A/N: So, one day I decided it would be really cool if the wizards characters were dragons. And this is what I've ended up coming up with...

This takes place right at the beginning of the first part of the final episode.

I don't own WoWP but I do own the original characters and world I've made up for this story.


Chapter One: Wizards Become Dragons

Professor Crumbs was sitting at a round table in a room with several members of the wizard council. All were dressed in their normal wizard robes and each of them had small notepads and special wizardry pens. They were discussing wizard competitions and what to do with WizTech's newest students when a wizard burst into the room, holding a crystal ball.

"You're not going to believe this," she said, panting as she took the crystal ball over to the table and placed it in the middle, "Alex Russo has just made her family a dinner…with no strings attached!"

Professor Crumbs and the other wizards watched in amazement as Alex spooned the spaghetti on plates for her family to feast on. It was a selfless act on her part, and the final requirement for the Russo family wizard competition to finally begin.

"I shall go tell them that the competition is to commence immediately," Professor Crumbs told the wizard council. The other wizards nodded, saying that they would take care of the rest of the business while he was gone.

Right when he was about to teleport to the Russo's living room, another wizard burst into the room. This wizard was panting even harder than the last one, his robes torn and singed at the edges, a burnt smell permeating throughout the room as he hurried over to the table.

"WizTech is being attacked again by that rogue group of dragons," he exclaimed, "we need your help to ward them off."

Normally it was the monster hunters who would deal with cases like this, but when most of the monster hunters were killed or maimed during their fights with those particular beasts, the wizard council had to intervene.

"I guess the Russos will have to wait," Professor Crumbs sighed. He and the other wizards hurried out of the room, pulling out their wands and teleporting themselves to the top of the school, ready to fight the dragons.

Meanwhile, the Russos back in their living room were happily munching away on the dinner Alex made. Justin was a bit hesitant, still assuming that Alex had an evil plan cooked up. He just knew she was going to unleash chaos once they were done with the meal.

"Justin, please eat your food before it gets cold," Theresa said, "it's…surprisingly good."

Justin looked over at Theresa incredulously before taking a taste of the pasta. Alex grinned as Justin swallowed the food.

"What did you do to this?" he asked.

"Nothing," Alex said in the most innocent voice she could conjure up, "you're just very amusing to look at, that's all."

Justin grudgingly ate the rest of his meal, warily looking at Alex, trying to anticipate what his sister would do next. Max was the first to finish and loudly announced that he would go down to the lair to rest.

"And I don't want any distractions this time," he said, "I really do need everything to be quiet while I do my experiment."

"Yeah, yeah, that's great, just go, Max," Alex said.

"Don't forget to finish your homework," Theresa called out as Max headed down the staircase to the lair.

When he entered, he walked around the room, gathering the materials he needed for his next experiment. Doing experiments was not only fun but it helped him practice and memorize spells.

As he placed everything on one of the tables, he noticed a large piece of paper with something written in very large letters:

Wizards are now not, underworld dragons should fill their slots.

"Wizards and underworld dragons?" he asked aloud, "hey, I'm a wizard. Does that mean I came become an underworld dragon? Cool."

Not even bothering to question who wrote the spell or why it was even on the table, Max started saying the spell to try it on himself. Halfway through he stopped, deciding it would be funner if Justin and Alex could join him. They could have an epic dragon fight.

He started heading over to the door, but then stopped. It would be easier to just try and find a spell to transport them to the lair.

Not that he could think of one of the top his head.

He headed over to the podium and started flipping through the pages of the spell book, shaking his head every time he came across a spell that wouldn't help him.

The door slammed shut and Alex walked in, hoping to catch Max in the middle of his experiment. When she found him reading the spell book, she walked over and looked over his shoulder curiously.

"Whatcha looking up?"

Max started, turning around to face Alex. "Oh, Alex. I was just trying to find a spell to get you and Justin here."


Max walked over to the table and grabbed the sheet of paper with the spell on it. After handing it to Alex, he said, "I found this spell and was wanting to see if it would work."

After reading it, Alex smiled. "It's one of those open-ended spells, so why wouldn't it? At least I think it is."

"Wanna try it out on just us two?"

Max took out his wand and started reciting the spell, but Alex stopped him. "Wait, we should totally get Justin and then turn into dragons right in front of him. He would totally freak."

Before Max could reply, Alex raced out the door to retrieve her brother. She found Justin studying in his room. Putting on her best panicked face, she raced up to him and tugged on his arm.

"Justin, come quick, Max is doing a very dangerous experiment and we need to stop him," she exclaimed.

Justin needed no further prompting, immediately getting up and racing down towards the lair. Alex was hot on his heels, trying her hardest to look as serious as she could.

Justin burst into the lair, yelling out to Max to stop what he was doing. Max was standing by the podium, wand in hand as he was reading the spell over and over. He startled when his siblings entered.

Before Max could say anything, Alex ran towards his side, "I had to get Justin here and I figured the best way was to scare him. Do it now!"

"What's going on here?" Justin asked, glaring at Alex.

"I found a spell on a table and would like to try it out on me and Alex," Max explained, placing the paper down, "okay, here we go."

As Max started saying the spell, pointing the wand between himself and Alex, Justin quickly snatched up the paper and read the spell.

"Max, I don't think—"

The energy shot out from the wand, encompassing Max and Alex. A figure hiding behind a chair nearby suddenly rose and a bright light suddenly shown from a small disc he was holding, nearly blinding the three siblings.

Explosions started erupting randomly throughout the room, the strange light reacting with the wizard energy and forming whirlwinds of light and energy around the wizards and the stranger.

They all starting changing their shapes from humans to dragons. Normally wizard spells would make the process very quick and painless. But this time, something was wrong. Very wrong.

"What's going on?" Alex yelled, nearly doubling over when a sudden pain surged through her body.

The magic started a permanent transformation. Complete realignment of the skeletal structure. The addition of an extra set of limbs. Wizard magic alone wouldn't do this.

"I don't…know," Justin managed, clenching his jaw, "but this isn't normal magic."

The scenery around them started changing, the furniture and portal becoming less and less visible. Tall trees started sprouting through the carpet, quickly growing and breaking through the disappearing ceiling.

As the room completely vanished, a vast forest took its place, the scents of pine permeating the air as a cool breeze brushed across the the Russos' bodies. They could feel the cool earth beneath them, their tails and wings brushing up against branches and undergrowth as their transformations were finally completed.

Justin had closed his eyes during the transformation. When it was over, he opened his eyes and looked around.

"Max," he said, "what…just happened?"

Instead of seeing his two siblings standing before him, Justin noticed two large dragons in their places, looking around the woods, seeming as confused as he felt. They ended up in a small clearing in a forest, barely enough room to hold all three of them within the confines of the wall of trees that surrounded them.

The three stared at each other for a few moments before Max finally spoke up, exclaiming, "it worked! It actually worked."

"Clearly, but where are we?" Alex asked.

"Welcome to my planet, folks!"

The three whipped their heads around and a green dragon emerged from the trees, stopping nearby. A large grin appeared on his face while the three Russos tried to identify his voice.

"I can't believe that actually worked," the dragon said, "I had no idea all three of you would be able to come here, but this is totally awesome, man!"

"Wait a minute…" Justin walked over to the other dragon, looking him up and down, "I know that voice all too well…Zeke?"

"Correct!" Zeke said.

"Seriously? What's going on, Zeke?"

"I was the one who wrote that spell," Zeke replied, "I know you didn't like me going in the lair and messing with everything, but I happened to find a spell that I thought would work! So I put on the table and was hoping one of you would come by and try it out. Didn't expect all three of you to be here, that's great."

"Wait, wait, wait," said Alex, "are you telling us you were a dragon this entire time?"

"I sure was," Zeke said, "isn't it awesome?"

Alex and Justin exchanged confused glances.

"And you didn't tell us this before?" Justin asked, deciding against questioning how that was even possible in the first place.

"Pssh, no. If I had said, 'hey guys, I'm actually a dragon!' would you have believed me?"

"Well, no, but—"

"Exactly! That's why I wanted to transform all of you into dragons so you could check out my world."

"So you really weren't just a mortal this entire time," said Alex, chuckling, "wait till Harper hears about that, she's going to freak."

"Well, we've checked it out long enough, so let's go back, Zeke," Justin said, looking expectantly at Zeke.

"What? You haven't been here for even five minutes," Zeke whined, "you need to stay for a while and check everything out."

"That's all fine and dandy Zeke, but uh, a bit of warning would have been nice, we have things to do back home," Justin said, looking around for his wand, "wait, where did my wand go?"

"Oh, I saw it fall off of you in the lair," Max said, "I accidentally dropped mine there too."

"I don't have mine either," Alex said, "that's weird."

"How are we going to get back to the lair now?" Justin asked.

"That's a very good question," Zeke said, "let me think about that."

Justin gave Zeke an incredulous look before looking around the area, narrowed his eyes and saying, "this place doesn't seem familiar. Are we even in the wizard world?"

"Nope," Zeke replied, "you're in a world far away. Apparently. Actually I don't know all the details but I'm pretty sure we aren't even near the wizard world. But we might be."

"Fantastic," Justin said, "that means we probably can't use any of our magic here either."

"How did you get to earth, then?" Alex asked Zeke.

"Oh, I have this little disc that has this awesome magic that can transport me to earth and turn me into a human," Zeke replied, "and here it—wait, where is it?"

As Zeke frantically looked around for the disc, Alex recited a few spells from memory, hoping that one of them would work. None of them did.

"Nope, we can't use magic here," she concluded.

"So let me get this straight, Zeke," Justin said, "you used some alien magic to combine with our wizard magic to send us to your planet where we can't use our magic but you can use yours?"

Zeke nodded. "That sounds about right. You know, I guess I should have thought ahead to how you guys could get back, but I was just so excited to hear you guys were wizards that I decided to find a way to show you my world because I was sure you wouldn't freak out because you're wizards and—"

"Wonderful!" Justin said sarcastically, "now we're stuck in a place with no magic with a guide who lost his only means of getting us back to earth. Way to go, Zeke."

"Hey, it's not entirely my fault!" Zeke protested, "I thought you guys could use your magic anywhere you went."

"Well, I dunno…if we actually had our wands we could try it out."

"Now, now, no need to get upset. I'm sure I can get a couple more of those discs and then send you guys back to earth. And hey, it's not my fault you guys dropped your wands."

"You're right, Zeke. This is all Alex's fault." Justin shifted his gaze to Alex.

"My fault?" asked Alex, "How is this my fault?"

"If you hadn't thought it would be amusing to see Zeke become a magician and fail, forcing me to tell him about our wizardry, then he would never have known that we were wizards and wouldn't have invited us here to his world."

"Well…I…" Alex racked her brain, trying to come up with a retort. When she couldn't, she lamely said, "hey, would you look at that? We have wings now! We can totally have flying lessons and races."

"Flying lessons?" Max perked up, "Awesome, I'm going to start right now."

Justin sighed as he watched his brother flap his wings and try vainly to lift himself up in the air. He turned to Zeke and said, "so what can we do in the meantime? And please don't tell me flying lessons."

"Well, I am the right hand man to a king," Zeke said, "well, actually, dragon. Not man. We don't use those kinds of terms here."

"A king? Really?"

"Heck yes, Justin! In fact, the king is such a great guy, he might let you all stay at the castle and give us more discs. Pssh, why didn't I think of that earlier? I'm sure he has more than one, I mean, come on, what kind of dragon wouldn't have back up discs?"

"Lead the way, Zeke," Justin said, looking up at Max, "and come down, Max, we need to get going."

Max obliged, flying down and claiming there was nothing interesting beyond the tree tops anyways. Zeke lead the way through the forest, weaving through the trees and stomping all the undergrowth as he lead the others towards his king's castle.

Meanwhile, back in the Russo's home, Jerry and Theresa finished closing up the Sub Station and went to check on their children. After checking all their rooms and the rest of the house, they both went down to the lair.

Jerry stopped short when he entered the room, a puzzled look on his face.

"Why are all our kids' clothes ripped up on the floor?" he asked aloud, walking over and picking up Alex's wand, "and why are their wands on the floor?"

Theresa let out a loud, exasperated sigh. "What did they do this time, Jerry?"

"I don't know," Jerry replied, slightly worried, "but whatever it was, they will probably have a hard time coming back."

"What do you mean?" Theresa asked, attempting to pick up the torn pieces of cloth from the floor and place them on the nearby table.

"Every one of their wands are here, they wouldn't leave them behind. Unless of course they used magic without their wands. But this doesn't make any sense."

"Are you saying they got kidnapped or something?" asked Theresa, concern starting to replacing her anger.

"I don't know," Jerry shrugged, "but I just hope they don't get in too much trouble."

"It looks like Alex is involved, so that may be a bit too much to ask for."

Suddenly a strong wind surged through the room, a small whirlwind forming nearby. A figure appeared in the wind, revealing the great Professor Crumbs.

He opened his mouth, ready to make the grand announcement that the Russo family wizard competition was about to commence, but he didn't see any of the Russo children anywhere.

"That's strange," he said, "they were here just a little while ago." He looked over at Jerry, noticing the man was holding the children's wands. "Did they get in trouble again?"

"We think so," Jerry replied, "I don't really know though. We came in here a few moments ago and all we saw were destroyed clothing and their wands on the floor."

Professor Crumbs frowned. "I just detected their presence here just five minutes ago or so. Could they have just disappeared?"

"Why are you here, professor?"

"I came by to announce that the Russos have finally completed their requirements for the family wizard competition with Alex performing an act out of kindness." He sighed before adding, "but I'm afraid the competition will have to wait now."

"They were just here?" asked Theresa, "did they know about the competition? Maybe they were trying to avoid it or something."

"They didn't know," the professor replied, "so let's try and gather evidence around here, maybe they left something behind to indicate where they went."

The two Russo parents nodded and searched the room for anything out of the ordinary. Jerry soon came across the piece of the paper with the spell written on it.

"Wizards are now not, underworld dragons should fill their slots," Jerry read aloud, handing the piece of paper over to the professor, "looks like they tried out a spell."

"Oh, are you serious? Dragons?" Theresa exclaimed, "Couldn't they pick something a little less dangerous to work with?"

"This was handwritten, but by whom?" asked the professor.

Theresa grabbed the paper and analyzed the handwriting. She had looked at her children's assignments over the years and was positive she could tell the difference between their writing styles.

The more she looked at it, the less familiar it became. "I don't recognize this, handwriting. Do you, Jerry?"

Jerry grabbed the paper and looked at it. "Huh. Come to think of it, it doesn't look like anything Alex, Justin, or Max would write."

"Well, if one of them didn't write it, who did?" Theresa asked.

"I'm afraid we may have a more sinister plot on our hands, Mr. and Mrs. Russo," Professor Crumbs concluded, "though I may be concluding this prematurely. I will go invite the wizard council here to see what they make of this situation. Meanwhile, I'd suggest you two look throughout the mortal world. Could be something completely benign, but I'd rather not take chances."

The two Russo parents nodded, heading towards the door while the professor took out his wand and teleported himself to the where the wizard council was.