Hey guys! So this is my first ever FanFiction. I really hope you like it and would appreciate reviews! I was inspired by MadcapScribbler's story Bones. So its for her. Whenever i get a review, i'll mention my favourite reviewers name at the start of the next chapter. Enjoy!

Ever since i saw him for the first time, the memory of his shiny blond curls and bright blue eyes hasn't faded in my mind. I mean I've probably seen hundreds of people since and not remembered any, i don't know why its him. I don't personally know him, I've never spoken to him, he has nothing to do with my family or myself.

But one day, when we were at school, some older boys were teasing me and giving me a hard time, and guess who came to help? Not my best friend Gale, no. It was Peeta, Peeta Mellark; the baker's boy. For a very long time, i didn't know why.

I love hunting, always have, always will. I guess i take after my dad in that respect, he was one fine hunter. He had all the secrets and snares you'd ever need in the woods. It was here that i first met my best friend Gale Hawthorne. The Hawthornes were a large family, with Gale and two brothers, two sisters and their mother. Being the eldest, Gale had to act like the father of the family, taking up the responsibility of providing for everyone.

For the first few years, before we became adults, we were like brother and sister- the best of friends. But then Gale declared that he was irrevocably in love with me and complicated things. We resolved the matter by agreeing not to speak of the 'love' thing in our relationship, but there was always a tinge of awkwardness between us. It was never quite the same, though i frequently missed the openness that we shared and the secrets we exchanged, which we cannot do anymore.

It was a few months before my fourteenth birthday, at the annual Hunger Games reaping that my life came to a standstill.
Effie Trinket, the manager for District 12's Capitol affairs was on the stage in her striking turquoise blouse and sea blue pencil skirt, matching eye shadow, eye liner and eyelashes. Everyone from the Capitol disgusted me, with their over the top fashion statements, being so individual and unique: i mean, we all live in the same country, so why should they be any different from any of us? Anyway, she babbled on with the same speech she recites every year while Prim (my sister) and all the other children in District 12 waiting to hear which two of us would go and fight for our lives in The Hunger Games.

Her hand reached into the bowl labelled 'Girls' and picked out a beautifully decorated piece of card. Her long finger nailed, manicured hands unfolded the paper as i heard all the young girls hold in their breath...