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Chapter 1

It was several years after the Nidaime stepped into office. He has led his village for those years as his brother before. To ensure that the village shall be a village of peace and prosperity. The only thing he could never understand of his brother, was the love he had for his family. Tobirama was a bachelor and proud of it. But every now and then, he would have thoughts on what it would be like to have a family of his own. And that is where this begins.

Tobirama stared in abstract horror at his personal Anbu guard. The only kunoichi on the team to be exact. "What?" he asked. "I'm pregnant," she said. He ran his hands through his hair, trying to think on how he would deal with this. He knew how it happened of course. One to many drinks, a fierce spar, and kissing led to what had happened. Even with the alcohol, he could remember it vividly. "If it's that much trouble, then I'll get an abortion," she said and started to leave the room.

It had snapped him out of his thoughts. "Wait!" Her hand was on the doorknob when he called out to her. She turned to see him approaching her. "You are not getting an abortion. Even if I think I'm not ready for something like this, a part of me is excited and wants to see this through. I always wanted to be a dad. Who knows, maybe I'll like being a father." The kunoichi had tears coming out of her mask. She was crying in relief that she can keep the child. She moved her mask and locked lips with her hokage.

8 Months Later

"I'LL KILL YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME YOU SON OF A BITCH! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE MY HOKAGE, I'M GOING TO CASTRATE YOOUUUAAAHHHH!" screamed the nidaimes lover. "Come on honey, push. You're almost there," said Tobirama, trying to ignore his hand being crushed by his lover. "SHUT UP! YOU HAVE NO IDEAAAHHH-" she was cut off when she went through some more contractions. A couple more 'pushes' later, and the room was assaulted with the cries of a newborn.

The nurse took the child, cut the umbilical cord, and wrapped him in a blanket. She handed the newborn to the nidaime. He took his son with slightly trembling hands. "Look darling. Our son," he said, happiness alight in his voice. He handed him to her as she stretched her tired arms for her child. "I'm so happy," she said in a tired voice. "He looks just like you," she continued. Indeed the child did. He had the nidaimes hair-style, though it seemed spikier, four triangles on his face (two on each cheek), and his fathers pale-tan complexion. The only thing he seemed to receive from his mother was a pair of yellow-gold eyes and whitish-blue hair.

"What should we name him?" asked Tobirama. His lover, Yukifuri*, looked at her son. "Naruto. His name is Naruto," she said with finality. "A good name," said the nidaime, before he looked at his lover and noticed she seemed paler than a few moments ago. "Honey?" he asked. Her heart moniter went flat as she closed her eyes, still holding onto little Naruto who had begun to cry, sensing something wrong with his mother. "NURSE! DOCTOR! ANYBODY, WE NEED HELP!" screamed the nidaime as he took Naruto.

The nurse and doctors rushed in, trying to save what they believed the nidaimes secret wife. It would be ten minutes later that Tobirama received the news. His lover, the one he was going to actually propose to, Yukifuri, has passed. Over the next few days he was inconsolable. The only thing keeping him together is his son. "Don't worry Naruto," he said, "daddy's here. And he's not going anytime soon."

14 Years Later

Naruto had grown into a handsome young man. He wore armor similar to his father, fur and all. The only difference is the color scheme. While his fathers is a pale blue, Narutos had crashing waves and falling snow. It was so well integrated in the armor that when he walked it looked like it was moving. His father spent as much time raising him as he did in his office. He started teaching Naruto as soon as he could walk properly. At a young age, they found out Naruto had three affinities. They were a high water affinity like his father, a high earth affinity, making Mokuton (Wood Release) possible, and a high wind affinity. It was after this that Tobirama had decided to tell his son about his mother.


Naruto stood before his father. He was at the tender age of six and his training in the elements had just begun. He was here because his father said he had something to tell him. "Dad?" he asked. "Naruto," began his father, "I think its time you know of your mother." Naruto went wide-eyed at this. He always wondered who his mother was. "Your mother was a wonderful woman and a greater kunoichi. She was part of my personal guard. She loved those close to her and defended them greatly. She believed that those you hold close to you are precious, and only when protecting those precious to you will you become truly strong."

"She had white hair that flowed into blue, yellow-gold eyes like yours, a cute nose, full lips a big heart, and an equally big r-*cough*" He stopped and looked at his son for a moment before realizing what he was doing. "Anyways," he said quickly, "Your mother was a wonderful person. And if it wasn't for you, I never would have noticed. I thank you for that. She could be as kind to her friends as she was to cold to her enemies. You see son, she wasn't a native of Hi no Kuni (Fire Country), she was a member of the Yuki clan from Kiri (Mist)."

"She came here after an she was banished by Kiri for showing compassion to her enemies when they couldn't fight. She was found near death from starvation at the gates. We took her in and gave her her 'second chance'. she did everything she could to repay us for our kindness and eventually founf herself as one of my guards. Now what you need to understand is the Yuki clan. They had a Kekkei Genkai (Blood Limit) that gifted those that could awaken it with the ability to weild ice. Your mother could just like I believe you can too. You also have the ability to unlock Mokuton like Hashirama-nii, but you'll have to work hard. Don't take handouts or you'll never get strong. These are the beliefs your mother had and I want you to follow them, but don't emulate them, or you can lose yourself. Understand?" Naruto nodded. "Hai tou-san." Tobirama smiled and ruffled Naruto's hair.

End Flashback

As Naruto grew, he learned and trained till he ached in both mind and body. He did have Hyoton (Ice Release) and Mokuton, though the last one was known only to Naruto and father. Naruto had unlocked Mokuton when he almost got hit by one of his fathers moves by accident. And he unlocked the Hyoton when he went with his father to a meeting with the Nidaime Raikage (2nd Lightning Shadow) about a peace treaty. They were attacked by Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the Gold and Silver brothers, when they attempted a coup d'etat. Naruto had engaged both of them and fought them for three minutes before being defeated. Normally this isn't long, but when a second can turn a battle and both were kage-level or higher, it was pretty damn impressive. He had gained their respect and they had gifted him with two of their weapons. One from each.

Kinkaku had gifted him with the Shichiseiken (Seven Star Sword) and Ginkaku had gifted him the Benihisago (Crimson Gourd) after their coup failed. Both weapons had actually shrank to accommodate his size. Only recently could he wield both at the same time. He had even took over as substitute sensei for his fathers team when his dad was swamped with work. He saw promise in all, but there was something off with Homura and Koharu. They seemed almost fanatical about Konoha being the best and Hiruzen almost became like them, but he took care of that with an ass kicking. His father has said that by himself, Naruto is Anbu level and with his weapons and bloodline, he could take the hat, though Naruto saw little interest in it after seeing a whole day in the office.

We now see Naruto standing in the training grounds of his family, drawing something in the ground. From the ground, it looked like a bunch of squiggles all over. But, from the air, or more specifically, the third story balcony of the house, it looked like a finely drawn water dragon coiling on itself. It was a large seal Naruto had come up with from his studies from Mito-bachan. It was an experimental seal and even the theory is shaky at best. What he said it will do, is to seal away a living person in stasis, until release. It would also allow the one sealed inside to absorb chakra from the air to sustain the seal and slowly expand their own chakra. What makes it even better is it also allows the sealed one to hear the ongoings out of the seal. It was made to seal one of their own and send them into an enemy stronghold before being retrieved so as to relay all they learned.

The First Shinobi World War was raging on and Konoha needed an edge. Naruto had just finished when he sees his father come out. "Are you sure about using yourself Naruto?" asked his understandably fearful father. "Yes tou-san. Don't worry, I'm to stubborn to die," Naruto said. His father smiled and nodded before handing his son the sealing scroll that the seal will transfer to. He gave Naruto a hug and stepped out of the seal. Naruto ran through the extensive set of hand-seals when a Kumo shinobi came out of the trees. "Die!" the man yelled. Tobirama reacted by throwing a kunai and impaling it in the mans brain, but it was too late. The seal was activated and the man had scuffed up a couple lines. The seal glowed, Naruto locked eyes with Tobirama, and everything went white.

A While Later

Tobirama woke up in the hospital room reserved for the hokage and his family. "Wh-what happened," he asked no one. The door opened and in came Mito Uzumaki. She had a downcast expression. It didn't bode well, whatever it was she was to tell him. This he knew. He only saw this face twice. The first time when Madara defected and the second when Hashirama died. "What is it?" he asked. "Tobi-kun, you should rest more. I'll ge-"

"No! I know that face. Tell me what's wrong. I need to know," he said firmly. She looked down and started to cry. "Naruto's gone," she said. The world seemed to stop. "What?" he breathed out. "When the Kumo shinobi attacked, he had scuffed the ground where one of the lines were. It had erased that part and upset the seals integrity causing it to implode. I'm sorry, truly I am," she said. Tobirama looked down, tears streaming down his face. "Was there anything left?" he asked. She hesitated before nodding. She came up to him and handed him a sealing scroll and a bandana with the leaf symbol embroidered in it. Naruto never liked the headbands, so he had a specially designed bandana that he would wear on his head or to cover his mouth and nose. Tobirama thanked her as she left.

After that day, he threw himself into his work to escape the pain. But he always did have a nagging suspicion, more like a feeling, that Naruto was still alive, though he just thought it wishful thinking. He never knew that Naruto was alive and well, sealed inside the scroll. It was a mix of bad/good luck that had it work. He achieved what he wanted it to in a different way. Instead of being in a pocket dimension connected to the scroll, he was sealed into a plain white area. Problem was that no one could look at the scroll without coming to tears. And since no one was willing to destroy it, it and his bandana were sealed together in the Forbidden Scroll of Seals. All the while Naruto trained inside what he has started to call limbo, never aging, never fully knowing what has happened, nor how long time shall pass.

60 Years Later

A young girl with blonde hair in twin pig-tails and wearing a neon orange jumpsuit around the age of twelve was jumping through the trees with the Forbidden Scroll on her back. This was Natsumi Uzumaki and she had just stolen the forbidden scroll so as to pass her make-up exam. All she had to do was to steal it, learn one of its jutsu, show it to her sensei Mizuki and she'll pass. Easy as pie. Security was lax. The Hokage had gone off for one reason or another and being ignored by the secretary and Anbu in the tower made this even easier. She landed in the designated area and unrolled the scroll. "Shadow clones? Damnitall. Of course it would be my worst subject. *sigh* Guess I'll just get this over with," she said to herself.

Two Hours Later

Natsumi was lying on the ground panting with a smile on her face. She had succeeded in completing the Kage Bunshin. She took a breath and decided to purse through the scroll to see if she can find anything else. She skimmed through it till she almost reached the bottom. "Dang. Nothing else?" she wondered to herself. That was when she reached the bottom. There was a picture of what looked like a water dragon coiling on itself. There was a warning that she ignored that told all that this was a seal containing items of a very respected individual and should be left alone.

She had read up to the part of the respected person then stopped. She touched the seal to get it to open but nothing happened. She frowned and tried again. When nothing happened, she thought back to the only time sealing was discussed. 'What did Iruka-sensei say again?' she thought. 'To activate some seals, one needs to channel chakra into it', came Iruka's voice. Nodding to herself, she touched the seal again and channeled chakra. There was a poof, some smoke, and the sound of an item landing on the floor. She coughed and waved her hand to disperse the smoke. When it had cleared, she found another scroll with a a blue bandana wrapped around it.

She picked it up and unwrapped the bandana and unrolled the scroll. There was a seal on this scroll as well. She shrugged and added more chakra to see what this scroll contained. There was another poof, more smoke, she feared for a second of secondhand smoke, and a thud. She waited for the smoke to clear and when it did, she had an atomic blush. There lying on the ground was Naruto Yuki Senju, though she didn't know that. He was unconscious. She made sure that he was asleep and not dead, just in case. She had started to weave her fingers through his hair, enjoying how soft his hair is.

She was taken out of her thoughts when Iruka came into the clearing. "Nastsumi! What do you think you are doing?!" he yelled. "Kyah!" she screamed in fright. "Oh, it's just you Iruka-sensei! You nearly gave me a heart attack! Besides, I'm here for the make-up exam." Iruka was startled at what she said. "Make-up exam?" he wondered aloud. 'Well she seems to have been training,' he thought. Indeed she did, what with her slightly messed up hair, scrapes, and dirt smudges. "Natsumi-chan, what are you talking about. There's no make-up exam."

"Of course there is. Mizuki-sensei told me all about it. Now you want to see my new jutsu?" she said. "Mizuki?" he asked, before the sound of wind being cut sounded. Iruka knew this sound well. He threw himself in front of Natsumi as several shuriken imbedded themselves into his back. "Gah!" He stumbled from the unexpected pain. He turned to see Mizuki standing there, twirling a fuma shuriken. "I didn't expect to see you here Iruka. It's to bad, if you had just minded your own business then you wouldn't have to die."

"Mizuki! Why are you doing this?" Iruka shouted in confusion. Mizuki laughed. "Isn't it obvious? To kill the Kyuubi bitch and gain power. Is there any other reason?" Iruka couldn't believe it. His best friend betrayed their village and their friendship. Worst, he took advantage of a young individuals need for acknowledgement by using them to get what he wanted and leaving them with the blame. "Now do me a favor and DIE!" Shouted the traitor at the end. Iruka closed his eyes, waiting for the end. When nothing happened after a few seconds, he opened his eyes to see an armored person holding the shuriken through the hole and yawning.

Everyone was stunned. Natsumi because she was sure he was out of it, Iruka and Mizuki because they didn't notice him. The newest person to this fiasco snapped his jaw shut and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He took quick stock of the situation and came to his own conclusion. "Let me guess," he started, "someone got power-hungry, used someone else, and it now has come to the climactic clash." When no one moved for the first few seconds he asked, "Am I in the ball park?"

Mizuki snapped out of it first and sneered. "Why are you helping her?" he asked, pointing at Natsumi. Naruto just looked at him oddly. "Is there a reason I shouldn't?" he asked. Mizuki laughed at this turn of events. "So you don't know. Well then, I guess I'll do my job and teach you." Iruka caught on fast. "Mizuki don't!"

He was ignored. "Twelve years ago the great Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine Tailed Fox) attacked Konoha. We threw everything at it, but nothing worked. That is when the Yondaime appeared on the battlefield and fought the demon. But despite what the kids are told, the Yondaime couldn't kill the fox. No one could. So he sealed it away into a new born baby girl. The only baby born that night." Here he points at Natsumi. "YOU! You are the Kyuubi no Kitsune, sealed away by our beloved Yondaime. He weakened you by placing you in a human body so that we can finish what we started. But the blasted Sandaime was manipulated by your illusions and has forbidden anyone from harming you. But not tonight! I will finish what the forth started and kill you. DIE!"

At the end he threw his last fuma shuriken at Natsumi, who stood stock still at what was revealed. Iruka was about to take the blow for her, when Naruto intercepted it again. "That'll be enough of that. Apparently you should have studied seals if you actually believed what you just said. But I can see that you won't be dissuaded from your beliefs, so I shall end this farce," he said firmly. Before Mizuki could taunt him on how he could finish this, Naruto disappeared and reappeared behind him with the fuma shuriken folded and rammed through his sternum. His body fell and Naruto jumped down. "Now," he began, "I believe that introductions are needed."

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1. Narto is the son of the Nidaime and is transported to when Natsumi has stolen the scroll.

2. He has affinities for earth, wind, and water. Him gaining Mokuton or Hyoton is up to you.

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