Beautiful Mermaid

Hi guys! I'm Everllarkglee4ever the new author basically I only get the plot the rest is mine, so enjoy!

Peeta POV

Since I was a kid my grandpa told me stories about Greek myths but especially about beautiful creatures that Poseidon create to protect the people that have true intentions, that have a true heart, to save them from any harm, they live around us but you can't identify them.

That creatures called mermaid are immortal, and each of them have a special gift, but each 1000 years a very special mermaid is born, he told me that she would be the most beautiful and with the heart of gold, that by only see her would give you a sense of protection nobody can hurt you if she is around, but then he die, an with him all that amazing story tells where just that, fiction.

So here I'm, 2016, 16 years old going to Pamen High school in California talking to Finnick, Cato, Marvel, Thresh and Gale, the typical routine, but today we heard that some new girls will be going to our school.

And then they entered the room and everyone stare at them in awe I mean how could you not? They were gorgeous all sisters maybe they are adopted they're Johana was tall big brown eyes and short brown hair, Annie has a large brown hair and the greenest eyes you could imagine, Clove has a black hair and eyes, but what really caught the attention of all the people was Katniss the most beautiful girl ever seen she has this grey eyes and a braid intricate with flowers in a side of the head a good body and the sweetest expression in the face but when you look at her in the eyes you could get lost in them, but suddenly the meanest girls of the school: Delly, Glimmer, Bonnie and Twin, go to Katniss searching for a fight.

But her sisters put in the way saying:

-You hurt her we kill you-

-Oh! How cute! You will make your sisters defend you, you coward- said Delly while trying to slap Clove.

But out of nowhere Katniss pins her to the ground saying:

-You will not hurt my sisters-

Wow! Nobody spec that I wonder what other surprises this girl have.

Suddenly the bell ring and we entered to the hell named school.