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Chapter Twenty One

"Let's take a break," says the judge, Cato's arms are still wrapped around me and I hear everyone leaving the courtroom. He doesn't speak until the room is empty.

"You ok?" he says relaxing his arms as I wipe my eyes, checking for tears, I nod afraid that my voice will catch in my throat "You were real brave up there, their lawyer was idiot to grab your arm like that," I stay quiet "Say something, please,"

"I know you're trying to avoid what I said," I say knowingly

"I don't want to fight,"

"Then just let me do what I want,"

"Sometimes what you want isn't what you need,"

"Then what is it that I need Cato?" I snap

"You need to be shown that you can be happy even with all the misery you've seen," I gulp "I'm going to show you that,"


"No. You're going to listen to me," he says holding the sides of my face with his hands, stroking my jawbone with his thumbs "I'm not going to just let you die," his eyes are filling with tears "Im not going to watch you, and don't give me all this bullshit about not sticking around. I love you so much more than you ever know and even more than you can handle. Get that? I. Love. You."

"I-" just then the lawyer walks back in

"Sorry to interrupt," he says and I take a step back and Cato rests his hand on the small of my back

"Mr Jones," says Cato

"Ah, Mr Ludwig, Miss Everdeen I would like to apologise for giving you a flashback," I nod "However, I shall not be attending court anymore," I raise an eyebrow but Cato speaks my thoughts

"Why not?"

"I cannot defend someone such as Alma Coin and Romulus Thread when they have obviously committed the crime that they are being accused of,"

"Which means...?" asks Cato

"I will not defend someone that damaged a young girl's life in such a reckless, unmannered, unreasoned and disgustingly evil way, they do not deserve to have someone defend them for their actions,"

"So you're not going to defend them?" I ask with a surge of confidence

"How could I?" he says genuinely.

I sit with Cato on the wooden pew, our fingertips touching. The judge sits before us with a bemused face and the jury are ready to give their verdict. I pray for guilty but deep down I think it will only be not guilty.

Guilty or not guilty.

Imprisonment or not?

I will have to wait to find out.

Clove's POV

I wait by the phone. I'm waiting for the call, I bet Katniss is feeling worse than I am. I've noticed that she's been having doubts about everything, especially the tumour. She doesn't know that if she dies that everyone will feel empty.

Before Katniss came, the only girl friend I had was Glimmer and that can get annoying because all that Glimmer likes is girly stuff. Since Katniss has been here we've gone running together, played basketball, soccer, went swimming, played paintball and not to mention went to the archery range. She's amazing at archery.

I know that staring at a phone all day isn't going to help but I can't do anything. I've tried.

I jump when the phone rings. I have to do a double take to make sure that it's not just a figure of my imagination. It isn't. I grab the phone and hold it to my ear.

"How'd it go?" I ask

"They came to a verdict," says Cato, he doesn't sound particularly happy

"What's the verdict?"

"The judge, jury and even their lawyer found them completely guilty, in fact the head of the jury even stood before Alma and called her a twat before turning and leaving. I particularly enjoy that bit," I can feel his smirk down the phone

"How's Katniss?"

"She's fine," he says trying to brush me off

"But she's not is she Cato?" he stays silent "She doesn't want the operation does she?"

"How do you know?" he sounds very confused

"I could just tell, tell her I say just go with it,"

"What does that even mean?" he asks

"Just tell her." I say before hanging up

Katniss' POV

Cato swears at his phone before hanging up and shoving his phone in his pocket. He puts his keys in he ignition and starts the truck. He sighs.

"Clove says 'just go with it',"

"Go with what?" I ask confused

"I don't know," he shrugs

"You're angry," I state

"Yes. I am,"

"Because I don't want the operation,"

"Yes." it wasn't a question "You just can't see it can you?"

"See what?"

"That if you die, they will have gotten what they wanted,"

"They didn't want me to die," I say

"What did they want then?" but I don't know the answer. I sigh and look out the window of the car. It's cloudy, it looks as if it could rain.

"You're so selfless," I say "Never once have you thought about yourself, the whole time you've just tried to help me. Cause that's done a whole lot of good..."

"You're wrong." he says not taking his eyes off the road

"Explain." I say

"You're just wrong. This whole things is so selfish," then the rain breaks from the clouds and it begins to spit the odd drop of rain

"You're wrong, I have never known anyone so selfless," I say, the rain gets harder and it begins to pour, the window wipers kick into action. I take of the high heels that have been rubbing my feet all day and wiggle my toes.

He pulls over and I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Stop! Just stop!" he shouts

"I'm not doing anything!" I shout back raising my hands in surrender

"You're wrong! I'm selfish! I want you to live! I don't care if you don't want to! I need you! I can't live without you!" his voice cracks and he cries. I throw open the door of the truck and stomp out "Where are you going?" he shouts but I ignore him and walk in the pouring rain into the muddy field "God damn it!" he shouts before climbing out the truck and slamming the door. He runs after me and grabs me by the arm and pulls me around. We both stare at my arm which he is grabbing.

I am the first to look up.

The pouring rain drips down from my now loose hair and his chin, the water glistens in his now sodden hair which lies flat against his scalp.

"No flashback?" he half asks half whispers.

I don't answer I just pull his lips down on my own.

I pull back and our foreheads rest against one another lightly, his ice blue eyes are staring into my dull grey ones and they won't lose hold on one another. I don't want to lose this do it? But do I really know what this is?

I whisper in confirmation "No flashback."