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"Teana... dear..."

"Mother! How could you do this to me? I am not ready to get married! I do not even know him!" Teana threw her arms in the air.

"Your mother is right Teana. She and I have met the boy and he is quite the charming young man. You two would make a lovely couple."


Her father sighed. "Teana, you knew this day was coming. Your mother's and my marriage was arranged too you know."

Teana sniffled, "Just because yours and mother's marriage turned out so great and you fell so madly in love, does not mean mine will have the same outcome! What if... what if... I hate him and he does not like me? What if we are nothing alike?"

"Teana dear, you must trust in us and your parent's decision. I am certain it will work out fine." Her father reassured.

"I was nervous to marry your father too and remember dear, this is for the good of the kingdom." The queen replied uncomfortably.

The king agreed with her. "Yes, and just think, your child will rule over both lands as Pharaoh."

Teana's mother gave her a reassuring hug. "We can finish talking later, yes?"

Teana sadly nodded and scurried off to her room.

Pharoah Aknamkanon shook his head. "Atem, this is for the good of the people..."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"What do you mean? We all knew you had to get married one day to..."

"Produce the next heir and carry on the legacy... yes, yes I know!"

"Then what is it?"

"Father!" Atem yelled exasperated. "Mother and you were not forced to marry, it was out of love!"

Aknamkanon's face softened. "I was lucky. If not for lack of eligible foreign princesses from kingdoms to make alliances with, I might have not been able to marry her. I thank the gods it was not so."

"So why are you forcing me to marry?"

"For the good of the kingdom. I do not see you in love with anyone here in Egypt do you? The only girls here that you occasionally talk to are Isis and Mana. You do not have feelings for any one of them do you?"

"I...uh. Well.. not really..."

"Then you shall marry Princess Teana. She is quite the pale-skinned beauty. You would make a fine couple indeed."

"Hmpph. Pale skinned beauty. Why is she pale anyways? Is she not Nubian? Whatever I care not. I would rather marry Mana or Isis than that beauty princess any day."

"You will do as you are told Atem! She will be coming to our palace in a matter of days and you shall marry her!"

"FINE!" With that Atem marched away.

Aknamkanon shook his head. 'What am I going to do with him.' He thought.

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