Thalia Everdeen stood on her patio with a hand on her swollen stomach and smiling at the bright sunlight skimming across her face. The heat of the warm sprinbg afternoon always relaxed her, being able to feel the heat of the sun and then the cool breeze that would calm down the heated skin. She felt as her child kicked at her and grinned and stood up slowly from the bench. She remembered months ago she was able to do whatever she had wanted, she was going to regret all of those sweets that her child and hormones demanded nearly every second of the day. But she could not regret having this child.

This little girl was all her husband has ever dreamed of, she remembered that large grin on his face and his strange happy dance when she had told him about her pregnancy. Unlike other mothers she had nothing to be afraid of, her husband had so much money to support her, he was perfect, he was kind, loving, stable and no matter how hard she tried she would never find something wrong with her husband, she only wished he was home more often. He is supposed to get time off when she gives birth but she was never sure, his boss tells him things that will never happen all of the time. She wanted to strangle the man, she had met him a few times at parties for the buisness that she was forced to go to. She was made to be her husbands arm candy.

That's what everyone thought of her, she grumble iritably and walked into the kitchen, trying to avoid the area filled with the unhelathy snacks her husband had bought her. The reason they were both so happy about her pregnancy was because her doctor had said that after this pregnancy she wouldn't be able to have anymore children. The idea of losing this child after this being her only child terrified her, if she were to misscarry she would be so upset, more upset than anyone else in the world. She had heard that losing a child was one of the most dramatic things a woman could go through, she diefinetly didn't want to go through the kind of mental and most likely physical pain.

She shook her head and began to rummage through the refrigarator, she found the triple layer chocolate cake her mother had baked for her, knowing that she would be wanting some chcolate later. Thalia smiled and took a slice before sitting down onto a barstool and digging in.

"Thalia!" she heard the sound of her husbands melodic voice. She blushed and searched frantically for a napkin to whipe her chocolate covered face before he could see her. The sound of his fancy work shoes entering the kitchen made her rip nearly a five foot long peice of paper towel and she whiped at her face furiously. "Ethan!" she squeaked as he entered the kitchen, his hair was disheveled, most likely from running his hands through it constantly and he gave her a grin and pulled te paper towels from her face so he could plant a kiss on her lips. He touches her stomach gently, their little girl kicked in response and they both smiled. "I can't wait for her to get here...we still need to name her." he tells her and she smiles back at him. "Just three more months..." she says and he kisses her cheek softly.


*3 Months Later*

Thalia held the baby in her arms with a smile on her face. Her smile then quickly slipped away, she had to leave her baby. Her Katniss with a woman, a woman she didn't even kow, but her husband thought that she could watch over Katniss well enough. It was just a babysitter that her friends had recommended, all of her friends had kids and she trusted their opinions but she didn't like the idea of having a babysitter either way. She thought it was just a real badidea, everything was pretty much a bad idea that had to do with strangers, sure, she was open to new people but not when those new people would be holding her daughter's life in their hands.

She would kill them if something happened to her daughter. she is sure Ethan would unleash more wrath than her though, but she wasn't sure, you never seperate a mother bear from her cubs or cub in that matter. Katniss looked up at her mother with wide curious eyes, she looked concerned. Thalia knew her daughter would definetly be overly observant when she got older. That would definetly be an issue, she thought ad a wide smile came across her face. Ethan came into the room with her with the woman that was definetly her daughter's babysitter. She tried hard not to glare at the kind looking woman as her husband smiled and held their daughter out to her.

The woman smiled warmly and excepted their daughter with open arms, Katiss of course was like her mother and didn't like new people as much and Katiss fussed a little about leaving her father. Thalia could't help but smirk at her daughter, only a few weeks old and already was disliking people.

Apparently the woman's name was Cassandra, her friends had never mentioned the name before and Thalia was surprised she hadn't said her name before even putting a hand on her daughter.. She rolled her eyes as she neared the car out front and her husband chuckled and pecked her on her cheek. "Don't worry love, everything will be fine. I promise, we'll be back in only an hour from now." her husband tells her to soothe her, "We better be..." she mumbles and he chcukles and opens the car door for her and she climbs into the passanger seat.

It actually wouldn't be fine.



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