Green Grass and Blue Slides

"Kaoru!" Kaoru's tiny seven year-old head flew up at the sound of his voice being called. He saw his mother beckoning him over to her side by the front door of the house.

By her side, he saw Syo.

His mom Avalon (or in Japanese, Avaron) began to speak to them.

Kaoru's eyes widened, head up, listening.

"Syo, Kaoru, today we are going to meet our new neighbors."

Syo immediately looked more interested in the conversation, head up and eyes wide.

Kaoru giggled slightly at his Onii-chan.

"Shh." Avalon scolded.

Both boys went back to paying attention.

"Now boys, your new neighbor is actually around your age. He's a couple years older."

Kaoru, admiring his mother and her seemingly divine powers, spoke up.

"How do you know this?" Awe was evident in his tone.

His older brother scoffed at the silly statement.

"She met them yesterday, remember?" Syo looked at his brother, inquiring.

"Oops. I must have been reading," Kaoru said apologetically.

Avalon interrupted the twins' conversation.

"Okay, hold my hands and let's go down to the lobby to meet them!"

She grasped the two boys' hands into her own, and led them gently out of the door, locking it. They walked downstairs, shoes click-clacking in the dark.

In the lobby they saw a kid with glasses and his mother, shushing her son and his rambling.

The receptionist waved to them, then went back to looking bored.

As the boy gradually saw them, his verdant green eyes widened.

He ran towards them, hands outstretched, engulfing the twins in a huge hug.

"K-A-W-A-I-I!" The boy said, every syllable pronounced while choking the life out of the twins.

While Kaoru didn't mind too much (the boy seemed friendly, although he would like to know the blonde's name), Syo was steaming.

He hated being called cute.

Both twins struggled, futile, until the other's mother called her kid to put the twins down.

"What's his name?" Kaoru whispered, curious.

"Natsuki." Syo replied, shuddering slightly and puppy-eyed.

Then they realized something.

Their mother was speaking in English to the other lady.

"You, see, we came to Japan after I married my husband, as he was half-Japanese and I loved the culture, so we decided to raise our kids here."

"Oh… So interesting! I'm so glad I found another person who speaks fluent English and Japanese here! There are people with conversational skills in both, and to have you as a neighbor as well. Thank you so much for offering to translate the paperwork, we just moved here and don't have much money yet, especially with Bryce's new job-"

With a wave of her hand, their mother cut off the other woman.

"It's fine, it's fine Sheryl."

The ladies smiled as if they were lifelong friends.

Seeing that their children weren't interacting, Natsuki's mother came over to them and introduced herself to them.

"I'm Miss. Shinomiya," she said giggling a bit at hearing her new, no longer maiden, name.

"Nice to meet you, Shinomiya-san!" Kaoru said cheerfully.

She looked at Kaoru a little weird.

Then he realized he had spoken in Japanese!

He face-palmed himself, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry Miss. Shinomiya. I was speaking in Japanese! My name's Kaoru. It's very nice to meet you!"

He offered his petite hand to shake hers.

After all, he still had to be gentleman!

Syo introduced himself next.

"My name's Syo, and I'm Kaoru's older identical twin."

Syo then shook her hand, following Kaoru's example.

The women smiled, kindly and warm.

"I assume you met my son, Natsuki, right?"

"Yep!" Both twins chorused.

Natsuki had been by his mother's side the entire time, watching them curiously like a cat.

The women went back to talking about visas, immigration, taxes, utilities, and other things the kids were bored by.

All the kids were slightly annoyed at the lack of attention, and they had energy to burn! They wanted to play.

They began to talk about the seriousness of the situation.

"Natsuki," Syo begged, "ask your mommy if we can play! I'm bored!" He exclaimed dramatically, pouting.

Natsuki went to his mother, tugging at her jacket.

"Mommy, can we go play in the park we saw yesterday?" He asked, eyes wide.

The two women chuckled.

"Why not?"

Then, all the kids and the adults went outside to play.

Natsuki loved pushing Syo down the slide, then chasing him while playing tag.

Kaoru sat on a swing when he got tired, and told Syo to do the same if he needed to rest.

By the end of the day, all the kids were friends (although Syo didn't want to admit it completely).

Hugs ensued when forced to part, with tears on Natsuki's side, making his mom pinky-promise to see Syo-chan and Kao-chan tomorrow too!

The women "awwed" slightly, to themselves.

It was the start of a friendship that would never break, even when separated.

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