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Shit, not her again, not that fucking witch.

Murphy couldn't believe she was back in their lives, well, back in Connor's life anyway. He had been so excited when Connor broke up with her last week but it hadn't lasted, Connor was too pussy whipped, at least that's what Murphy thought anyway, and Connor had gone running back to the bitch with his dick tucked between his legs like a proverbial tail.

Connor had asked if Murphy thought he was making a mistake by taking Katie back and as much as Murphy wanted to yell at him that YES, it was a terrible mistake, the biggest mistake ever, Murphy just couldn't do that to Connor, he would have been too hurt, especially since he'd already taken her back by the time he asked. So Murphy bit his tongue & danced around the question with the answer, "It's your decision, Conn. As long as you're happy, then I'm happy." That seemed to satisfy his twin, especially since Connor didn't really want an answer, all he really wanted was validation. And he could get that from Katie. So Murphy bit his tongue. Again.

Connor was sitting in the school cafeteria across from Murphy, joking and laughing, telling his twin all about how Steve O'Malley lost his swim trunks when he jumped in the school pool that morning while trying to show off in front of a group of girls. Connor was lively that day, he loved telling stories & making people laugh, especially his fraternal twin brother. Murphy had tears in his eyes from laughing at Connor's description of the event, Connor could always make Murphy laugh until he cried, that was one of his natural gifts.

Murphy wiped his eyes on his sleeve, shaking his head & holding his stomach, he could picture just what Connor described, and it was just as funny as if he'd been there to see it himself. "Stop...I can't fuckin' breathe, Connor."

Of course, this only encouraged Connor more & he went on to describe how one of the girls fished Steve's trunks from the pool & told him to 'come and get them.' And Steve did, to the horrified squealing of the girls.

"Aw, fuck me, Conn...stop." Tears sprang from Murphy's eyes as he convulsed in laughter, and he tried to compose himself, wiping again at his eyes with his sleeve when his laughter finally calmed down.

"You crying, Murphy? I told Connor you were a pussy," the female voice came from over Connor's shoulder.

Murphy looked up past the person he loved most in this world & looked at the person he despised...her...Katie...the fucking witch. Shit, he fucking hated her, he wanted to smash her face into Connor's untouched lasagna.

Connor could see the anger in his brother's eyes, and even if he hadn't seen it, he'd know it was there without even looking at him. Some things he just knew about Murph.

"Don't be teasing Murph, Katie. That's my job, just leave him be, all right?"

Katie smiled at Murphy, the sort of sickly fake smile she was best at. "Murphy knows I'm just kidding. Right?"

Murphy slowly nodded, knowing Connor was watching him closely. "'Course." It was difficult, damn near impossible, but he was able to reign in his fury. For Connor, he pushed it down.

Katie smiled wider, "See? I told you Connor." As expected, she practically draped herself over Connor's shoulder, her big tits almost falling out of her too tight blouse as she kissed Connor's cheek with wet lips. Typical...hanging all over his twin, just like always.

She remained draped over Connor, leaning forward, and Murphy couldn't help but look at her exposed cleavage, her top pulling open wider at the crest of her full breasts, her black bra peek-a-booing from the v-neck blouse. Katie's tits were huge, Connor said they were double D's, and Murphy couldn't help but stare. After all, they were practically right in front of his face, how could he not look at them? He only meant to take a quick glance & then look away, but when he saw that black bra, he kept staring, watching her tits jiggle as she moved.

"You like what you see, Murphy? You like my tits do ya?"

Connor's head jerked to look at his brother, his eyes accusing, before he looked over his shoulder at the huge, half-exposed tits of his girlfriend. His eyes returned to his brother's eyes, but Murphy had quickly looked away & he was suddenly fascinated with the mac & cheese on his tray, his fork poking at the noodles & moving them around the plate.

Connor reached over the table & smacked his brother's hand, laughing quietly. "Don't be staring, Murph. It's not polite."

"I wasn't staring."

"Oh no? Then what would you call it?"

Murphy shifted in his seat before slowly answering, "I'd call it looking. That's all I did was look."

Connor shook his head, "Nice try. A look is all of 3 seconds. A stare is what you were doing. Staring, Murph. With your tongue hanging out all bug eyed."

Murphy stabbed the noodles with his fork, pretending it was Katie's face but still not looking up from his lunch. "It was a look, Connor, nothing more. Besides, it's not like I could help it. Her tits were right fucking there."

"Yeah, well...next time, don't be looking so hard, aye?"

"Maybe next time you should take a picture, Murphy," Katie mumbled. She just had to add her lousy stinking two cents to the conversation.

Murphy glanced at Connor before his eyes darted to the cleavage over his shoulder. It was like an accident, he just had to look. He quickly dropped his eyes once again to his tray with a shrug of his shoulders. "I've seen better."

"'Course ya have. Plenty of times, aye?" Connor said with a smirk.

"Yup. More than plenty."

Connor let his brother have his lie, he knew Murphy had only seen bare tits in a movie or in the dirty magazines their friends had let them look at. Other than that, gawking at Katie's cleavage was the closest Murphy had come to actually seeing bare tits in person. Connor certainly knew this but he wasn't about to let Katie know this, it would embarrass his brother. No way he'd do that to Murph, even if he stared at his girls rack. Besides, it wasn't any of Katie's business how far his brother got with a girl. Some things stayed between brothers.

Much to Murphy's relief, the bell rang loudly, signaling a much needed end to lunch. Katie pulled at Connor's arm, effectively dragging him from his seat, trying to pull him away from Murphy like she always did.

"You coming, Murph?" Connor asked, stopping in his tracks, waiting for his brother like he always did.

But Murphy didn't want to walk with her. He'd had his fill of that bitch, he'd had all he could take. Besides, his next class wasn't the same as Connor's, it was actually in the other direction, so leaving the cafeteria together wasn't that big a deal. At least it wasn't that big a deal as long as Katie was there.

"Nah, I want to finish my milk. Go on ahead." And he lifted the carton of chocolate milk to his mouth, drinking as slowly as he could, wishing they would just leave.

"You sure? I can wait."

Murphy nodded his head, waving him away with his hand, swallowing so fucking slow that he almost coughed.

"All right, I'll see you later then. If you're sure." Murphy again nodded, drinking ever so slowly, and Connor was confused, he always waited for Murph. Concern was etched on Connor's face, what was wrong with his brother?

Katie smiled that same fake fucking smile she always put on whenever she was around Murphy. "Come on Connor. I think Murphy needs a few minutes before he can stand up. At least without a book in front of him."

Understanding came over Connor's face & he smirked, "Oh, I get it. Just give it a minute, Murph. Think of old ladies in bikinis, that should do it." Connor winked & wiggled his eyebrows as he let Katie pull him away.

Katie smiled at Murphy from over Connor's shoulder as they walked away, giggling at his 'discomfort,' thinking erroneously that it was her that made him hard, her tits that made him ache, her teasing that drove him crazy with desire. He wanted to stab her in the eye with a spork.

She was wrong about everything, completely & utterly wrong. Katie hadn't excited him, not in the least. Murphy hadn't stared at her tits with lust, but with fascination, wondering why Connor found them so attractive, so desirable, why he wanted to touch & kiss them so badly. Murphy didn't have those same desires, he didn't give a shit about Katie's tits, or any tits, really. He knew he was different but didn't understand why.

All he knew was he wasn't tempted by Katie or her body. He was tempted by something far more beautiful, far more perfect, far more...dangerous.

Murphy was tempted by Connor.