The Things They Carried

Summary: The agents of Graceland are masters of keeping secrets. But sometimes, secrets have a way of coming back to haunt you.

Disclaimer: I own nothing; Graceland belongs to Jeff Eastin and USA.

A/n: So I'm a bit obsessed with Graceland. This idea just kind of came to me while I was glancing through some of the other fics posted here.

He was the sixth of nine children. Angela, Christine, Christopher, Jennifer, Robert, Michael, Lindsay, Hollie, and Gregory. Except Robert was now Robyn and not really welcome at family functions, and Angela had died of cancer sixteen years earlier. But no one at Graceland knew anything about all of that.

"So seriously, which frat were you in?" Mike raised an eyebrow at Paige's question, putting the spoon back into his cereal bowl.

"I don't know what you're talking about…"

"You're pretty much the WASP-y white frat boy stereotype personified… I just kind of assumed…"

"I wasn't a frat boy. And I'm definitely not a WASP… I was raised Roman Catholic."

"But I've never seen you cross yourself or carry a rosary or anything like that," Charlie replied.

"I said I was raised Catholic. I didn't say I still believed." Mike went back to his breakfast, trying to ignore the quizzical look on Paige's face. "I wish you wouldn't stare at me…"

"I'm just trying to figure you out…"

"Figure me out?" Mike set down his glass of orange juice, raising his eyebrow at her again.

"Everyone here keeps secrets, Mike. But it seems like you keep more than anyone. You never talk about your family, or wherever you're from. No past, no school… none of it."

Mike shrugged. "I've never thought it was important…"

"You don't even call your mom…"

"My mom died when I was ten."

"I'm sorry…" Paige began.

"Don't be. She was really messed up… when my sister died she kind of lost it. She kept going to the hospital, yelling at the nurses for not letting her see Angela… it got to the point that she even had the cops called on her a few times. About six months after it happened, she left my little brother with a neighbor and then locked herself in the garage and turned the car on."

"Shit…" Mike shrugged. "Who found her?"

"The neighbors… they got worried when she didn't leave the house or show up again after a couple of hours. She was in a coma for a few hours in the hospital, and then she had a heart attack and died. I didn't even know how she'd died until five or six years later."

"You act as though it doesn't really bother you…"

"Because it doesn't. Not anymore."

"Is that why you're willingly seeing that Bureau shrink every week? Family history of mental illness?" Mike shrugged.

"She was never actually diagnosed with a mental illness. I see the shrink because I was told I had to."

"So you aren't worried about inheriting a predisposition for psychological issues?"

"Why do I feel like you're interrogating me here?" Mike crossed his arms, turning around to face Paige again.

"It's not an interrogation. You don't have to answer any of my questions, and you can walk away at any time." Mike couldn't help but laugh at the bad joke. "I'm sorry, if I'm asking too many questions. I just want to know more about you. Just like I want to know more about everyone else in this messed-up freakshow they call a crash house."

"What ever happened to secrets keeping us safe?"

"Outside these walls, yeah. Secrets keep us safe. But I prefer to trust the people I'm living with… especially when I occasionally need help getting out of a delicate situation."

"Like with Bobby Moi."

"For an example, yeah. Now, I have to go talk to a junkie in lockup who's trying to cut a deal and become a CI… says she has deep connections with her supplier."

"You believe her?" Mike asked.

"She's been a mule before. Went to Thailand for sex-reassignment surgery a few years ago and claims she smuggled in a shit-ton of stuff on her way back. The trip to Thailand checks out, and we know that a lot of drugs come back with American tourists… plus, we always have the option of throwing her in jail and reinstating the charges against her at any time if she fails to produce good information."

"She's a druggie…"

"She's desperate. And they'll tell the truth when they know their asses are on the line."

"I might have a problem I need your help with." Mike turned to look at Paige as she sat down next to him on the sand.

"What kind of problem?"

"I think you might know my new CI…"

"What makes you say that?" Mike asked.

"Because Robyn looks a hell of a lot like a female version of you, and her last name is Warren." Mike turned back to the ocean, mouth open in surprise. "And that look right there confirms my suspicion."

"I… didn't know Robyn was a junkie."

"What do you know about her? Do you think I can trust her?" Paige asked.

"I haven't actually seen or spoken to Robyn in years. My dad and step-mom disowned her when she came out as transgendered… she called and e-mailed with me for a while after that, but she stopped responding when I started talking about going to Quantico…" Mike looked down at the sand for a moment. "We were really close as kids. But I don't really know her anymore…"

"My new CI is your sister?" Mike nodded.

"Sounds like it."


"I wish you could tell her you know me… that I want to talk to her again…"

"You know I can't do that… you're undercover, and that could compromise your cases."

"I know. It would just be nice to get to see my sister again… I was the only one she kept in touch with after all of that shit went down with our dad. I'm sure she needs someone…"

"I can't let you talk with her. If she contacts you on her own, it's cool, but you can't start reaching out to her just because you know where she is now…"

"Paige, I spent two years trying to contact her after she quit calling me. I've given up trying to get Robyn to talk to me."

"Promise me… no attempts to contact her for any reason. No telling her anything if she contacts you. And no telling anyone in the family that you know where she is or that she's working with us."

"I promise. Even though I don't think it's going to become an issue… clearly my becoming an agent was a problem for her."

"She's in a lot of trouble, Levi… if you're the last person in the family she's had contact with, you're probably first on her list to go to. Trust me, I know how junkies operate."