of you?" I growled

"Him," she said pointing a guy laughing with some boys who got off the bus that Prim had gotten off. She recognised him. He was the guy that tried to steal her bag. She was gonna go ape shit on him.

"Go to the bathroom and clean yourself you, I'll take care of it, don't worry," she nodded at me before walking quickly inside. I walk up to the guy with his friends and tap him on the shoulder

"Hi," he smirks "You new here?" he was playing nice, he obviously didn't know who I was

"Yeah," I said playing along

"You're cute," he says

"Thanks," ugh. This guy makes me sick.

"Have I seen you before?"

"Well, you can compare my shoe size to the boot print on your stomach," I say sweetly

"About that..." he starts but I cut him off

"You got what you deserved that day but I'm here on separate business." I say harshly "Leave my sister alone or else,"

"What will you do about it?" he laughs

"This," I say pulling my fist back and punch him in the face and he stumbles backwards "Leave my sister alone," I say sharply before flicking around letting my braid hit him in the face. I carry my skateboard inside to the office.

"Good morning dear, how can I help?" asks a cheery woman behind the desk

"I'm new,"

"Oh yes, what's your name dear?"

"Katniss Everdeen,"

"Everdeen, Everdeen, Everdeen, Everdeen" she said flicking through her filing cabinet "Ah! Katniss Everdeen!" she smiled pulling out a folder "Here," she handed over a couple pieces of paper and a key "Your locker number and two six five, first lesson is history,"

"Thanks," I said giving her a small smile. She nods and I back away from the desk.

I easily find my locker and I shove my skateboard in and to my relief I find history class easily. The bell rings and I walk up to the teacher's desk.

"Ah! You must be Katniss Everdeen my new student, correct?" said the man with a snowy white beard and hair

"Yes..." I say rather quietly

"Well I'm Mr Snow, sit at the back with Clove, she'll fill you in," I gingerly go to the back of the class and sit next to the girl with dark brown hair who he pointed out as Clove

"So I hear you decked Peeta Mellark one?" she smirks

"Who's Peter Mellark?"

"It's Peeta, but he's the one you punched this morning, don't get me wrong he's a total jerk I'm glad someone punched him. It should have happened along time ago!"


"I'm Clove by the way, Clove Fuhrman,"

"Katniss Everdeen..."

"I like you," she says rather randomly


"So why did you punch Mellark?"

"First of all he stole my bag yesterday, so I got it back and kicked him for that, then today he made my little sister get upset and was trying to flirt with me,"

"Ugh. Obnoxious boys need punching," she laughs and we continue with the lesson. Clove is nice, she likes that I punched this Peeta guy and I guess it's a new found friendship. My social butterfly of a sister would be proud.

I spend the rest of the morning with Clove in Biology and English. She even wants me to sit with her and her friends at lunch.

"Guys, this is Katniss, Katniss this is Glimmer, Cato, Marvel and Gale,"

"Katniss?" says a guy a recognise with brown hair, he's tall.