A/N: Yep, starts at the climax again. Want to keep you guessing. :o)


"Just 5 more minutes. I just have to stall 5 more minutes," Emily thinks to herself as a man kneels in her back.

He yanks both her arms behind her. Both of them hear her upper right arm snap as the bone cracked by a bullet is broken completely. He chuckles.

"Oops," he says with glee in his voice.

Emily bites her lip and refuses to even moan at the pain. She feels another man binding her feet together. The water lapping at the dock she lies upon gives her a good idea how they plan to get rid of her. As the men stand up, the woman that had led Emily to this point steps towards her and squats down.

"So, this is how tha mighty Lauren Reynolds finally dies," she says with a heavy Irish lilt. She gets a fake apologetic look on her face. "Oh, sorry, yer name is Emily Prentiss, no' Lauren Reynolds. Doesnae matter. Ye stole me son. Now…now I steal yer life."

Emily swallows to try to steady her voice. "I…I didn't know you were alive. I swear. Ian said you were dead. He never told me your name. Just that you were dead. I swear."

"Aye, so ye've said. Doesnae matter. Ye didnae try ta find me. Now ye pay fer tha'." She grabs Emily by the hair and stares into her eyes. "Ye'll never know tha happiness in me heart tha day I saw Louise O'Bannon on tha streets of Dublin. Long thought dead I knew if she was alive my son…my Declan was alive. Took me nearly 3 weeks ta break her. Oh, she fought hard ta keep yer secret, Emily. But eventually it all came out. And then I started plannin' how I was gonta come ta America fer me boy."

She turns and nods. Emily's eyes widen as two men push Declan out of the shadows towards them. The youngter's eyes widen and he tries to call out to Emily even with a gag in his mouth. He tries to run to her but the men hold him tightly, laughing at his distress. Emily will kill them both if she gets the chance. Chloe Donaghy turns back to Emily, an evil glint in her eye.

"And now I have him. Tha bastard wha' raised him is dead. And now…now my boy'll watch and see wha' happens ta those wha' steal from me."

"NO!" Emily croaks as forcefully as she can. "Kill me. But, please…don't let him see. Please. Please don't let him see that."

"How will tha boy learn if he doesnae see?"

"I…I took him from Ian so he wouldn't have to see death and destruction. He wanted to make Declan into a so-called warrior like him. I wanted Dec to have a chance at something better. Don't you want something better for him than a death like Ian's? Or a life like yours in the shadows? Why not let him…ungh…live in peace? Live in light? If you love him, really…love him…give him…a chance," Emily pleads as she is fighting to stay conscious. The pain in her arm is nearly unbearable.

Chloe smiles cruelly. "Doyle wasnae tha only one tha' makes warriors." She stands and looks at her men. "Tie tha' old anchor ta her ankles." She looks back down at Emily.

Emily tries to gauge how much time has passed but the pain is clouding her ability to think clearly. Stall, she tells herself. Just keep stalling.

"He said…he killed you. Tied you to…bed until birth. Then…killed you. Said you tried to…kill ya'self," she forces out. "You didn't…want Dec…so Ian…killed you…"

"He lied," she says bitterly. "Livin' without him was a slow death. Ye'll know soon wha' tha's like." She raises an eyebrow. "Bu' only fer as long as ye can hold yer breath."

Emily tries to kick out at the men. How many more minutes? How close are they? Where the hell are they? Just as the anchor is secured she hears the glorious sound of someone kicking in the various doors of the boathouse where she has been led by her nemesis.

"FBI!" is screamed by multiple voices.

Chloe stares back and up towards the main level. She knows it's just a matter of moments until the agents make their way to the lower level shipping and receiving dock. She looks back down at Emily. Emily gives her as cruel a smile as she can muster.

"I didn't really…go rogue, you fu…fucking bitch. I win…AGAIN!"

Chloe walks over and kicks Emily in the stomach. "But ye still die."

With Emily still gasping for breath, Chloe kneels and shoves the agent and anchor into the cold salt water. Emily sinks into the darkness with only one thought to comfort her: at least Declan will be saved.

She hopes.