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Chapter Seven

"Are you sure?" Clove whispers harshly

"Yes." I say firmly

"Don't worry she's in she's in safe hands," says Peeta with a smirk, I roll my eyes at his confidence

"Be safe," she tells me as I follow Peeta to the water.

"Sit behind me," he says as he lies down on the board, I follow orders and he paddles out deeper into the water "So Katniss..." he says

"Spit it out Mellark," I say, expecting him to ask about the scars

"You look very nice in a bikini," I am shocked

"Thanks?" I say but it sounds like a question, he chuckles to himself and then stops paddling and turns to face me

"I know what you're thinking," he says "You thought I was going to ask about your scars," I nod my head slightly "I don't give a damn about those stupid scars, what ever reason you have them is probably something you want to forget instead of being reminded about it," damn he was good

"Thanks," I say, he nods and continues paddling. I see Cato pulling an aggravated face and I obviously roll my eyes.

"He's just jealous," says Peeta, wait, what? He saw that?


"He likes you," he says "It's obvious,"

"He doesn't like me, we just hung out at McDonald's the other night after practicing... other than that we really haven't talked,"


"I dance, he dances, we both dance and we're partners,"

"More reason for him to like you,"

"He doesn't like me, the first couple days I swear he was practically ignoring me, and he always has this look-" He cuts me off

"Where he's staring longingly into your eyes and you think you're going to-" I cut him off

"No, ew. He always looks at me will just utter confusion, it's weird,"

"He's weird," corrects Peeta

"Come on, he's not bad, he's actually kinda nice," I say

"Alright then, what straight guys do you know that dance?"

"My dad," I say through clenched teeth

"Sorry," he says half heartedly "But come on, his anger outbursts like that day when he shoved me into the lockers when you were upset-"

"Wait what?"

"You know the day you had err... little breakdown in the hallway,"

"He shoved you against the lockers?" I ask disgusted

"Don't forget the threatening,"

"He threatened you?"

"You see! You shouldn't have anything to do with him! You're so different,"

"Less different then you think," I mutter and he doesn't hear, we just sit in silence waiting for a wave.

Cato's POV

I'm pathetic.

Why am I so jealous of Mellark being with Katniss? No not jealous, livid. Absolutely bloody livid, the guy has the audacity to steal her bag, make fun of her sister and still try to be friends with her. And she accepts him.

I'm pathetic and over-protective.

How can I be over-protective? We're just friends. It's like I own her. I don't. No one will ever own her.

"What's the matter Lover boy?" asks Glimmer making a joke at me, I throw the beach ball at her face

"She'll be fine," says Marvel clapping his hand against my shoulder.

I really hope so...

I look back at Katniss and Mellark, they brace themselves for he oncoming wave. Mellark paddles and hey get to the wave, Mellark stands up but Katniss stays rooted to the board. But then he grabs her arm and pulls her up. Wait he just grabbed her arm, some shit is gonna happen now. I try to swim forward but Marvel still clasps my shoulder in warning. But this time Katniss doesn't lash out.

Why doesn't she lash out?

"Woo go Katniss," shouts Glimmer and Clove, I roll my eyes.

"I'm hungry, I'm going to get something to eat," I say angrily stomping off out the water. I sit down on my towel with a packet of crisps and watch Mellark and Katniss ride another wave, they look like a couple. Ugh.

After what feels like hours they paddle back to shore, both of them have smiles plastered across their faces.

"Thanks," I hear Katniss say

"No problem," says Peeta "It was fun having someone up there with me to share the moment," she blushes slightly then they stand awkwardly for a bit "I'm sorry about taking your bag on your first day and making fun of your sister,"

"It's fine," It's not fine, this dude is an asshole!

"Do you wanna hang out sometime?" say no! say no! say no! no! no! no!

"That would be good," she says smiling loosely.

"Here," says Mellark handing her a slip of paper from his bag "I'm guessing that you don't like people writing on you," ugh he's giving her his phone number

"I wasn't really bothered," LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE! She hates him!

"PEETA OVER HERE," shouts Finnick

"COMING!" he shouts back "See you soon," winks Peeta to Katniss, before jogging off down the beach. Ugh. Katniss smiles and she walks down the beach over to her bag which is laid next to me.

"How was your date?" I spit

"It wasn't a date, we were just surfing,"

"Course, that's not how he sees it!"

"Why do you act like you own me all of a sudden? I barely even know you!" with that she stomps off.

Crap I'm in a whole load of shit.

Clove's POV

"Hey Cato!" I shout as he angrily throws the ball to Gale "Where did Katniss go?"

"Home." he says

"What do you mean home?"

"She went home." there's the monotonous tone

"Did she tell you about surfing with Peeta?"

"Yeah, she enjoyed it,"

"Then why are you angry?"

"I'm not,"

"You are,"

"Oh my god he has a crush on Katniss!" shouts Marvel, Cato looks like he's going to pound something or someone, but he doesn't deny it

"Look Cato, it's been a week, SLOW DOWN!" I say "She's probably half scared of you still, will your whole tough guy attitude and barely talk to anyone thing going on,"

"True," he says "But something's just different..."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not allowed to say,"

"Ok..." this was weird "I'm going to Katniss' house, see of she needs some cheering up from well you," I say getting out the water, slipping on my denim shorts flip flops and grab my bag.

When I do get to Katniss' house, I am wearing my baggy jumper over the top of my bikini. Her little sister answers the door.

"Hey Clove," she smiles

"Is Katniss home?"

"No... I thought she was with you... at the beach..."

"No... she left ten minutes before I did..."

"Don't worry she'll be home later, as long as she wasn't pissed,"

"Prim!" I scold

"Just checking," I bite my lip "Wait, what happened?" I immediately ring Cato.

"Was she pissed?" I ask urgently

"What the hell are you going on about?" he moans

"Was she pissed when she went home?"

"Yeah, I guess,"

"Shit." I curse


"She's missing," Prim gasps

"Not again," she says quietly

"Hold up!" I say putting my phone away from my ear "Again?"

"Yeah, when we were younger she would visit me and Mom, when she got pissed she left for a couple days, without a word and just after dad died she barely ever came home,"

"Why would she get pissed?"

"She said she didn't want to be like Alma,"

"Who's Alma?"

"Her ex-step-mom,"

"HOLY FUCK!" I hear from my phone and I bring it to my ear

"What's with the shouting?" I say back to Cato

"We need to find Katniss," he says worriedly

"And do you have any idea where she would be? Cause I definitely don't!"

"I do have an idea actually..." he says and somehow I think he knows where Katniss is.