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Chris McLean stood on the dock of Camp Wawanakwa.

Chris: Welcome folks, to yet another season of Total Drama! That's right; we are back for our fifth season! Fourteen of the most popular past contestants are back to battle it out here on the island once again for another million dollars! Also, as an added little twist, this season the teams will be heroes vs. villains! Who will survive till the end? And who will take the first humiliating ride on the Hurl of Shame? Find out right here, right now, on Total Drama All-Stars!

Episode 1: Heroes vs. Villains

Chris waited on the dock as a boat pulled up, carrying the fourteen teens who were competing.

Chris: Please welcome our contestants! Alejandro, Courtney, Dawn, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Noah, Owen, Scott, Sierra, and Zoey!

The first contestants to step off the boat were Gwen, Duncan, and Courtney.

Chris: Hey guys, who's ready for some more Total Drama?!

Gwen: Ugh, please tell me this is all a bad dream.

Courtney shoved her aside.

Courtney: You are going to wish it was a bad dream when I'm through with you!

Chris: Ooh, I see there's still some unresolved tension, ladies.

Courtney: Huh, whatever.

Duncan walked up next to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Duncan: Listen Courtney, I told you-

Courtney: Get off, I don't want to hear it!

She turned away from him, so he went over to join Gwen.

Gwen: There's no way we're gonna get through to her.

Duncan: Well hey, I can't blame her. But I need her to forgive me and just understand.

Confession Cam:

Duncan: So I'm trying not to sound soft here or anything, but I feel bad for Courtney. I made a huge mistake, and man, it took a lot longer than it should have for me to realize that.


The couple then realized that Alejandro was eavesdropping. He and Heather had joined them on the dock.

Duncan: Can I help you?!

Alejandro: No no, I'm just minding my own business, friend.

He spoke with his usual snake-like smirk, making Duncan angrier.

Duncan: You better beat it before I smack that smirk right off your face!

Heather: Oh I would enjoy that!

Alejandro looked at her with a hurt expression.

Alejandro: Por favor chica, por que estas enojado conmigo?

Heather: Ugh, speaking in Spanish will not help you win me over.

Chris jumped into the middle of the arguing teens.

Chris: Listen gang, I really do love the drama, but we need to get started-

Courtney shoved him out of the way.

Courtney: I refuse to compete!


Courtney: It's just so hard for me to be here! I haven't been treated right on this show, none of us have! But my personal conflict with Duncan and that goth troll only make it worse! The concept of winning a million dollars just isn't worth it anymore.


Chris: You can't refuse! The contracts you signed way back when for season one cover five seasons!

Courtney: I've had it with you and your contracts! You'll be hearing from my lawyer!

Alejandro: Really, the lawyer threat again?

Courtney: Mind your own business!

Gwen: Calm down, Courtney.

Courtney: You! You don't tell me what to do!

Amidst the arguing contestants, Sierra jumped off the boat.

Sierra: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Chris sighed.

Chris: Oh hey Sierra, welcome to Camp Wawanakwa.

Sierra jumped up and down with excitement.

Chris: Unfortunately for you, Cody won't be joining us.

Sierra: I know, but have no fear, I plan to win and use the money for our wedding!

Chris: Yeah, alrighty then.

Noah: She still hasn't caught on? I suppose at this point she never will. Sad case.

Chris turned to see the sarcastic teen standing behind him.

Chris: Ah Noah, welcome back!

Noah: Uh yeah, remind me again why I'm here?

Chris: Because you're under contract. Plus, research indicates that you are a fan favorite!

Noah: Okay then.


Noah: Yeah I've read a lot of comments from "fans" of mine. So not only do you people watch this horrible excuse for a show, but you also are fans of me? You people really need to reevaluate your lives.


Chris: Okay, that does it for our first half of contestants. Now let's give a warm welcome to our other half, the newbies from last season! Oh, and Owen. I forgot about Owen.

Owen: Why did you forget me?

Suddenly he jumped off the boat and landed next to Noah. The dock planks catapulted Noah into the air, and down into the lake.

Owen: Oops, sorry buddy!

Noah surfaced, spitting water from his mouth and glaring up at the large teen.

Chris: Ha, how could I forget you, big guy!

He turned back to the boat.

Chris: Now let's greet the newbies from last season!

Jo: I still can't believe that little runt cheated me out of my million dollars!

Lightning: Your million dollars? You didn't even make it to the finale! It was Lightning's million dollars!

Jo: In your dreams, meathead!

Mike and Zoey stepped off behind them.

Mike: It's neither of yours, Cam won fair and square.

Zoey: Yeah, get over it you jerks.

Zoey walked over to Gwen.

Zoey: Hey Gwen! I just wanna say that you are so cool! You were my favorite when I watched the first three seasons, I wish you had won.

Gwen: Wow really? Thanks. You're pretty cool yourself.


Gwen: Zoey is really sweet. It's helpful to know I'll have someone to hang with when I'm on this stupid show.

Zoey: Gwen is really awesome! I've always been a fan of hers because besides the goth thing, I can relate to her a lot.


Next, Scott stepped onto the dock, all fixed up from his shark incident.

Chris: Hey Scotty, welcome back!

Scott didn't reply, but gave the host an evil stare.

Mike: Hey Scott, ready to get your butt kicked a second time?!

Scott: As I recall, I got you eliminated, freak.

Zoey: Shut up asshole, don't call him a freak!

Chris: Yeah, Mike's little problem is all fixed so he's gonna be totally boring now.

Mike sighed.


Mike: I know Scott is just a jerk anyways, but I've been called a freak by plenty of people before. Luckily I have my multiple personality disorder under control now.


Chris: Okay, now we are just missing one-

Dawn: Greetings.

Chris jumped a mile and turned around to see the short pale moonchild standing behind him.

Chris: How did you-?!

Dawn: How did I what?

She tilted her head curiously. Chris sighed.

Chris: Never mind, just stand with the other contestants.

Jo: Oh good, I missed this weirdo.

Noah glared at the jock.

Noah: Why don't you try being nice for once?


Noah: Seriously, just from watching last season I can't stand that "girl".


Dawn then shuffled next to him.

Dawn: Hello Noah, nice to finally meet you.

Noah: Uh hey, or whatever.

Dawn: Your aura tells me you are nervous.

Noah: Uh, well, yeah I mean I hate this sucky show and being put through all this crap. Not really excited about what Chris has in store for us this time.

Dawn just smiled and gently touched his arm.

Dawn: It will be all right.

Owen leaned over to Noah.

Owen: Hey buddy, do you like her? Cause it seems like you-

Noah quickly reached up and grabbed his friend's lips tightly and twisted them shut.


Owen: Boy, Noah is really hard to read but I'm his best friend, and I can tell he seems really nervous around Dawn. Like the same kind of nervous I used to get when I was on the plane. And that's a lot.


Chris: Okay, now that you are all here, I'd like to point out that the island has been completely cleaned. No more toxic waste, unfortunately.

Zoey: What about all the poor mutant animals?

Chris: They are all in the care of those nature-loving rescue people, ugh.

Scott looked around nervously.

Scott: Even the shark?

Chris: Haha yes dude, lucky for you. Now, teams this season will be heroes vs. villains.

Lightning: Awesome! Lightning is clearly a hero!

Heather: More like a zero!

Alejandro quietly laughed to himself.

Heather: What's so funny?!

Alejandro: You, chica.

Heather: No I'm not! Stop laughing!

Courtney: Oh shut up, Heather. Chris, get on with it and tell us the teams. And I better not be a villain!

Chris: I'm sure most of you already know, unless you're delusional like Lightning.

Lightning: Hey!

Chris: Heather, Duncan, Jo, and Scott; all of you stand in front of the left cabin. Zoey, Mike, Sierra, and Owen; go to the right.

The contestants moved to stand in their teams.

Chris: As you can see, on the left are the villains, and on the right are the heroes.

Duncan: Huh, a villain? I wouldn't say I'm quite up to par with these three.

Courtney: You are way worse than those three combined!

Duncan: Listen princess, how many times do I have to say I'm sorry?

Chris: All of you shut it! Alejandro and Lightning, please join the villains. Noah and Dawn, join the heroes.

Dawn smiled at Noah as they walked together, but he nervously turned away and hid on the other side of Owen.

Chris: That just leaves Gwen and Courtney. Who is the hero, and who is the villain?

Gwen: Well, we've both done our fair share of villainess things.

Courtney: You are a boyfriend stealer!

Chris: And that's why Gwen is a villain! Courtney, go join the heroes!

Courtney: Yes!

She happily ran over to join her teammates.

Courtney: Prepare to go down, Duncan! And Gwen! Ooh, and Heather and Alejandro!


Courtney: This is great! Finally I'm being recognized as good instead of bad!


Zoey: Aw, I wish Gwen was on my team.

Chris: Get over it. Heroes, you'll be known as the Heroic Hamsters, and villains, you're the Villainess Vultures. Now I shall explain your first challenge.

Gwen: Ugh what will you throw at us this time?

Chris: If you people would shut your yaps for two seconds, I'll tell you! Just meet me at the waterfall in ten, and bring your bathing suits.

The contestants groaned and reluctantly changed into their suits. At the top of the waterfall, Chris and Chef were waiting.

Chris: Okay, your first challenge is a game of tug-o-war! Heroes stand on one side and villains on the other. Tug on the rope until one team pulls all seven members of the opposite team into the river and hurtling down the fall. Have fun!

Courtney turned to her team.

Courtney: Okay, Owen will be at the end to act as a weight.

Owen: Aye aye, captain!

Courtney: I'll be at the front of the line. Mike, you'll be behind me as my first officer, then the rest of you between him and Owen.

Noah: Remind us again who put you in charge?

Courtney: Oh I'm sorry, would anyone else like to be team leader?

The others glanced around nervously.

Courtney: That's what I thought.

Meanwhile, the villains were arguing about their line order.

Heather: No way am I being first, then I'll obviously get pulled into the water!

Gwen: That's why we want you at the front.

Heather: Why you little-

Alejandro: Relax ladies, I will be at the front. Duncan, you be on the end.

Jo: What? I'm stronger than him!

Lightning: And I'm stronger than all of you!


Alejandro: Why must I always be on a team with difficult and incompetent people? Oh well, I do love a challenge.


Finally both teams had lined up along the rope and were ready to begin.

Chris: Ready, steady, go!

Chef blew a whistle and both teams started pulling.

Heather: Ugh, no fair! They have Owen!

Owen was sitting down at the end of the heroes' line, holding the rope.

Owen: This is fun!

Courtney: Come on team, pull!

Mike: We're trying!

Zoey: It's too hard!

Courtney: No task is too hard for us! We're the Heroic Hamsters!

Jo: And us vultures are gonna prey on you little hamsters!

Alejandro: First we must get rid of Owen. That fatass always causes me a great deal of annoyance.

Duncan: I hate to agree with him, but he's right. Unless we get rid of Owen, we're not pulling them anywhere.

Scott: Leave that to me…

On the other side, Noah grew tired of pulling.

Noah: This sucks.

Dawn turned and looked back at him.

Dawn: Yes, indeed it does.

Noah: My arms are tired, and this is pointless.

Dawn: Just relax and breathe.

She put her hand on his, and Noah began to stutter and sweat.

Noah: Uhhh I…


Dawn: Noah is so interesting; I really cannot wait to get to know him better.


Owen had gotten bored and fallen asleep. Suddenly a delicious scent hit his nose, and he bolted awake.

Owen: Do I smell… CAKE?!

Courtney looked back in disgust.

Courtney: Owen, don't you dare-


He jumped up and darted off away from the rope.

Alejandro: Excellent, he's gone! Heave!

The villains gave a great pull, and the heroes stumbled forward. Sierra lost her balance and knocked into Zoey. Both girls fell to the ground.

Courtney: Ah! Hold onto the rope!

Mike: This isn't fair, they have too many strong people!

Meanwhile, Owen ran in the direction of the cake scent, but couldn't find anything.

Owen: Cake?

Suddenly Scott came up behind him.

Scott: Hey there pal, want some?

He handed him a piece of cake.

Owen: Oh yes thank you!

Scott laughed as he walked away, leaving Owen busy stuffing his face.

Scott: Too easy.

He walked back to join his team.

Duncan: Good work man, you might be a total douche but at least you got the job done.

Scott: Well obviously, I guess the rest of you morons were too stupid to think of it.

Heather: Stop insulting us and help, you creep!

Courtney was being dragged dangerously close to the water.

Alejandro: I am sorry to have to do this, Courtney, but I must win.

Courtney: You'll never win!

Alejandro: Oh but I will.

He yanked the rope hard and Courtney was pulled forward. She lost her footing and fell forward into the water, and down the waterfall.

Alejandro: Adios chica!

Courtney emerged at the bottom of the fall, gasping for air. She glared up at Alejandro.

Courtney: You'll pay for that!

Noah: Ugh, where is Owen?!

Sierra: He abandoned us!

Scott looked across at Noah and smirked.

Scott: Hey shrimp, looks like your fatass friend cares more about cake than he cares about you!

Noah: Why don't you go back to the trailer park, dirtbag?

Dawn: Do not let him anger you. He is a truly mean-spirited being, but you must not let him get to you. It is what he wants.

Noah: I'm trying but ugh… Owen! Get back here!

Owen jumped up from where he was eating his cake.

Owen: Noah needs me! Hang on little buddy, I'm coming!

The villains continued to pull and taunt the heroes.

Alejandro: Time to say adios, amigos.

Mike was getting pulled closer to the edge.

Mike: I can't hang on for much longer!

Just then Owen ran over and grabbed the end of the rope.

Owen: I'm here, team!

With one quick yank, he managed to pull all the villains forward and into the water. They screamed as they fell down the waterfall.

Chris: And the Heroic Hamsters win!

The heroes cheered.

Owen: Group hug!

He grabbed the others in his arms and pulled them into a tight squeeze.

Chris: Looks like I'll be seeing the Villainous Vultures at the first campfire ceremony tonight to send someone home.

Courtney: Don't you losers know? Heroes always win, and villains always lose!

She got out of the water and joined the other heroes to celebrate. The villains skulked in the water. Duncan glared at Scott.

Duncan: I guess your plan wasn't so great after all, dumbass.

Scott: I didn't see you come up with anything better!

Gwen: Whatever, I'm going to dry off.

Lightning: Ugh, how could Lightning lose again?!

Heather: Because Lightning is an idiot!

Alejandro: Please team, fighting will not help.

They climbed out of the water, leaving Scott last. As he swam over to land, two sharks popped up behind him.

Scott: Uh, hi.

The sharks bared their sharp teeth.

Scott: Oh crap.

His scream rang out across the entire island.

That night, the seven villains cast their votes and sat at the campfire pit. Chris walked over holding a plate of six marshmallows.

Chris: Looks like Scott had fun today.

Scott was in a full body cast and could not speak.

Chris: Anyway, you all know the drill. Whoever doesn't get a marshmallow must walk the Dock of Shame, and then get flung away in the Hurl of Shame, and you can never come back ever blah blah blah. The first marshmallow goes to Gwen.

Gwen sighed as she received her marshmallow.

Chris: Duncan, Jo, Lightning, Heather.

He tossed them each a marshmallow, leaving Alejandro and Scott.

Chris: And the final marshmallow goes to…









Alejandro smiled as he ate his marshmallow. Scott remained where he was, as he could not see, speak, or move.

Chris: Okay we gotta get this guy into the catapult.

Jo: It would be my pleasure!

She grabbed Scott and ran down the dock, dumping him in the catapult.

Chris: Geez, someone's a little eager.

He walked over to the catapult and pressed the lever, sending Scott hurling across the lake.

Chris: Well there you have it folks, the first day of our new season! I have to say, it was a pretty awesome way to start! We'll see you next time for more Total Drama All-Stars!

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