Hello my pretties. First, thanks for reading! I'm going to be honest, this is my first Fanfiction story ever. I hope it's good, it shouldn't be too bad. I have tried to make this with as little OOC as possible, because I know I don't like it. This will be a SebastianXCiel story. And I promise the other chapters will not be as boring as this one. Enjoy! J.

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My name is Ciel Phantomhive. I am a demon. I currently live in hell, though I cannot tell you how you get to hell, it would upset the balance of the universe. I live with my butler, Sebastian. We are bound together through contract. Sebastian will be my butler forever, this is a fact.

That is, unless I release him. But why would I do that? Having him around is convenient for me. Sebastian, I learned, is considered at a very high ranking in hell. It surprised me a little, but not by much. So to say the least, he is very rich and well-known. His family has been one of high ranks for centuries, or so he has told me. We are currently living in his mansion. Yes, there is housing in hell.

Sebastian has told me that there are different parts of hell. Most of hell is used for the purpose of containing and torturing bad souls. However, there is also a part for demons to live. I have been informed that these homes are not used very often, just a place for happenings, such as parties, or, ironically enough, to raise children.

Demons apparently, are mates for life, and when they have children, they raised them in hell until they are able to hunt for souls by themselves. Which is not why we are in hell, mind you. We are here because Sebastian wants to be, and I am supposedly dead. Sebastian was rather gloomy when he realized that he would spend the rest of his life as a servant to me. Can you blame him? I certainly don't. I realized that if he continued to keep that sour look on his face, life would become very depressing. So when Sebastian asked where I would like to go, I very casually looked up and asked where he would like to go. He nearly fell off of his seat.

So here we are, and have been for the past year and a half. I have not grown at all. Oh well. Sebastian says he is not sure if I will either. He is uncertain as to whether Hanna turned me into a full grown demon or a child who will continue to grow. Most likely the first scenario.

I still wear heels and use my walking stick, though we rarely leave the house or get visitors. Not many people live in hell, and I am perfectly fine with that. I enjoy the quiet. My days are spent reading in the library, sitting outside to observe the flowers, making sure the house is in top condition, or my favorite, playing a game of chess with Sebastian. I used to lose whenever we played, but know the score is around 50/50.

So to say the least, life became very dull. Even though Sebastian is still one hell of a butler, the light in his glowing red eyes, is gone. It is as if he has no passion anymore. I never see that smirk on his face anymore, the way his face looks while he is embarrassing someone, which usually me. He doesn't tease me anymore, he does not make suggestive comments, and he has stopped making an effort to have conversations with me anymore. He makes sure his business is done correctly, and he leaves the room to do God knows what.

Though he is usually playing with his cat. Ah yes, the cat. I have learned many things after moving to hell, things that would terrify and fascinate you. One of the things I have learned about my butler is that he likes the human world better then hell. Simply because, it has cats. And that is the only reason.

Don't get me wrong, there are cats in hell too. Hell cats. Sebastian says that he likes the cats in the human world better, and I understand why. Cats here are very rare and very hard to train. They are huge with sharp teeth and claws. They are scarier than lions. But apparently, Sebastian had one in his home, and I did not have the heart to tell him to get rid of it.

It didn't matter really. He keeps the thing in his room or outside, and it has never attacked me. Sebastian seems to enjoy having the thing around. And I tolerate it because I am no longer allergic to cats. Demons, conveniently, do not get sick or have allergies.

Even though I am perfectly capable, Sebastian still takes care of me. He dresses and bathes me. He puts me to bed and wakes me an hour later. Sadly, demons do not acquire much sleep. I sleep in the master bedroom, of course, but Sebastian does not sleep in servant conditions. His room is down the hall, and is perhaps just as nice as mine. I do not have a problem with this; it is his house after all. I miss the old Sebastian, though I would never say that to him. I feel…. bad whenever I see him, because he always looks truly miserable, except when he is with his cat. It pains me to see him like this, and that scares me. It shouldn't matter to me, but it does. It does, because I am in love with him. I love him.