That Makes Three of Us

Green eyes blinked open in shock, and terror. How was this even possible? He had taken four already. He so wasn't ready for a child. He definitely wasn't ready, considering the baby's father wouldn't want anything to do with it, and he was only sixteen. Abortion? Adoption? He was clueless. He so wasn't prepared for motherhood. Could he make it though High School? He'd just have to go with it. Kevedd mpreg.


Petite pale limbs stretched in the soft bed, the sunlight shining through the spotless glass pane behind the bed frame had managed to wake him up yet again. The sixteen year old had no idea what had happened the previous night, but he did know he was late for school. He had a few mornings like this, but unlike this one, he would wake up with his arms wrapped around Kevin's waist, head laying on his built chest, or buried into his soft neck. But not this morning. He looked around for a moment, then hopped out of bed quickly. He realized he was naked and his eyes widened to a very unusual size. It didn't matter at that moment though. The chilly cold air hitting him from the small fan across the room could have killed him, but he had gotten used to it, considering Kevin always left it on.

He grabbed the dirty clothes from the floor, he and Kevin's both, and made the bed as fast as he could. He ran out of his bedroom and into the bathroom. He shoved the dirty clothes into the washer, and hopped into the shower, making sure to throw his hat off beforehand. He washed himself vigorously, alongside his black hair. He hopped out, drying himself off and not even taking time to clean the shower like he usually would. He brushed his teeth, and combed his hair, pulling his hat on. He opened the dryer, pulling out his typical outfit and piling it on as fast as he could. He threw the towel in the washer, and didn't even think about breakfast as he rushed down the stairs, grabbing his messenger bag and flying out the door.

His eyes shot open in horror when he saw Kevin on his bike. "Hey dweeb. Wanna skip school?" he smiled slightly, and the 'dweeb' felt his heart pound out of his chest. "Oh lord no, I don't skip school. But I do need a ride, considering school has already begun and I will get detention if I don't turn in my assignments." He gulped quietly, staring at the bike for a moment. He was absolutely terrified of it, but he really needed to get there fast. Kevin took his helmet off, handing it to his 'dork'. Edd reluctantly put it on, and got onto the back of his bike. He was going to wrap his arms around his... well... what was Kevin to him again? In a way, Kevin was his boyfriend, but at the same time, they were kind of on and off. He honestly didn't know.

He continued to wrap his arms tightly around Kevins waist, and Kevin quickly took off. "Good lord! Slow down, you're going to get us both killed!" he cried. "Shut it dork," Kevin smiled and sped up, if that was even possible. Edd's eyes widened and he leaned closer to Kevin, a few tears rolling down his face. He was pretty easy to get scared, but this, this was terrifying. Kevin smiled slightly, turning quickly and almost sending them down. Edd whimpered like a lost puppy, squeezing Kevin so tight he could have suffocated to death. Finally, Kevin pulled in. He parked his bike in it's typical spot, and Edd laid the helmet down near the bike. Kevin pecked him on the cheek gently, then took off into the school. Edd could have sworn he was going to pass out.

He smiled a little and walked in, still holding his messenger bag as he quickly got his books from his locker. He slammed his locker closed, and began to walk away, only to be stopped by two of Kevin's 'buddies' from the football team. "Hey dork, why were you late?" the taller one laughed, and the shorter one kind of copied him. He felt himself being pressed hard against his own locker, and he winced, realizing he was probably gonna get the crap beat out of him. The taller one leaned extremely close to him, and smiled. "Faggot..." he whispered, pressing their noses together and pulling away slowly. All Edd could think about at that second was about how bad the dude's breath stunk, but he forgot all about it in what seemed like a second. The taller boy slammed Edd's frail body hard against the locker and chuckled. He led his sidekick back to class, and Edd just sat there in shock.

He frowned and shook it off. He walked towards his first class. Math, with Miss Big Mac. Her real name, ironically, was Miss MacEntyre. But one day, she brought in a Big Mac from McDonalds for lunch, and some smart elect, knowing good and well that she was allergic to ranch, squeezed out a whole packet under the bun, and let's just say she didn't come to school for a week. So the name Miss Big Mac kind of stuck for the rebellious kids of Peach Creek High School. Edd, being kind and well mannered, never called her that, and only called her by her real name.

He opened the door slowly, and walked in. "Your assignment, Eddward?" She stuck up her nose at him, and Edd dug through his neatly organized bag and pulled out his math folder, handing it to her. She looked over it, flipping back and forth and making sure he had done all the problems. "Good work." she handed it back and Edd smiled, putting it in his bag. Eddy looked his tall, skinny friend, up and down. Edd took a seat and sighed, pulling out his pencil and notebook to write down notes as he always did.

Math class went by normally, alongside the next two classes, and it was finally time for lunch. Edd wasn't very hungry, but ate anyway. His mother had packed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, one of his favorites. She had gone on another long business trip, with his father of course. He sighed and smiled slightly as Ed and Eddy sat beside him. "Hey Double D! Guess what I made on the science quiz!?" Ed smiled excitedly. "Greetings Ed, and what did you make?" Edd smiled and watched as Ed pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. He smoothed it out on the table, and held it up, revealing a C+.

"Very good work Edd! You're grades have went up drastically since I gave you my old science books." Edd smiled and finished his sandwich. He crumped his paper up and went to throw it away, only to be grabbed by the arm and thrown against the wall. "Hey fag." the boy from earlier smirked. "Leave him alone, you bully!" Ed frowned, and the taller boy looked back at him quickly. "Shut up retard!" he snapped. "Excuse me!" Edd frowned angrily. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was someone making fun of his best friends. The taller boy began to choke him a bit, and before Edd's eyes, he was rescued.

Kevin socked the boy right in the nose, and brought him down to the ground. Edd gasped for air for a moment, and Eddy's eyes widened at the fight. Everyone at the tables gathered around to watch, and Eddy and Ed pulled Edd out of the crowd. "You okay dude?" Eddy stared at the dark red hand marks on Edd's neck. "Yes, I am alright." He gave his friends a fake reassuring smile. "I'm used to it, but oh good lord, I should break this fight up." Edd made his way through the crowd, and shoved himself into the center, pulling the boys apart forcefully. "Please stop!" he cried. "Shut up fag!" The tall boy punched Edd in the stomach so hard, that he went flying to the ground.

~6 weeks later~

Edd hadn't been able to sleep, or eat, for the past three days. He had been throwing up every morning. He wondered what was wrong with him. He was scared he may have a deadly disease, but shook it off. Maybe something had happened to him during the accident at school? No. He was usually very active and healthy. He ate right, and everything was normal with him. He thought maybe he had a stomach virus, but no one else at school had it. He narrowed it down to a few options. As crazy as he sounded, he decided to buy a few pregnancy tests. So he headed out to the pharmacy to do so. He was accompanied by Ed, who was just dying to go with him.

There was also something new Edd noticed. He had little bit of weight gain. All of the things he thought of reminded him of the early symptoms of pregnancy. He picked up 4 different tests and Ed tagged along as he went up to the counter. He hardly had any money, but with what little money he had, he used it to buy them. The lady at the counter couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at him. She did her job though, and Edd checked out. On the way home, they came across Eddy. "What's with the pregnancy tests Double D?" he couldn't help but laugh. "Who's the mommy?" he smirked, and Edd rolled his eyes in a grumpy manner, pressing his hand against his waist as he glared at him. "If you're going to be rude and inconsiderate, you might as well leave!" he snapped, walking into his spotless house. Eddy's eyes widened. "Gosh, sorryyyyy!" he mumbled, rolling his eyes and following Edd and Ed.

Edd went up into his bathroom to take the tests, and the two boys waited. They sat down on top of the stairs, and Eddy sighed. "What's the deal with Double D?" he asked Ed, who shook his head. "I dunno, maybe he's testing them out before he gives them to his girlfriend, if he even has one." Ed shrugged, and Eddy propped his chin on his palm. "No, Double D already told me he's gay. I guess we'll just have to wait and see whats up." Eddy watched as Ed hummed and stared down at his shoes. They waited and waited, until finally they saw Edd walk out. "I don't understand." was all he said, holding up all four of the positive pregnancy tests.

Eddy's eyes could have popped out of his head, and Ed tilted his head in a confused manner, almost resembling a puppy when you make funny noises at it. "I-I'm pregnant." he mumbled quietly. His big green eyes were filled with tears. "I don't know what to do, I don't even know what's going on! I'm so confused... what will Kevin say? Maybe I should get an abortion..." he whispered, looking down at his stomach. "Whatever you need to do, I support you." Eddy grinned and patted Edd on the back. Edd frowned. "I.. I-I can't do this... It's my baby.. It is so wrong to take it's life just to make mine better..." he could have choked on his own words, he fought back more tears and sighed deeply.

"I'm seriously considering going through with the pregnancy, and putting it up for adoption once it arrives. If it even makes it, considering I am a male." Edd put his bony hands over his stomach and sighed, shaking his head. "I believe that is what is best for us all. I have to tell Kevin eventually..." he began to cry at the thought. Kevin would surely leave him, maybe even move away, before he'd raise a baby. Ed hugged him, and Edd buried his face into Ed's shoulder. Ed was always there for Edd. Eddy frowned, actually feeling kind of bad for Edd. "Hey, Double D, if he isn't there, I'll always be here." He smiled, hoping that would cheer him up. "Thank you Eddy... I couldn't have asked for any better friends than you two." He smiled and wiped his tears away.

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