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Hi! So this is a new Young Justice story. I was partially inspired by Stronger123's Catgirl story, which is very good and you should read it. I hope you enjoy!


Gotham City

May 20th 2004, 02:38

"You are a disgrace Adam! A fucking disgrace!"

I covered my ears, trying to block out the yells. Dad must have been drinking again. He always argued with my brother when he was drunk. They were doing that a lot lately. Ever since mom died a few months ago they would argue most nights. Adam would stay out late most night and dad would sit up waiting for him. Most night I could hear punches and screams of pain. When I saw Adam he was bleeding and bruised.

"You know what dad?! Fuck you! I don't need you! I don't need mom! I don't need anyone!"

The sound of a loud bang echoed through the house. Then a scream. I froze, clutching onto my teddy. The yelling had stopped. I crawled out from my hiding spot under the bed and left my room. I stopped in my tracks when I looked down the stairs. Adam was standing over dad holding a gun. Dad was bleeding. Tears dripped down his face. Oh God Adam. What have you done?

I let out a loud sob. "Adam what did you do?"

Adam looked over at dad then over at me. "Nina go pack your stuff and get dressed. You're leaving."

"Adam you're scaring me. What's wrong with daddy?"

"GO!" He yelled at me. I jumped in fright and ran back to my bedroom. What was wrong with daddy? Why did his neck look weird? My throat closed up as I let out a loud sob. "Hurry up Nina!" I heard Adam yell again. I pulled off my pyjamas and put on jeans, a t-shirt and my shoes. I grabbed my backpack and started to shove as much clothes as I could put in there.

I left my room and stood at the top of the stairs. Adam was pulling dad away from the hall and towards the door. I started to panic even more, feeling the hot tears roll down my face. "A-Adam? Where are you going?" I ran down the stairs after him. I followed him out to the garage. He was putting dad in the trunk of the car. Adam put him down and turned to me.

"Look Nina I need to leave and you can't come with me."

"W-why? Where are you going?"

"You need to go okay!"

He gripped my wrist tightly and pulled me out of the garage. "Adam let go! You're hurting me! Let go!" He gripped even tighter as the pain shot through my arm. We got outside and he pushed me forward. I tripped on the rock and fell, scraping my hands and tearing holes in my jeans. "Just go Nina! I'm sorry but please just go."

I climbed to my feet and picked up my teddy from where it landed on the ground. I took one last look at Adam and then ran as fast as I could. I just kept running. My lungs were on fire and my feet were sore but I kept running. I was completely soaked because of the rain. I stopped in my tracks and looked around. Gotham's east Side. Crap. This was a bad place. I was warned to never come here by myself. I walked down a quiet street.

"Well what do we have here?"

I froze at the sound of the man's voice. Someone grabbed me and twisted my arms behind my back. "Hey! Let me go you creep!" Another man stood in front of me. I kept struggling, trying to pull away.

"You know kid the East Side isn't a good place for a kid to be running around at night-"He gripped my chin and forced me to look up at him, "Especially such a cute little kid like you." His breath stank like cigarette smoke and alcohol. "Let me go!" I shrieked, still squirming. "Nah, I think we're going to have a bit of fun with you."

"She said let her go."

My eyes widened when I heard a woman's voice. The man in front of me chuckled. "Come out to play kitty-cat?" There was a snap and the man behind me let my arms go. Catwoman. It must have been her. I started to run way as the men were distracted but one of them managed to grab on to me again. I fought back this time, kicking and scratching.

I sank my teeth into his arm and he yelled out in pain. He released my arm and I scrambled away from him quickly. I tripped over again and my chin slammed into the ground. I turned around again as Catwoman knocked out the other guy.

She turned to me and crouched down my level. She spoke to me in a soft voice. "Hey kitten what's your name?" I sniffed and replied. "Nina." She helped me to my feet.

"My name's Selina. How about I take you home Nina."

"No! I can't go home." I let out a loud sob as I started to cry, feeling so overwhelmed by what happened. Selina pulled her arms around me and let me sob. She gently stroked the top of my head and said quietly "How about you come with me back to my apartment."

I nodded slowly. She gently brushed the tears off of my face. Selina gently pulled me along as she brought me back to her apartment. She brought me up the fire escape and climbed through the window. I jumped in fright as I heard something hiss at me. "Relax Nina," Selina turned on the lights and pulled her cowl off, "That's just Isis." She stroked the black cat as it purred. "Now come on kitten. Let's clean you up."

A few minutes later Selina cleaned me up, mopped up the blood and the dirt. She gave some old clothes to wear because my old ones were ruined. I got dressed in the bathroom quickly. I walked into the kitchen and Selina turned around. She held out a cup with something steaming it. "It's hot chocolate. Drink up." She handed me the cup and I smiled slightly at her. "Thank you." She sat down on the couch and I sat down at the other end.

"Tell me Nina why are you in the East Side of Gotham this late at night? Kitten its dangerous here."

I couldn't stop myself. I told her everything. How Adam and dad were arguing. That I saw Adam standing over him with the gun. How Adam forced me to leave. How I ended up in the East side.

"Kitten where's your mom? Couldn't she help you?" Selina asked.

"My mom died of cancer a few months ago. Dad started drinking after."

"Oh. It's getting late Nina. How about you stay with me tonight?" I nodded slowly in reply. "Come on then." I got off the couch and followed Selina. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed. I just wanted to sleep and get my mind off everything.

Selina let me into one of the rooms. I climbed into the bed and Selina smiled at me. "Night kitten." She closed the door. I was asleep before I hit the pillow.

Selina's P.O.V

Selina didn't know what to do. She felt so bad for the kid. Nina seemed so scared. Should she bring her to the orphanage? There was no way in hell she was bringing Nina back to her brother. She sighed. Maybe Nina should stay with her? Gotham's East Side wasn't a good place for a kid but she could look after Nina. She could talk to Nina in the morning about this. She smiled.

Gotham City

June 30th 2006, 00:13

Nina's P.O.V

"You ready Nina?" I stepped out of my room as my adopted mother called me. "Yeah," I walked into the kitchen, "How do I look?" It was my first night as Catwoman's protégé Catgirl. My costume wasn't much different than hers except mine had a high neck.

Selina smiled widely when she saw me come in. "You look perfect kitten. Now let's go have some fun!" I laughed and followed her to the window. Selina had been training me to be her protégé for the past two years and I was ready. We leapt out of the window and onto the roof of the next building. I stumbled slightly on the landing but I was okay.

"Since it's your first night kitten I think we should start with something small. I think we should go for some jewellery stores." I nodded at her and we started the journey. A few minutes later we had arrived. Selina had disabled the alarms and we were undetected.

"Try this one on!" Selina passed me a diamond necklace and I passed her back a diamond ring. "For when you get bored of waiting for Batman to ask!" Selina rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me. I burst out laughing. We filled our bags with jewellery.

Selina placed a tiara on my head. "Oh darling you will be the prettiest princess!" She said in a bad British accent. "Why thank you darling!" We both giggled and Selina grabbed another tiara. She grabbed my arm and started to waltz with me. I laughed loudly. "Come on princess let's get going!" We put the tiaras in our bags and climbed out of the window. We got to the roof and I was about to jump to the next building.

"Really Selina?"

I spun around and my jaw dropped. It was Batman. He was way more intimidating in public. Beside him stood Robin. He was small and less scary than his mentor. "You brought a child into this?" Batman scowled.

Selina pouted. "I think you're being a little hypocritical there Bats." She looked over at Robin and then back at Batman.

He replied. "The difference is that you're training her to be a thief."

"I'm a thief and I don't see you complaining about it. She'll be like me."

Batman sighed. "Selina."

I rolled my eyes and started to creep away slowly when Robin jumped in front of me. "Going somewhere Kitty-Cat?"

I groaned and tried to push him away. "Get out of my way Bird Boy!"

"Can't let you do that Whiskers!"

"Don't make me hurt you Boy Blunder. You too adorable to have your face clawed off."

"You aren't scaring me Whiskers!"

"Okay number one, it's Catgirl. Number two-"

"Robin!" Batman called over to his sidekick. "Joker's broken out of Arkham. We need to get going."

"But I was having such a nice chat with Whiskers!" I scowled at the nickname.

"Now Robin." Batman growled. Robin sighed and went back to his mentor. "Later Whiskers!" He called back to me.

That was not only the beginning of an annoying friendship.

It was also the beginning of Catgirl

And the night Adam started to make his name as a dangerous serial killer.