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Hi! Sorry if this chapter is a bit boring. This is more of a filler chapter to set up for the next one


I jumped to the next rooftop and kept leaping across the roofs beside it until I landed on top of the building beside Gotham Academy. I looked around and jumped down towards the back entrance of the school when I saw Robin pulled up to the entrance on his motorcycle with Kid Flash following him close behind.

I jumped down as they went through the entrance into the school. I followed them and stayed in the shadows. I didn't want them to know I was there. I was surprised at the state of the hallway. Glass covered the floor and the lockers had been ripped open.

Robin froze. "What? What's wrong?" The other sidekick, Kid Flash, asked. I hide behind a locker when Robin spun around. Suddenly, smoke covered the room. I started to cough and pulled the goggles down over my eyes so I could see. I gasped in surprise as someone slammed me into the lockers.

"Whoa! It's me bird boy!" I exclaimed when I saw that it was Robin pressing me up against the lockers. He stood back, looking surprised. "What are you doing here Whiskers?"

"I could ask you the same question." I replied.

"You're Catgirl!" Kid Flash said from beside Robin, "Let me just say, television does not do you justice beautiful."

I frowned at him before hearing a loud crash. "What the hell was that?!" I said. Robin and Kid Flash ran ahead and I followed them. "It's an android." Robin replied. My eyes widened. Why the hell was there an android in Gotham Academy? "What!" I exclaimed.

"I'll explain later," Robin told me, "They're in the gym. KF take left and Whiskers and I will take right!" I followed the two sidekicks and ran towards the gym. We peered through the door and saw a huge android about to deliver a kill strike onto a boy with black hair. "Uh, are we meant to save him or something?" I asked.

"Yup." Kid Flash said before running out ahead. Robin and I went into the gym and Robin pulled me beside the bleachers. "Who's that?" I whispered to Robin before throwing my bag behind the bleachers. "Superboy." Boy wonder replied. I was confused. I thought there was only a Superman.

Kid Flash ran over to us carrying with Superboy and then Robin threw a birdarang. "Access Martian Manhunter," the android said before he turned invisible and the birdarang exploded on the wall behind. My jaw dropped. Holy shit, what were we battling?

"Access Red Tornado, "The android said before a twister appeared underneath it. It flew towards us and we were sent in the opposite direction. I groaned in pain as I crashed into the bleachers. Well this was going to be fun to explain to Selina.

"Access Captain Atom." The android said as it sent a ball of light in Kid Flash's direction he jumped out of the way and I pulled out my whip. I tried to hit the android with it but it grabbed the whip and threw me across the room. I groaned again. What had I got myself into?

KF came out from behind the bleachers and ran towards the android. "Access Black Canary." It said before screaming at KF, sending him in the other direction.

I got up as the android said "Superman." I jumped out of the way as he tried to fry me with laser eyes and scowled as I heard laughter from the bleachers. A scrawny man sat on the benches with two mechanical monkeys beside him. I really didn't like him.

The android got distracted by Superboy, who tried to hit him but was easily blocked and thrown the other way. I ran behind the bleachers and over to Robin as he threw a birdarang at the android. "Martian Manhunter." He said and the birdarangs simply flew through him. The android extended his arm and tried to hit us but Robin and I jumped out of the way.

"Superman." The android grabbed Kid Flash and wrapped his arms around KF, crushing him. KF screamed in pain. "Martian Manhunter." I gaped as an arrow landed beside me. I looked over at Robin and raised my eyebrows. He shrugged.

The good thing was that the arrow had distracted the android long enough for him to let go of Kid Flash and to let him get away. I noticed there were gaps on the android's shell and in them were wires. I had claws. I could snap them.

I grabbed my whip and tried to hit the android again. When he grabbed the whip and threw me across the room, this time, I hit the rafters with the whip and swung myself up, landed in a crouch. After extended the claws in gloves, I leapt down and wrapped my legs around the android's neck while trying to pry into the small gaps.

That didn't work. He grabbed my arm and threw me across the room again. I landed on the bleachers again with a cry of pain. "Black Canary." Superboy tried to punch the android but it grabbed his arm and threw Superboy across the room. I grabbed my whip and hit the rafters with it again. I swung myself across the room and landed beside Robin.

"Superman." The android's eyes glowed red. "Oh not again." I muttered. KF tackled Robin and I to get us out of the way. "IT MAKES ME ANGRY!" I heard Superboy roar before leaping across the room. The skinny guy ran out of the way. "What's he doing?!" I hissed.


"Great! He's gone ballistic again!" KF said.

"Maybe not." Boy Wonder replied. What was he up to?

"Amazo protect your master! Priority Alpha!" The skinny guy sounded scared. He ran down the bleachers as Superboy tried to hit him. "Captain Atom." I smirked when I saw the skinny guy try to run down the bleachers. Time to wipe the grin off his face.

"Where do you think you're going? You'll miss all the fun." I purred before hitting him with my whip. The whip wrapped around his neck and I pulled him down to the ground. He cried out in pain. I pulled the whip back and the two monkeys tried to lift him.

I sighed. "You're no fun." I hit the monkeys with my whip and broke them before Robin ran behind the skinny guy and said "Anyone want to play keep away?" Robin kicked his back, sending him forward.

"Me! Me!" Kid Flash exclaimed while running forward. "Superman." The android slammed his foot onto the ground. It shook violently causing Kid Flash to trip and he flew across the room again.

Robin threw a birdarang at him and the android shifted density causing the explosive to fly through him. Suddenly, Superboy landed in front of him. He punched the android and his fist flew through the android's face.


Amazo's head exploded and the metallic body fell to the ground. "Help me disassemble him! Now!" Robin called.

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the android while wrapping my whip around my hips. "Relax Bird boy."

"Yeah, the guy has no head." Kid Flash limped towards us.

"Don't take any chances!" We turned to see two people run in. I recognised Aqualad but not the other girl. She was flying and her skin was green. Well this has got even weirder.

She landed beside Superboy and helped him up. "Superboy! Are you alright?" She asked, sounding concerned. "Fine," Superboy smiled, "Feeling the aster." He grinned at Robin.

Green girl looked over at me. "Uh, who's this?" She asked. Superboy narrowed his eyes at me. "Yeah, who are you?"

I smiled and replied. "Catgirl. Hi. So bird boy, what's the Sidekick Squad-"

"We're not sidekicks!" Superboy snapped at me. I raised my eyebrow. Clearly hit a nerve there.

"Doing in Gotham Academy fighting an android?" I finished my sentence.

"Only if you tell me what you're doing here Whiskers. You didn't answer me earlier." Boy Wonder asked, looking up from the android.

I shrugged. "Curiosity."

"Curiosity killed the cat y'know." Kid Flash replied.

"Well it's a good thing I've got nine lives." I grinned. Kid Flash smiled before he looked around and exclaimed. "Hey! Where's Ivo?" So that was what the skinny guy was called.

I looked over to check that was my bag was still there. I scowled and ran over, looking around. "That asshole! He took my bag!"

"What was in the bag?" I looked over my shoulder and saw that Aqualad was talking to me. "My favourite jacket! Oh and some jewels." I sighed before walking over to the hole Superboy and the android made.

"Hey whiskers are you going to give back the jewels around your neck or do I have to take them myself?" Robin asked with a smirk.

I smiled as I looked over at him. "Come on Bird Boy it's my birthday! Couldn't you just let me go?"

"Happy birthday!" Green girl exclaimed. I grinned widely. "Thanks." I replied.

"Robin asked you to give the jewels back." Aqualad told me. I smirked and raised my eyebrows. "You can take them off me. But only if you catch me first fish boy." I purred before disappearing through the hole. I climbed out of the nearest window and jumped onto the next roof. I looked over my shoulder and saw nothing. Looks like fish boy didn't follow me.

A few minutes later I arrived back at my home and climbed through the window. Selina looked up from her phone. "What took you so long Nina?" She asked me.

I pulled off my cowl and goggles. "Followed Boy Blunder and ended up fighting an android in Gotham Academy."

"Well that sounded fun," Selina replied, her eyebrows rose. I smiled, "I'll heat up your takeout kitten and you go get changed then we can watch a movie."

"The Breakfast Club?" I asked hopefully. I loved that movie. She nodded and I grinned before turning to go back to my room. I stopped and pulled the jewels off my neck. I threw them on the table and Selina smirked. "You were busy." I nodded and walked back to my room.

Gotham City August 8th 2010 08:10

A few days after my birthday, I rolled out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen. "Morning Nina," Selina said, not looking up from her magazine. I grunted in reply. I wasn't a morning person. I pulled a bowl out of the cupboard and poured myself some cereal.

"Coffee's on the table." Selina told me. I sipped my coffee and ate my cereal. My phone then started to ring. It was an unknown number. That was odd. I answered it and said "Hello."

A man's raspy voice answered me. "Is this Nina Carter?"

"Who wants to know?" I asked. Selina looked up from her magazine and gave me a questioning look. I shrugged. I had no idea who this guy was. She looked back down at her magazine.

"Jack Winters kid." My eyes widened. Why did he want to speak to me? Was this about Adam?

"I want to speak to ya. Come to the Genesis Bar in Midtown Gotham tomorrow night. 9p.m Tell the bodyguards Jack Winters sent for you. Come alone. You got that?" He continued.

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now this is a one-time offer kid. I'll be leaving Gotham in two days. I'll see ya tomorrow kid." I hung up the phone and sighed.

"What did he want?" Selina asked.

"Jack wants me to meet him at the Genesis bar in Midtown Gotham tomorrow night."

"What's he doing in Gotham? Doesn't he normally stick to New York?" Selina replied. Jack's gang worked mostly in New York. I had no idea why he was in Gotham.

"Is this about Adam?" She asked. "Must be. He wants me to come alone." I replied.

Selina scowled. "There's no way I'm letting you go alone! It's way too dangerous to go by yourself."


"You either come with me or don't go at all." She warned me.

I sighed. "Fine. I won't go."

Selina smiled. "Good. I'm going to get a shower kitten." She walked off. Truth be told, I was lying to her. As Jack said, this was a one-time opportunity. If I could get information about Adam I had to go. So I decided. Tomorrow night, I would sneak out and see Jack.