Chapter 28

I woke up on a very strange pillow. I blinked and looked up. Sebastian smirked at me, and brushed the hair out of my face. I had fallen asleep with my head on his bare chest, and woke up almost completely on top of him. To hide my blush I smirked a bit up at him. Sebastian surprised me by leaning down and running his lips across mine softly. I sat perfectly still while my face turned all kinds of different shades of red. I opened my eyes slowly, only to see Sebastians eyes open as well, staring at me.

I pulled away quickly. "W-What's with you, Sebastian?"

He only continued to look at my face for a moment before answering slowly, "… This may be the last day I get you all to myself, my young lord" He whispered and I shivered.

Before I knew what was going on, I was laying on my back and Sebastian was hovering over me, his black hair falling down his face and shoulders. It had gotten longer. His chest puffed out while he took a deep breath. His face was very serious.

I reached up and wove my fingers in his long silky hair. "Sebastian" I mumbled.

He smirked at me. "Yes, my lord?" He asked in a slightly teasing tone.

"Kiss me" I said without hesitation.

Sebastians smirk turned into a grin, and with a deep voice he said "Yes… My Lord".

I shivered again before his lips crashed into mine. I gripped his hair in my fists and held him close. Sebastian cupped my face with one hand and held himself off of me with his other. I ended up wrapping one arm around his neck. When Sebastian leaned down and started kissing my neck, I ran my hand down his neck to his shoulder blades.

"Sebastian" I mumbled and stared up at the ceiling.

"mm… Yes?"

I looked down at him. "… I love you so much Sebastian." I hugged him. "I hope you never want to leave me."

Sebastian was silent for a moment. He looked up at me with bright eyes. "Ciel… Not even Lucifer himself could tare me away from you, my love." He kissed me again and I melted.

I love him. I always have. I always will. I love him.

Sebastians POV

I love this boy so much. I love him. How lucky I am to be able to spend the rest of eternity with him, if I believed in things such as luck. I will be by his side- even if he does release me. Because I love him. I love him.


First, I want to say I'm sorry. I know everyone was expecting to see Ciel take on new quests, but I believe that this story is over. Saying that, I hereby give anyone permission to use this story for their own fanfictions if they want to. If you want to write a story of how Ciel and Sebastian complete missions for the Devil, go ahead. Go nuts. Take whatever you want from the story. I am also sorry for how long I took to update… I know I sucked with that. Sorry. Thank you to everyone who was reading this story and supported me through it. I loved reading reviews, and seeing how many people have read. Thank you to my followers and favoriters haha. I hope you all enjoyed this story.