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Final Chapter
Begone, Monster!

"Take this! Capsize: Sinking Anchor!" Minamitsu shouted as she raised her anchor over her head before throwing it at the monster, but it used its tentacle to swat it away. The monster than reached forth the same tentacle to grab her, but she quickly swam out of its way.

Reaching out her hand to the anchor, it changed into water and then returned to her hand before changing back to normal. The monster reached two of its tentacles at her, but with powerful swings of her anchor, she knocked them back and made the monster grunt in pain a little. The monster then charged at her with its mouth wide open, and the ship ghost simply got out of its way before throwing her anchor at the side of its body.

The monster angrily turned to her and swung its tentacles at her over and over, but she managed to avoid every single hit with ease by constantly swimming around. She eventually used her anchor to block another tentacle strike, and the force of its impact against her weapon caused her to be pushed back several feet. The monster then turned invisible, which made the ship ghost raise her awareness.

The monster's massive mouth reappeared in front of her all of a sudden, but she acted fast enough and swam to the side to avoid getting caught in it when it closed. Quickly turning around, Minamitsu threw her anchor at the monster just as it was disappearing. After hitting the monster, who still became invisible, the anchor returned to Minamitsu. Suddenly, she was struck in the side by an invisible force and was sent flying away quite a bit of a distance.

Shortly after she came to a stop, Minamitsu felt herself being bound by something. The monster reappeared with its mouth open in front of her, but she was able to slip out of the tentacle binding her by turning into water. She swam away from the monster and said in her head, "It seems that every time it opens its mouth, it will become visible again. Seems like it can only maintain its invisibility when its mouth is closed…"

Nue was hitting the device with the back of her hand and occasionally hammering it against her palm. She was trying to get the device to work, but her efforts had been futile so far. "C'mon! C'mon, you useless device! Open up a portal already!" she said in frustration. "We need you to get working right now, and you just have to be useless at a time like this!"

"Try throwing it again," Nazrin suggested. "Maybe that'll do something."

"That's what I did earlier, didn't I? I threw it at the ground, but nothing happened!" Nue reminded her.

"Do it again!" Nazrin told her. "Maybe something will happen this time!"

"Excuse me… May I please look at that?" the only kappa left asked Nue.

Nue looked at her and said, "You want to look at this? Oh yeah, kappas are good when it comes to technology, so maybe you can find out how to get this thing to work!" So she handed the device to her.

The kappa inspected all sides of the device and then said, "This thing resembles a smartphone found in the outside world, but there are no screen and ports…"

"Ports? Now that you said it… I didn't see any ports for inserting cables of any kind into it as well…" Mamizou said.

"Where did you find this?" the kappa asked Nue.

"At the outside world, inside a place where they make high-tech stuff," the nue replied.

"So it's an invention of the outside world? Never seen something like this before… Guess it must be very new…" the kappa said as she inspected all sides of the device again. "You said it is capable of opening portals, right?"

"That's the only thing I saw it do, other than giving off light from those lines and circles on one side of it…" Nue told her.

"Incredible… I didn't know that the humans of the outside world are capable of creating something like this…" the kappa said in disbelief. "Even we kappas aren't smart enough to create something like this!"

"Looks like the kappas are getting left behind when it comes to technology!" Aya commented.

"Nitori wouldn't like what you said…" the kappa said when she heard that.

"Can you get it to work?" Nue asked the kappa.

"If only I know how this thing works…" the kappa said while looking at the device. "There are no buttons on it either… In fact, there's nothing on it that can give anyone an idea on how it works!"

The kappa was going to say something when she suddenly heard a voice coming from her laptop. She looked at it to see that it was Minamitsu looking at the Sea Turtloid 2000's "camera". "Are you done up there yet?" she desperately asked. "At least try to help me in some way to incapacitate this monster!"

"Don't worry! The Sea Turtloid 2000 can do something like that!" the kappa said with confidence. She quickly picked up the controller and had it face the monster, which was moving in its direction. "Behold its high voltage electric beam! Eat this, ugly!" She pressed a button that caused the robotic turtle to open its mouth and fire a beam of electricity at the monster. Despite the small stature of the turtle, the size of the beam was rather big.

The monster let out a loud and painful cry when the electricity struck it in the front and zapped it badly, not to mention stopping it in its track. When the turtle finished firing the beam, the monster was seemingly knocked out of consciousness, as it floated in place motionlessly.

"Yeah!" exclaimed the kappa. "How'd you like that? Don't underestimate the power of electricity when it's underwater! Water conducts electricity, which is why I designed the Sea Turtloid 2000 with that kind of weapon. It's very effective against all livings things when they're underwater!"

The monster woke up again and shook its head, and then it let out an angry roar before swinging one of its tentacles at the robotic turtle, sending it hurtling through the water until it hit a wall.


With that, the footage on the laptop disappeared. "My Sea Turtloid 2000! It's destroyed!" the kappa gasped.

"I take that this is a bad thing, right?" Aya asked.

Minamitsu came out of the water and flew towards them. "Your robotic turtle got destroyed!" she said to the kappa.

"I know that already…" the kappa told her. "It's my favorite creation as well…"

"Anyway, how's the device?" Minamitsu asked. "Fighting that demon isn't important. What's important is to get that device to work!"

"Then going down there to confront it just now was pointless, don't you think?" Nazrin asked her.

"I doubt the demon would enter a portal attentively, so weakening it first or knocking it out and then sending it in there is my plan," the ship ghost told her.

Suddenly, the monster came to the surface and let out a roar that made everyone turned to it. It reached its tentacle in their direction and tried to hit them with it, but they all got out of the way by moving back or flying into the air.

The monster then grabbed one of the trees growing close to the lake and ripped it off the ground with ease before hurling it at some of the girls who escaped into the air, but they managed to dodge it as well. Aya watched the tree falling into the distance and said, "Whoa… That's quite a strength it got there… Good thing it landed somewhere that has no one, I think…"

Steam started to come out of the monster's mouth, and then a large stream of boiling water was fired from there and in the direction of the girls, but they managed to avoid it as well. However, they were forced to avoid it again when the monster moved the stream of water in their direction.

"Don't touch that water!" Minamitsu shouted. "It's boiling hot! I got second-degree burn from touching it!"

When the monster stopped the attack, Byakuren flew down on top of its head and stabbed it with an energy sword produced from her vajra. The monster let out a painful roar and then raised its body into the air in to make the magician fall off. Byakuren backed away from the monster and then hurled her vajra like a lance at it. "Virudhaka's Sword!" The "lance" stabbed the monster in a part close to where the previous wound was and stopped just at the vajra.

Enraged, the monster turned towards the magician and went after her. Noticing her vajra falling into the water, Byakuren used magic to allow herself to move at a fast speed to zoom over to it and pick it up before getting away from the monster. The monster swung its tentacle at her, and using her vajra as a sword, Byakuren sliced it. The monster tried to hit her with another tentacle, only to get it cut off as well.

"Mistress Hijiri is doing a great against that demon!" Ichirin commented.

"You can do it, Mistress Hijiri!" Shou loudly said to her.

Realizing that it wasn't safe to attack with its tentacles, the monster decided to stop using them and think of another way to close in on Byakuren for the kill. It dived underwater, and the magician looked down at where it dived into and said, "Hiding won't do you any good! We're going to send you back to where you came from, so stop resisting and allow us to send you back home! Isn't going home something to be happy about?"

Suddenly, she was caught off guard by a gush of water that came up from underneath her. The magician screamed as the boiling water scorched her and sent her shooting high into the air. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

"MISTRESS HIJIRI!" her disciples gasped.

As Byakuren fell back down, the monster leaped up from below with its mouth wide open, ready to devour her. Acting fast, Aya flew at the magician and carried her out of harm's way in time. "Gotcha!" the tengu said, and then she quickly returned to dry land and placed her onto the ground.

"Mistress Hijiri! Are you all right?" Shou asked Byakuren.

"I'm all right… It's just a burn…" Byakuren replied. "Thank you, Miss Shameimaru… I am in your debt…"

"Thanking me can come later… The demon's here again!" said Aya, looking at the monster, who was swimming towards the edge of the lake.

When in front of dry ground, the monster raised its tentacle and brought it down in their direction. Everyone except for Minamitsu got out of the way, and she caught the tentacles with both hands and held it up in the air. "You won't get away with hurting the person who freed me from my fate!" the ship ghost angrily said to the monster. "I'll make you regret it!"

After flinging the tentacle to the side, Minamitsu flew towards the monster and used her anchor to shatter a portion of its left horn.


The monster roared in pain from this, and then the ship ghost flew towards the left row of spikes and shattered them one by one with her anchor when she passed it through them. Getting behind the monster, Minamitsu formed a chain on her anchor and wrapped it around the monster's tail, and then pulling with all her might, she managed to move the monster away from the edge of the lake and towards the center.

The monster struggled violently and swung its tail to free itself, but to no avail. "Don't underestimate my strength!" Minamitsu told it. "My strength is comparable to Mistress Hijiri's when she enhances it with magic!"

She then shouted for Ichirin to let Unzan attack the monster from above. The former nodded and then commanded the nyuudo to go over and help Minamitsu. Unzan flew to the monster and, after raising its fists over its own head, struck its head from above with a powerful force that sent it underneath the water.


Minamitsu made the chain connecting to the anchor turned into water so that she wouldn't get dragged down along with the monster, and then she quickly flew to Nue and asked her for the device.

"What do you want with it?" Nue asked her.

"I'll try to activate it myself!" the ship ghost told her.

"Are you sure you can do it?" asked Nue, feeling skeptical.

"Just give it to me! I'll try my best!" Minamitsu told her, so the nue gave it to her. After getting the device, Minamitsu flew back to the center of the lake. She looked at the device and tapped it with her finger to see if it would do anything. Suddenly, the monster's tentacle came up from below, caught her leg, and pulled her underwater.

"MINAMITSU!" some of her comrades gasped.

Underwater, the ship ghost managed to slip free from the tentacle by turning into water, and then she backed away from the monster before hurling her anchor at its teeth. She then moved farther back from the monster and deeper into the lake to continue trying to get the device to work. "C'mon! Do something already!" she said in frustration.

She then looked back to see the monster recovering from the blow to its teeth, and then it turned to look at her. Out of desperation, Minamitsu flung the device against the ground, summoned her anchor, and then used it to hit the device hard. When it was hit, the device gave off bright blue light from its lines and circles, not to mention making beeping sounds. Suddenly, a large blue portal appeared a few feet in front of the device. Surprised, Minamitsu exclaimed, "It… It worked!"

Suddenly, Minamitsu felt herself being pulled towards the portal, and then she realized that everything around it, including the water, was being sucked inside. As a result, a whirlpool leading into the portal was formed. Before the whirlpool was fully created, Minamitsu quickly picked up the device and then swam to the side.

From the surface, the others could see the whirlpool. "What's happening?!" Shou asked in shock.

"I think Minamitsu got the device to open up a portal, and as a result, the water is getting sucked into it, which explains the whirlpool!" Mamizou explained.

The monster was caught in the whirlpool and pulled towards the portal. In the midst of spinning like crazy in the center of the whirlpool, the monster managed to turn around and tried to swim away from the portal, but it was unable to do so. Even Minamitsu, who managed to swim a bit of a distance from the portal, found herself being drawn towards it. She quickly swam for the surface, but instead of moving upwards and away from the portal, she found herself slowly being pulled towards it instead.

The monster let out a roar as it went tail first into the portal. It tried to grab onto nearby rocks using its tentacles, but they got torn off from the ground and went into the portal. Unable to fight against the pulling force of the portal and not having anything to grab onto, the monster let out a loud and long roar as it went into the portal at a fast speed.

The closer she was to the portal, the faster Minamitsu found herself moving towards it. She quickly formed a long chain on her anchor and hurled the latter forward. The anchor dug its hooked side into the ground, and Minamitsu held onto the chain tightly to avoid being pulled into the portal. She looked back and noticed that the portal was becoming smaller little by little. Thinking that since she couldn't swim away from it, she'll continue grabbing onto the chain to keep herself from being sucked into the portal and stall until the latter disappeared.

Suddenly, the part of the ground that her anchor dug into was torn up, and along with her anchor, the ship ghost was pulled back into the portal at a fast speed. Touching the side of the whirlpool, she found herself spinning along it and moving farther and farther back into the portal. She tried to fly out, but the fast-flowing water kept her from doing anything properly.

Hope of escaping from the portal seemed lost for her when suddenly a pendulum connected to a chain came into the portal. Realizing that this was Nazrin's pendulum, she quickly grabbed it and then yanked back a bit to signal the mouse demon that something caught it. She was then pulled out of the portal at a fast speed just before it closed entirely.

Minamitsu was pulled all the way out of the water, where it was revealed that Byakuren was the one who pulled the chain after enhancing her own strength. "Minamitsu! Thanks goodness you're all right!" Byakuren exclaimed when she saw her.

The others immediately gathered around her, and they were all relieved that the ship ghost was all right. Mamizou then asked her, "What of the demon?"

"It's gone… It went into the portal first…" Minamitsu told her while panting heavily. "We did it… That demon's gone… Gone from Gensokyo for good… Hopefully…"

Hearing this, everyone exclaimed with joy, and Nue patted her back so hard that it felt more like a slap. "All right! Way to go! You did it! You managed to get that as-good-as-useless device to work in the end! Great job!"

"I gave it a good whacking with my anchor," Minamitsu said as she took out the device from her pocket. "This thing's very durable, too! I can't believe that there are no cracks on it! Not sure if it's still functional, though…"

Minamitsu suddenly let out a sneeze, and Byakuren put her hand on her back and asked, "Are you all right?"

"The water's pretty cold, even for me…" the ship ghost replied while shivering with her arms wrapped around herself. "Would be nice to have some warmth now… Achoo!"

"You deserve a rest for saving Gensokyo!" Byakuren told her.

"Yeah! You saved the day! You did great!" Shou told her.

"Good job," Nazrin commented.

"You really did great!" Ichirin said to her.

"You sure had us worried, but congratulations on winning over that demon in the end!" Mamizou said to her.

"You're the best!" Nue said. She was going to pat Minamitsu in the back, but the latter quickly caught her hand, as she didn't want to get "slapped" in the back again.

"I should also be thankful as well, because I almost went along with that monster to his homeland, but thanks to Nazrin and Mistress Hijiri, I was saved!" Minamitsu said. "Achoo!"

The temple residents returned to dry ground, and Aya, Kara, and the kappa went up to Minamitsu and congratulated her for winning over the monster. After they were done congratulating her, Minamitsu handed the device to Aya. "Can you please take this to the science department?" she asked.

"What? You want me to take it the science department?" the tengu asked.

Minamitsu nodded. "Yes. I'm sure they'll be interested in finding out what it is."

"We were planning on giving it to them ourselves, but since we don't know where the lab is, you might as well do it for us," Nue said. "You know where the lab is, right?"

"Actually, I haven't been in there myself, but I do know where some of the entrances are located," replied Aya as she took the device from Minamitsu. "I can at least give it to Nitori and have her take it there. Anyway, I'll do as you say. Something like this will without doubt intrigue the science department. Maybe they'll find out what exactly this thing is and try to put it to good use!"

"Maybe… Just hope that they don't bring in any more demons like that bug and fish…" Mamizou said.

"Bug?" Aya curiously said.

"The first 'guest' we brought here… Minamitsu said that fish demon ate it, though," Mamizou told her.

"Okay… All right, I gotta get going," Aya told the temple residents. "Go back and take your well-deserved rest! And don't get sick, Minamitsu!"

"I think it's already too late…" Minamitsu said. "Achoo!"

With that, Aya, Kara, and the kappa took off into the air. The temple residents did the same, but they flew in a different direction.

"Once we're back at the temple, you should take a warm bath," Byakuren told Minamitsu. "After that, go and take a rest, and we'll prepare some warm delicacies for you. You'll surely return to perfect condition very soon! Oh, make sure to take your medicines too!"

"Thank you, Mistress Hijiri!" Minamitsu said to her. "Achoo! A ghost getting sick… Is this supposed to be normal…?"

A lone submarine was traveling around deep underneath an ocean somewhere. The crew members inside were doing their tasks when a blue vortex suddenly appeared to the left of the submarine. This was picked up by the radar, and the submarine's navigator reported to the captain and some crew members about it.

"What is it?" the captain asked after hearing about it.

"I don't know, sir, but it seems to be rather big," the navigator replied. "It's not moving, however."

The submarine was slowly moving past the vortex when something suddenly came out of it and rammed into it.


"WE'RE HIT!" the navigator shouted.

The thing that hit the submarine then caught it with its tentacles, and then it opened its massive mouth that was lined with sharp rows of teeth.










The fourth "build-up" story

I originally intended for this story to have one more chapter, but after thinking that I can easily cram things into this chapter if I shorten things, I decided to end the story with this chapter instead. This will allow me to reach the story that is being built up faster!

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