Chapter 1

As the Tardis bounced like a pinball through London The Doctor hung on the edge clinging for dear life. But The Doctor looked seemingly different even though he was in he same suit and had the same sonic screwdriver. As the Doctor got up inside the Tardis he crashed in somebody's garden. But as he got out there was a little red-headed girl staring at him, "apples, I love apples can't stop thinking about them!" Shouted the Doctor at the little girl, "whats your," "the Doctor!" interrupted the Doctor, "what about you?" asked the Doctor "my name is Amelia Pond." said the girl. As the doctor got out he was surprisingly wet. As the Doctor ate the apple little Amelia Pond had given him and as fast as the speed he spit it out. One food after another the Doctor seemed to hate them but suddenly a spark of hope came to the Doctor as he found some fish fingers and custard in Amelia's fridge. After he ate the fish finger and custard he told Amelia to pack her bags and that he wanted her to come with him. While the Doctor made his way out for a five minute fixer-upper ride in the Tardis Amelia gave him an apple with a face smiling on it. Then the Doctor hopped in the Tardis, but as he left little Amelia watched. But what seemed like five minutes for the Doctor, was nothing close to five minutes for the little girl known as Amelia Pond.