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Sebastian stood behind me, washing my hair. I sat in the tub with a smirk on my face. I had been in a fairly good mood sense receiving the letter. Sebastian informs me that we will be visiting tomorrow, as the moon is full tomorrow. I would have asked how he knew that, but I don't really care.

"That smirk suits you, my lord." Sebastian purred.

"Yes… I imagine it does." My face became blank then. I was simply enjoying the feeling of Sebastians hands.

I knew Sebastian did not know how to feel about being sent to do someone else's work again. But, he did not really have a choice. I don't really either. I had asked Sebastian if it was possible to turn down the offer, though I hadn't planned on doing so anyway. He had simply told me "no". I expected him to elaborate, like he usually does, but he simply left it at that.

Currently, Sebastian took it upon himself to lean down, kiss my wet neck, and purr "You may stand and dry now."

I did so and grabbed the towel from his out-stretched hand. Part of me wanted to make Sebastian dry me himself, but I could not ask such a thing. When I finished drying myself, I handed the towel back to him and walked back into my room. Sebastian followed soon after and began to pull out night clothes for me.

"Do not bother with those, Sebastian" I said, and sat on the end of my bed, crossing my legs. "I do not believe I will be needing any tonight." I concluded, matter-a-fact.

He paused, then pushed the drawer closed. "I see". He turned towards me then, a small smirk on his lips.

"…And neither will you, Sebastian". I finished. His smirk grew. "Yes, my lord." He walked over to me then, kneeling in front of my bed. "Whatever you wish". He slipped out of his tailcoat.

I leaned down and placed both hands on either side of his face. I pressed my lips to his forehead while he undid his shirt. When his shirt was taken care of, his hands slowly ran up my bare legs. I leaned down and kissed his lips…And he kissed me back.

I forgot about what would be happening tomorrow for the rest of the night.

Sebastian and I stood in from of the large, red building. Well, a section of the building. There were many buildings connected to each other, and this was the smallest.

"Where 'politics' are decided" Sebastian had said. "Decisions that the devil does not need to be a part of and are decided on by his 'workers', basically."

He did not go into more detail than that.

I am dressed in one of my more impressive outfits today for the occasion.

Sebastian pushed open a large gate, and I walked past him. We walked past a small garden area to the front door of the building. The garden was taken care of, but nowhere near as impressive as mine.

"It seems these people do not care to make a good impression" I noted.

"Not really" Sebastian answered. "They have no reason to impress anyone".

I thought about this. Sebastian opened the door to the building and I walked in ahead of him. The inside was not very impressive either. I walked up to the desk, that had, what appeared to be, an old woman standing behind the desk.

"I am Ceil Phantomhive." I said clearly

The woman did not look up from her papers. "Room 7" was all she said.

"Why thank you" Sebastian said to the woman before pointing to a flight of stairs. "We must go there" he said.

I nodded and began to climb slowly. I was in no hurry. "They also seem to not care about security."

"No, they don't" Sebastian said again. He is tense behind me, stiff almost. He stayed and walked very close. I do not have the same problem. I am walking with nothing if not confidence.

The stair case is long and narrow. There was not a rail. When we reached the second floor, there were rooms with the doors closed on both sides of the hallway. The numbers that I could see were all in the high 50s.

"Please follow me, my lord." Sebastian walked in front of me and began walking to the left. I blinked, and then began walking behind him. Sebastian did not look to see if I was behind him, he could feel me. He made quite a few turns, but he seemed to know exactly where he was going. He probably does.

'13, ..11,…9,…' we stopped outside of room '7'. Sebastian knocked on the door softly, like he had when bringing me my afternoon tea.

"Enter" said an energetic male voice.

Sebastian pushed open the door. I walked into a small-ish, dull, low-lit room.

Despite the smallness of the room, there was a rather large desk in the back of it. To the side of the desk was the man who had spoken. There was nothing interesting about his appearance. Pants, shirt, tie, plain face. However, sitting behind the desk, was another woman. One could compare her to a librarian. Skinny, sharp features, wearing a turtleneck and probably a long skirt.

She smiled at us… but it was not a comforting smile.

"Welcome, Ceil Phantomhive. Please, sit."