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Better than the books

Age: 6

Even at age six Justin Russo knew better than to be mean to other people. His mother had always told him to be a kind and respectable person; she said that that's what big boy's do. Even though he didn't fully understand what the word 'respectable' meant, that was beside the point; he did what his mother told him too. But it seems like the rest of his kindergarten class didn't seem to get the memo.

Sitting at one of the benches in their playground, he pushed up his glasses as he watched his classmates make a mockery of the school rules. He was trying to read Dr. Seuss, but was having a very hard time concentrating. His teacher, Mrs. Parks, seemed to be having a heck of a time trying to control the rest of his class, all except for him and this one girl named, Alex Larkin. He had never actually talked to her before but she seemed like an interesting girl. She was a very petite, very cute brunette, who also had the biggest, nicest, dark brown eyes he had ever seen. Needless to say he liked her very much, especially her smile, every time he saw it he couldn't help but smile too. Not that he would tell anyone that, because he knew he would have been made fun of for it. Besides, she probably wouldn't like him anyway; after all he was a dork, at least that's what T.J. Taylor said.

Looking across the playground, he spotted Alex as she played on the jungle gym. You know it's funny, if you didn't know her you probably would say she was a very nice and quiet little girl, but Justin knew better than that. She was a mastermind when it came to playing tricks on people, heck she was the main reason why their class was acting crazy. She encouraged the majority of them to pick on each other. Even though she was a troublemaker, he couldn't help but like her, she was contagious; at least that's what he believed. But he knew he didn't have the guts to go up to her.

Deciding his class was more entertaining than his book, he folded over the corner of one of the pages in order to save his place. Looking back at Alex he smiled, she was so pretty when she laughed. All the sudden this one boy named, Riley, came out of nowhere and walked right up to Alex. Justin had always hated that boy, his mother told him that 'hate' was mean word and that he should say it, but he couldn't help it; that was the only word he could think of that described his feelings toward Riley. He was very good at playing sports and he was also very smart, which was very intimidating to Justin. But now he had an even better reason to hate Riley; he walked right up to Alex and pushed her to the ground! Justin was appalled and was up on his feet in a matter of seconds before he began walking towards Alex. Before he made it half way across the playground, Alex got back on her feet, and like the tough girl she was she brushed off her flower tights and then shoved Riley to the ground before walking away. Justin couldn't help but feel satisfaction when he saw Riley's surprised expression; he obviously wasn't expecting Alex to fight back. It only took Justin a few moments to realize Alex had disappeared, but never the less he spent the rest of recess trying to find Alex just to make sure she was okay.

It wasn't until the next day did he see her, she looked okay, she was smiling and playing with her friend, Harper. When recess came around, their class started acting crazy again. Alex was trying to swing on the swing set and seemed to be having a good time until Riley came up from behind her and pushed her off the swing, this time purely out of spite. This caused her to hit the gravel and scrape her knees pretty badly, except this time Justin was able to make his way to her before she ran away. She was still sitting on the ground by the time Justin had gotten to her, she was crying as she clutched her injured legs. Riley thought it was hilarious as he and a couple other students pointed and laughed. Justin could see the teacher was coming their way, but before she came all the way, Justin did the first thing that came to his mind. Before he could stop himself he grabbed the collar of Riley's shirt and pushed him into the dirt. "You better be nice next time." he said before walking over to Alex and helping her up. He walked her all the way back to the classroom and told her to sit down at one of the desk chairs. She did as told without saying a word, only sniffling as her cries subsided. Walking over to the sink, he stood on his tip toes to grab and wet a couple of paper towels. Making his way back over to her, he lightly dabbed the wet cloth over her cuts. She wasn't bleeding too badly but Justin had seen his mother do this to his brother, Max, hundreds of times. Once he was done, he got up and ran over to his backpack and took out a pack of his limited addition Captain Jim Bob Sherwood band-aids. His mother used these band-aids whenever he got hurt, she told him to use them in case of an emergency but he didn't really like to share them. He never really bought into the whole "sharing is caring" thing, no one ever seemed to want to share with him; but this was a special occasion. After ripping open the packages he placed each band-aid on both her knees, by this time she had stopped crying but now was just staring at Justin with her big brown eyes. He was shifting uncomfortably on his feet, as the room seemed to become quieter and quieter, but before he could say or do anything, Alex jumped off her chair and gave Justin a hug. He wasn't really expecting it and fell back taking her along with him. When they hit the ground, Alex's elbow hit Justin right in the ribs, knocking the wind out of him; Alex laughed. "You know, you're kinda funny lookin'…" she said, flicking his thick rimmed glasses, "But I like you." she said before leaning down and hugging him again.

When he got home that day, he was grounded; apparently his principal had called home and told his parents what had happened. He wasn't allowed to read his books for two whole weeks, it wasn't fair! Although, it was all worth it in the end, everyday from then on when he got to school in the morning, Alex would come up to him with that big smile on her face, as if he was her one and only source of pure joy. He was happy because in her eye's he was someone special. She was better than the books anyway.

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