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I couldn't help but cling onto Sam as Jimalyn drove away from the store. Jimalyn was biting her lip, she was in deep thought as she turned the corner. Kayla turned on the radio on to lighten the mood but the tension was thick. Jimalyn got kissed by the dude she was crushing on, Kayla had "nice hips" forever as a nickname and Sam is going to be taken away from me!

"Well we all know if Jimalyn's quiet craps about to do down." I said teasingly but Jimalyn lack of answer was disturbing.

"Jay?" Kayla asked as Jimalyn turned to her, "Are you okay?"

Jimalyn bit her lips again as concentrate on the road. With a quick glance at Kayla and Sam, everyone was worried. Jimalyn is using bubbly, squealing, boy-talking, embarrassing one of us but now she was dead quiet as she drove. I don't like this at all. Kayla still attempted to get Jimalyn to talk. Jimalyn would only give quick glances but I could see the change in her eyes. Once bright blue now turning to a rusty brown.

"We're here." Jimalyn said softly before parking the car.

She sounded as if she was in pain. Her moments her slow as if she was aging quickly. Kayla helped steady her as her eyes slowly return blue. It was a dull blue but it was slowly lightening. Jimalyn clipped her bag around her hips. She handed each of up a Humpty Dumpty concert ticket. As we headed close to ticket stand to see Blake and James waiting talking to a girl in the booth. The dark-skin girl was beautiful. Her face was round with bright hypnotizing brown orbs. Her nose was small and sharp leading to full brown lips. Her hair was swept into a high ponytail. She wore a light black shirt with the logo of the concert.

"Hey you guys made it!" James said as he kissed Jimalyn's temple.

"Hey Kayla. You look beautiful love." Blake said, his accent thick as he spoke making Kayla blush madly.

"Danny aren't you going to compliment Sam?" Jimalyn asked her voice slightly teasing. It made me smile. That's the Jimalyn I know.

"Sam you look so beautiful and your eyes outshine any and every jewel." I said looking deep into her amethyst eyes.

"CORNY! Now get your sad flirting anal in there!" Jimalyn said giggling.

The concert started the opening at was Will Smith.

Jimalyn's eyes widen before yelling, "I WANT A CHANCE AT HIM!" James clamped onto Jimalyn glaring at the celebrity who blushed and winked at Jimalyn.

"I gonna marry that man!" Jimalyn swooned as Will started his song. Jimalyn tried multiple times to jump on stage and pounce on him but James grip was strong. Jimalyn pouted in his arms as he kissed her cheek.

"I SHALL HAVE YOU WILL!" Jimalyn screamed before he could get off stage. Will turned around and blew a kiss in her direction before leaving as Jimalyn fainted in James arms.

"Note to self: don't take Jimalyn to any Will Smith concerts." James muttered, glaring at the retreating male.

Then all the lights went off as a scream was heard. Not the scream of excitement as I wished it was the scream of Sam as Dan dragged up into the sky. A blast of grey was shot at him. But it was too late.

"SAAMM, NOOO!" I screamed falling to my knees.


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