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Chapter 6

A Month Later

Team eleven had used the month to hone their current skills and develop new ones. At least, the girls did. Naruto was there to help supervise and train them. The fight and loss to Ameyuri had dealt a major blow to Yugao's pride. She knew if Naruto hadn't stopped the fight, she'd be dead. So she used the month to increase her skills in kenjutsu. The problem was finding someone who could push her relentlessly. The answer: Naruto.


Yugao and Naruto stood on opposite side of their designated arena. She had her katana drawn, but Naruto was still standing there. After five more minutes, she asked, "Why won't you draw a blade?" Naruto sighed at her impatience and took out a scroll. He pursed through it for a moment then unsealed his desired weapon. It was a wooden boken. Then he placed his right hand behind his back. A vein pulsed on her head at what she believed was his form of taunting. "Fine! If that's how you want to play it, then let's play."

She shot off at high jonin speeds and went for a blow to his side. He jumped and whacked her hand, causing it to fly out of her grip, leaving her weaponless. "Sword fighting," he began, "is not about who is quicker nor who has more power. It is a dance. A dance of the blade. And whosoever missteps first, will be the one to die. Pick up your sword. We'll try it again."

She rubbed her wrist before doing as he said. They started again, with her staying a good distance away. "How will you ever get better if you don't attack? Tch, seems the Uchiha have spread their influence even from the grave." Before she could question what he meant, he took several steps in, allowing her to take a swing at him. He effortlessly dodged it and whacked her with the boken again. "In a dance, you want to lead it, not follow. By not taking the initiative, you allowed me to lead and I led you into my trap. Again!"

She decided to follow his advice and lead the fight. She took two steps to the right, and he copied. She moved forward and he moved back. Everything she did, he mirrored or followed. Having enough, she charged forward. He made to slash and she bent to the side. She made to thrust and he deflected. To a ordinary onlooker, it seemed a fierce duel. But to Naruto, he was the same as he was at the beginning.

"Come now," he said. "That can't be all there is to the 'famed' Konoha Kenjutsu Mistress." He dodged several blows as if it was nothing. "Or, perhaps it is. You make up for your lack of teachings with speed, hoping to for swift take down. But, what happens when you run into someone who matches or out paces you?" Her swings started to pick up speed and yet he had stopped moving. He stood perfectly still, except his left arm, which was blocking or deflecting the blows.

"It is clear to me now that you lack the proper education for this. But the blame isn't all yours. No, at least half of it goes to whoever taught you. Clearly they didn't know what they were doing half the time and, like you, relied on speed or strength to win the match."

Yugao's blows became sloppier the more he continued as she was trying everything she could to shut him up. "Don't you dare mock Kushina-sempai!" she roared. She went for a heavy downward swing. He side-stepped it, causing her to impale the katana in the ground. She huffed as her mind was clearing from her rage. That was when she noticed the boken placed at her collarbone.

"Dead." It was a simple statement that signified the end of the round. He stepped back to give her more space. "You are obviously a passionate person. You care greatly about your loved ones and take pride in what you do. However, you can be and are often ruled by your emotions and take things farther than needed. Don't shut off your emotions, but don't let them rule over you. You fell for my taunting about who trained you and about your skills. I suggest you meditate or do something to take your mind off of your life. Painting, sculpting, cooking, gardening are all good tips. I myself swim. It should be no more than an hour, but that is all you need." Having said his piece, he sealed the boken and walked away.

End Flashback

She had taken his advice and started to learn how to cook. This had many benefits. It helped to relax her, she was able to make home-cooked meals for Hayate, and she won't be totally clueless when they are stuck in the wilderness like last time. How was she supposed to know that pock-a-doted mushrooms made you loopy. She had gone back to him several times for suggestions on her form and executions. And each time, he helped her to improve to the point that she can defeat any sword wielder in Hi no Kuni (Land of Fire), except for Naruto.

Naruto didn't just help her. He had helped out both of his teammates. When it came to Yakumo, he took her on long walks and hikes around and through Konoha to further build muscle strength. For her drawings, he placed a restriction seal on her. It caused her to put in twice the effort to get the normal results, so that when he took it off, she'll be able to draw and react faster. He had also dealt with Ido. He didn't destroy it, he fused the two together with Yakumo on top. So now, she has full access to her powers and doesn't have to worry about them going out of control.

He enjoyed his time with Natsumi the most. Her bright attitude always made the world seem brighter to him. That doesn't mean he was any less harsh. To expand her knowledge and patience, he had her read a small encyclopedia. He would have her read, leave, come back after a bit, and summarize what she read. He also taught her politics because he knew you needed it when in office. It was taxing on the both of them. He also had given her a strict training regimen to follow and a ban on ramen for the month.

She had begged him, fully prostrating herself before him, to not take away her ramen. He stood firm in his decision and that caused her to not talk to him for three days. But the results showed. With her harder training and better diet, you could see the muscles starting to form. She wouldn't be bulky, but she would have that streamlined muscular build that showed definition without the bulging muscle. After the moth ended, he took her out for ramen, but made her promise to only have it once or twice a week, unless if it is a special occasion.


Now here they were waiting for their sensei to arrive. She was unusually late and the girls started to worry. Naruto was leaning against a tree with his eyes closed, clicking his tongue every ten seconds. What he was doing was sending out Sound waves laced with the tiniest amount of chakra he can as a form of echolocation. He had come up with this when the girls were complaining about how they were almost useless when blinded by the mist in Nami. He figured that if he should ever be blinded, he needed a way to move around without stumbling about.

He stopped when he 'saw' their sensei approaching. He opened his eyes as she arrived holding slips of paper. "Hello everyone," she said.

"You're late sensei," said the two girls. She chuckled sheepishly and rubbed the back of her head.

"Yeah, I guess I am. But there is a reason for that. I signed you up for the chunin exams," she said as she passed out the papers. "They will start in two days at the academy. Be there at 8:00 a.m. See ya." Before they could question her on what the chunin exams were, she left. 'Chunin exams?' thought Naruto. 'What the hell is this all about?'

Sadly, his question will have to wait to be answered as the girls thought they would spend some 'team bonding', aka, spend time with Naruto. They latched onto his arms and dragged him back to the village all the while sending glares at each other. It was when they entered the village that a problem arose. The villagers had noticed them and started to send hateful glares at Natsumi when the trios back was to them as they believed the 'demon bitch' was seducing the 'Last Senju'. Some of them were thankful that the 'Last Uchiha' was female so as to not be swayed by her 'charm'.

Naruto knew this was going on as he had trained himself to use echolocation, he has trained his ears to hear better at a longer distance by training with Inuzuka back during his fathers reign. His lips twitched downward. He can't do anything yet. All he needed was for some dumbass to attack Natsumi so he can get his point across to the civilians. He was more annoyed that civilians are allowed to get away with this behavior. Unfortunately, the civilians were wise enough to not attack Natsumi while he's around.

He was broken from his musings of how he is going to change things around the village when he was jerked to the right. He looked at down at Natsumi and Yakumo and sees them looking forward. Following their gaze, he sees a…guy wearing a cat costume and wearing make-up holding a kid by the scruff of his shirt. Then he noticed a nice looking girl with four pony tails telling the cat themed…guy to let the kid go.

"Hold on Temari," Catman said. "I need to teach this punk a lesson." He raised his fist and made to strike when Natsumi and Yakumo rushed forward.

"Hey!" yelled Natsumi, getting Catmans attention. "You better let him go."

"Or what," the masked vigi-Catman said. To prove his point the made to strike the kid when a rock sailed from the trees and struck him in the side of the face, causing him to let the kid go, who proceeded to run off with his two friends that had been watching anxiously. "Who the hell threw that?" he yelled while holding his cheek.

"I did," came a familiar voice to team eleven. Everyone looked up to the nearby tree to see Sayuri sitting there with a cocky smirk bouncing a rock in her hand. "Now, what are you going to do about it?" Catman growled at her and reached for the wrapped bundle on his back.

"Kankurou, you're using Crow? You know what will happen when she shows up," said the foreign blonde.

The now revealed Kankurou turns to her. "Don't worry Temari, I'll be done before she shows. I gotta teach these tree-huggers a lesson after all." He was stopped however when the area became bathed in 'light' bloodlust. The girls staggered and went wide eyed. They had this undeniable urge to turn tail and run. Naruto stood there, unaffected by it, and waited for this mysterious person to show themselves. Kankurou was the most affected as it was aimed at him.

"Kankurou, shut up or I'll kill you," came a gravel sounded female voice.

Meanwhile in Mizu no Kuni

A redhead woman with green eyes, supple lips, four bangs, long legs, and a sizeable bust all wrapped up in a shoulder less dress, looked up. "I wonder who is channeling me?" she asked to no one.

Back To The Story

"G-Gaea," said a trembling Kankurou.

They all looked to the source of the voice to see a redhead girl with an emotionless face and uncaring eyes standing upside down from a tree branch next to Sayuri. She disappeared in a Suna-Shunshin (Sand Flicker Step) and appeared in front of the now named Kankurou and Temari. "I apologize if these two were causing trouble. We'll be on our way." She turned to leave with her now cowed partners when…

"Hold it," said Sayuri. "Judging by your headbands, you're from Suna. So why are foreign shinobi here?" This caused the trio to turn to face her and raise flags for Natsumi, Yakumo, and Sakura. Naruto was still eyeing them.

"Don't tell me you don't know," said Temari. She sighed as she dug into her pocket and retrieved a slip of paper. "We're here for the chunin exams. Teams from all nations are coming, so you'll be seeing a lot more foreign shinobi." Sayuri and Sakura looked confused at what she said, but her explanation caused realization to dawn on team eleven.

'So,' thought Naruto, 'The chunin exams allow teams from different countries to come here. And from the name, it is a test for those who wish to become chunin. I don't like this. There should be no reason for anyone to allow potential or actual enemy nin inside their village. What other stupid things have happened while I was gone?'

"What is your name?" asked Gaea, breaking Naruto from his thoughts.

"I am Sayuri Uchiha," was said with arrogance laced in it.

"I'm Natsumi Uzumaki…"

"And I'm Yakumo Kurama…"

"And we're the female members of team eleven," both said at the same time.

"Not you," Gaea said, causing the girls to falter. "Him," she finished pointing at Naruto. Seeing little harm in it, he answered.

"Naruto Senju," he said, not breaking from his stance. Gaea perked up at the name while her teammates grew slightly worried at his proclamation. If he really was a Senju, then there was a possibility of him having a way to stop a bijuu. Gaea nodded and ushered for her teammates to follow. After they were left, Sayuri 'hn'd' and left, Sakura followed, and Natsumi and Yakumo continued on their day, Naruto being dragged by the two.

Two Days Later

Team eleven had entered the second story of the academy. They were greeted with the sight of a large number of chunin hopefuls trying to enter a room marked 301. They were stopped by an older pair of chunin. Naruto raised an eyebrow while sighing to himself. 'Standards have definitely dropped if they cannot detect a simple genjutsu.' He placed his hands on his teammates shoulders and guided them past the trap.

When they entered the actual room, a large KI slammed onto them. Natsumi and Yakumo went a little pale but otherwise fine while Naruto is again completely unaffected. Seeing his uncaring face caused quite a few teams to up their KI until Naruto responded with 5% of his own. It caused everyone, besides his teammates, to imagine themselves dying multiple gruesome deaths by his hands. At least half of the room were throwing up and choking on air. Only the more experienced were able to hold themselves together.

He scoffed and relented. After that, no one was willing to come close to his team and more importantly him. The door opened again and in walked all the contestants from the floor below. Naruto sighed again, knowing someone revealed it to them. Not long after that, team seven arrived with Sayuri being a bit banged up, but still had a cocky smirk. They noticed everyone was a bit on edge and assumed it was because they arrived. Except for Sai.

As the Konoha rookie teams were catching up and causing a lot of noise, Naruto noticed a silver haired genin approaching them. "Hey," he called out, "you guys should really tone it down. A lot of people here are already on edge and you do not want their attention on you." His statement caused them to stop their conversation and take a look at the room. Most of the rookies shied away from the killing intent while the more experienced were able to put up a tough face.

"Oh yeah? And who the hell are you?" asked Kiba to the silver haired genin.

"My apologies," he said. "My name is Kabuto and I am what you can call an expert in these exams. This will be my seventh try." While the rookies were either mocking him or feeling sorry for him, Naruto gave his full attention. 'I would say that the reason for that many tries would be because of the difficulty of the exams. But, from what I have viewed of today's ninja, that is a lie. So, he's either weaker than normal or he has a second adjective.'

"Well, at least I learned something from my failures," Kabuto said. He reached into a separate kunai pouch and withdrew a stack of cards. "These here are my ninfo cards. They have the stats of everyone in this room, even you guys." This had caught the full attention of Sayuri as she turned to him.

"Everyone you say?" she asked. Kabuto nodded with an almost unnoticeable smirk that only Naruto caught. "Tell me of Rock Lee of Konoha, Gaea of Suna, and Naruto Senju of Konoha." Her proclamation, which she had made sure was loud enough for everyone to hear, had drawn everyone's attention. Many started to whisper on whether or not he was a Senju and if he is, that they needed to alert their jonin.

"Oh," mock pouted Kabuto, "you know their names. That takes all the fun out of it." He drew the first card and twirled it a bit while channeling chakra into it. "Ok, first up is Rock Lee of the Leaf. Says here that his teammates are Tenten and Neji Hyuuga. They have completed 46 D-ranks, 10 C-ranks, and 1 B-rank mission. He has a disability that prevents the use of chakra, buts more than makes up for it with his skills in taijutsu. All in all, keep your distance."

"Next is Gaea of Suna. Her teammates are her siblings, Kankurou the puppeteer and Temari the wind mistress. They have completed 20 D-ranks, 15 C-ranks, and 2 B-ranks. Get this, it says she has never received so much as a scratch on these missions. I have nothing on her skills, unfortunately. Approach with caution." This had made a lot of the genin wary of Gaea who was still impassive.

"Last is Naruto Senju, also known as 'The Last Senju'. His teammates are Natsumi Uzumaki and Yakumo Kurama. They have completed 15 D-ranks, and a C-turned-A rank mission. He single handedly slaughtered over four hundred bandits when he broke into the mansion of Gato of Gato industries and at the now named Great Naruto Bridge and he didn't get a scratch as well. His nin-" He stopped when the card disappeared from his hand. They all looked around for it, only to find Naruto holding the card.

Without blinking he tore the card to pieces and scattered them. "You were saying?" he asked. Kabuto let out a nervous chuckle. But before he could answer, a plume of smoke erupted at the side with the blackboard. Everyone, once again, turned to see about twenty chunin and what they assumed to be this exams proctor. He was an intimidating man, standing at 6'3", he towered over almost everyone in the room. He wore a black bandana, combat boots, a long trench coat, black pants and a dark grey jacket underneath the trench coat. "Alright, sit down and shut up. The first exam has begun."

The chunin hopefuls, having already been scared by Naruto, quickly followed orders. "Okay, listen up and listen well, because I'm only saying this once. My name is Ibiki Morino and I'm your proctor. The first test is a written exam. There are ten questions, though the paper only has nine. I will get to that in a moment. There is a point system. Ten questions, ten points. If you answer wrong on a question that'll be one point off. There is to be no cheating. Every time you get caught, that'll be two points. Get caught five times and you and your team are out." A lot of people started to protest over this.

"I said shut up!" he yelled, silencing all protests. "Now as many of you have just asked, this is a team effort. That means one of you fails, you all fail. Got me? And if one of you can't answer a single question then you're all out. We have highly skilled chunin along the walls watching you, so we'll know if you cheat. Now…start!"

The room was filled with the sound of rustling paper as the contestants flipped their papers. The it was filled with the sound of scribbling. Naruto sat there with a finished sheet, deep in thought. 'This is odd. What's the meaning of the point system? These questions are considerably hard for today's genin, so most cannot hope to correctly answer these. But, it's what he said about cheating that's off. In any situation, if caught cheating, it's over. So why give that many chances? Unless, he wants us to cheat. That's his game. He wants to see if we can cheat without being caught.'

Breaking from his thoughts, he looked around the room to see that others have already figured it out and were cheating in their own ways. He turned to his teammates to see how they were faring. Yakumo seemed to be doing alright. She had used one of her realistic genjutsu to hide the fact she had walked to someone that had finished and swapped their papers. But Natsumi was struggling. She seemed to be having a difficult time of it. He knew she would as soon as the test was revealed to be a written exam.

She had actually shown a surprising intelligence when it came to the battlefield, but outside of that, she was below average mentality. He sighed as he got up, walked over to her, swapped their papers, and sat back down. Everyone looked at him. "That can only be counted as cheating once for me and once for her." He quickly answered the sheet again as Natsumi beamed at him.

"No one else is allowed to do that," yelled Ibiki, stopping the teams that were starting to get up. As the time went on, the chunin started to call out random genin by numbers to leave. By the time the test was almost up a quarter still remained. "Pencils down," Ibiki said. "Okay, time for the final question. But, there are more rules that come with this. The first rule is that you have the option of whether or not you want to take the final question. However, if you choose not to take it then you automatically fail." The room erupted in yells of rage at the bullshit he was pulling.

He unleashed some of his KI to quiet everyone. "You didn't let me finish. If you choose to take the question and fail…you will never be able to become chunin." The room once again erupted into chaos. They screamed about how he couldn't do this. The entire time, Naruto sat there with a knowing smile. "I can and will be able to do this. I even received permission from your respective kages."

The room quieted at this. One by one, various genin raised their hands. Teams were leaving left and right. Naruto was content to see how long this would continue till he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Natsumi was raising her hand, slowly and wavering the entire way, but surely. He turned to her and caught her eye. He shook his head telling her silently to lower her hand. Her face contorted as she was having an internal debate on whether or not she should raise her hand, but decided against it.

Seeing the 'dead last' lower her hand gave resolve to the other Konoha rookies who steeled themselves. Noticing that the Leaf teams were staying the other teams decided to stay as well. When Ibiki saw this, he gave an unnoticeable smirk. 'Twenty-seven teams. Anko's going to chew my ass over this. But it seems no one else is going to move. Time to end this.'

"For all of you who remained, you…pass." There was silence, then the expected spewing of questions that is really common in this exam. "Now most of you are wondering what the point of this was. It's simple. We wanted to test how good you are at information gathering. So we placed several hidden chunin among you having the answers. We wanted you to cheat and see how well you did. But not one chunin has all the answers. We needed you to differentiate what the correct answer was. There were nine chunin and each one knows three answers."

"The point of this was to determine who had the fortitude to look for the correct answers. For those that took the easy way out, they'll never become chunin on my watch. As chunin you are given a mission that could prove vital for your village. You do not get the option of refusing and looking for something easier next time. You take the mission and complete, no matter how little intel you have. But this also has a second meaning. While each chunin knew three correct answers, they answered the other six incorrectly. Remember, false information is worse than no information." Here he removed his bandana to reveal many scars on his scalp causing many genin to turn green.

"This is what happens when you rush in blindly with false information. But there will be times where you have to act on the intel you have, no matter the consequences. But those missions are few and far between." He placed the bandana back on. "Your next proctor will arri-"

He was cut off when a bundle smashed through the nearby window. A puff of smoke concealed the intruder. There was the thud of kunai impaling the walls. As the smoke cleared a large banner was seen and a woman in front of it. She was wearing a very provocative outfit. She was wearing a short mini-skirt, combat boots, a mesh shirt that did nothing to hide her figure, arm and shin guards, and a tan trench coat. She had brown, pupiless eyes and purple hair in a pineapple fashion.

"Alright, listen up kiddies," she yelled. "I am your second proctor the sexy and single Anko Mitirashi." The room was the quietest it's been since the exams started. Ibiki moved the cloth out of his face.

"Anko, your early…again," he deadpanned. She had the decency to rub the back of her head at what he said. Then she took notice of how many genin remained.

"Ibiki, are you getting soft? There are still twenty-seven teams left."

"We have a good bunch this year Anko."

"Well It won't matter soon. Because my test will be sure to cut this number by at least half." This had a lot of the chunin hopefuls to shift nervously. "Alright you lot. Meet me at training grounds forty-four in ten minutes or you're out." She left in a shunshin as the genin ran out as fast as they could.

Ten minutes later found everyone outside of a gated forest. "Welcome gakis to training ground forty-four, otherwise known as the Forest of Death."

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