Title: Remember

Rating : K+

I remember the summer pass, it was something with the words became for me a I met him my heart beat in the chamade. I know not so it was because of the presence and of his charisma but I fell in crazy lover of you. I have never regretted him because today we are flies when we had met I was only 9 years old and he 14 years old. It was the holidays of the innocence, even if years crossed not I kept that the good memories, our friends of holidays who became a pillar for us later. Lost in the fog us had the real friends. You are my best, my luck(chance), my life. I remember when I am put in your route, a few wasted words, the sun's rays that could taint the errors of the previous day, do you regret the pass. I never had the courage to ask you one day may be who knows. . But memories of our holidays even if it was 7 years ago, it was as if it was yesterday.