Do you think you can just leave? After everything we been though? I made myself half ghost and protect this town to win your affection. The only part I liked is when you patched me up. I love you more then anything. You want to go to college across state and leave me? Then when I suggest for me to go along with you say no; you said I need to stay to protect the town. I don't care about Amity; I just want you! You can live your life excluding me from the picture? I think not. New plan, I'm taking what's mine!

"I don't want to move!" Samantha Manson growled.

Samantha was the only girl at the park, though she was accompany by one boy and his parents. Samantha was a pretty girl with her raven locks in braided pigtails and her purple jeweled eye flaring in anger. She was at her birthday party when her parents came up with the last minute decision to move away. The boy beside with equally black hair but bright blue eyes, grabbed her hand. Tears falling from his eyes as he hugged her.

"Sammy, no go no go!" He cried into her neck. Her scent always calm him.

"Daniel time to go home!" The darkhaired boy father yelled. Daniel gripped Samantha tighter.

"Daniel, we have to leave now!" The father said trying to pry the boy off Samantha.

"Sammy come with us or me no go!" Danny said as he slowly breathe in Samantha's scent.

"Danny, I'll be over to spend the night with Danielle." Sam said patting her friend's back.

"Pinky promise?" Danny asked as Samantha held out her pinkie. Danny hooked their pinkies and smiled.

That Night

Samantha laid her head on Danny's pillow. Danny only smiled and swept hair away from her face.

"Hey!" His younger sister hissed lightly in his ear, "she's suppose to be my guest not yours."

"That's right, sorry Dani." Samantha said getting up. Danny frown at his sister.

"Take your teddie bear, spazzie!" Danny growled holding onto Samantha.

"I'll see you in the morning." With that Samantha kissed Danny's forehead. Danny smiled at the contact. Danielle muttered 'love birds' under her breath. Danny grabbed Samantha's hand and kissed it. Her hand felt like silk velvet under his lips.

Then a knock to the door sound.

"SAMANTHA MANSON IF YOU DON'T GET IN THIS CAR!" Samantha's mother screamed.

"I gotta leave." Samantha said as Danny bottom lip quiver. He knew she was leaving for a long time. He clutched onto her, crying as he kissed her shoulder.

"Remember me please." Danny begged after he led her to the stairs.

"Of course." Samantha said gently. With that she kissed Danny's cheek before she left. Danny stood there heartbroken at the age of five.


I never thought I could miss someone so much. I just wanted her to come back and love me like I love her. I want to hold her and for us to share our first kiss. I know she didn't forget me, even though its been thirteen years. I bet she remembers everything we did. I have a notebook with ideas for us from talking to fighting to kissing to making out to marriage and lastly love making and children. I know you're thinking 'what if she's seeing somebody?' She isn't, she never will, she loves me too much. She don't even think about other boys, I'm the only man for her. Even if we haven't talked in those tedious thirteen years, she loves me and only me. I found out, due to Facebook, she now lives Amity Park. It's only a three hour flight from Jane Heights it's worth it to be with my baby. That's my nickname for her 'my baby' because that's what she is. I wonder what she calls me? Maybe she calls me 'her big man' or 'sugar lips' maybe after I kiss her I'll be sugar lips or her candy man.

"Flight to Amity Park now boarding." A flight assistant said her voice pure sugar.

I looked at my ticket and smile. I'll be there soon Sam, just be a little patient. This time when we meet, there won't be you leaving me because I'm never letting you go again. And no Sammy, yeah another nickname, you don't have a choice. I just love you so much I hate this separation.

"You okay sir?" The ticket stamper asked.

"I'm ok but I'm going Amity to get what was taking unjustically from me."

"Then will you be satisfy?" He asked as he follows me onto the plane.

"I'll be perfect." I replied with a smile as he closed the door to the plane.

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