Chapter 8

Finnick rubbed his face tiredly. Dear God, Katniss's friends really were lunatics. Not that he had actually expected it. Okay...maybe he had. But, that was beside the point. Now that the fact was proven. He really wanted to call her, apoligize for leaving so suddenly and rudely. There were things about Katniss that he couldn't understand just by looking at her, and he wished that he could. It would make things a bit easier, but...maybe even more complicated as well.

These were the things that were hard to understand the most. But, he was scared to call her, what if she was angry with him? Oh, who was he kidding! The girl barely knew him and he barely knew her. What was the point? Well, he did have her car. So, he would at least give that back to her. Besides, it would be illegal to keep it in the first place. Basically, he had no choice.

But, he would probably just have Thresh follow him in his truck and bring him home afterwards.


Katniss gripped onto Madge's hand as they walked down the hallway, no one seemed to notice that the girls were paired together. But, a few eyes turned their way and stuck there. Thankfully, they had yet to come across Cato. That would be a conversation she would not want to deal with.

Not that anyone really would. Sometimes, she wished Cato could just go deaf and blind so he'd never ever realize what was going on around him. Yeah, sure, that's kind of mean and insulting, but it is the truth. Most people have that kind of person in their life. You don't want to kill them, but you don't want them to annoy you ever.

"Katniss...Madge?" Peeta stood by Madge's locker, a look of confusion on his face. Katniss tried to smile, but it seemed to come out a bit more as a grimace.

He blinked a few times, as if he's trying to clear his mind, or to know if this is real or not. Not that Katniss was even sure of that herself. Maybe she was only dreaming, she would wake up on the couch with Finnick and none of this would have ever happened. She wouldn't have made the mistake of calling Madge just due to her ridiculous emotions.

She guessed that this was what it really was like to be a teenager. Goddamn hormones and emotions. "Hi." she said gently. Madge was grinning brightly and that was when Kyla ran over and instantly wrapped her arms around Katniss. The brunette hadn't even tried to think about how her friends were feeling about her depression. Or by how she had pushed them away, but it wasn't something she cared about. She had to make her friends happy instead of making them worried on her behalf.

Because, none of it was their fault. It was all Cato's fault, it would always be Cato's fault. He would always be there to ruin her life, and in all truth, she would be stuck with him for her entire life just to make her parents happy. But, did they really deserve happiness. After abandoning her over and over again, never allowing her to meet her family, forcing her to marry her once best friend. That wasn't what real parents did for their children.

"Oh My God, Katniss, are you alright? Oh God, we were so worried." Kyla sounded as if she were close to tears, Madge glared at her as Katniss carefully wrapped her arms around her friend. This was making her chest hurt, she'd made Kyla cry because of her need to be alone.

Slowly a smile came across Peeta's face and he said, "You promised to go to the mall with me, you know?" she smiled back and Kyla released her with a blush on her cheeks and emotion bright in her eyes.

"Okay, we have news." Madge exclaimed just loud enough that people about ten feet away could hear. But, no one turned their heads to look at the group. Now, it was all old news. It made Katniss relieved to know that no one would be bothering her for a long while.

Peeta's right eyebrow rose and Madge quickly responded, "Katniss and I are dating." this time in a whisper.


Finnick ran his fingers through his hair and gripped onto the steering wheel tightly, slowly inching his way down Katniss's street. Thank the lord that no one was driving on this street, because he was going about one centimeter per hour. And someone might just get out of the car and beat the shit out of him.

He was sweating for absolutley no reason, all he had to do was give Katniss back the goddamn car and be done with it. But, it wasn't that easy for some reason. "Come on Odair! Just push the fucking pedal down and throw the keys at her and be done with it!" Okay, maybe throwing the keys at Katniss would be a bad idea. What if that Cato was there? He didn't want to be catastrated today, or any day for that matter.



Peeta chuckled as Katniss blushed and Madge flirted with her shamelessly. They would be leaving for the mall in a couple of minutes. They had just decided to finish their homework beforehand, not wanting to get ahead of themselves like they usually did.

The blonde boy was glad to have Katniss back with them, even if she was a bit more sensetive than before, it wasn't that bad of a thing.


Finnick slammed his fist onto the door about ten times. The keys in his back pocket, he wasn't wearing glove and his hands were freezing. And each time he slammed his fist to the door his hand just exploded with pain. But, he was ignoring it for Katniss's sake. He would apoligize after giving her the keys, and maybe she'd want to go out and get a coffee or something.

"Katniss!" he heard a female voice from behind the door, "I'm opening it!"

Then the door flew open, a curvey blonde stood in front of him with a smile on her face. He recognized her from the grocery store where he first saw Katniss. Ah, memories. Not that knocking down a girl is a very good memory. But, whatever.

"Hi, I'm Madge. Come in, I'm assuming you know Katniss?" he was surprised as she ushered him into the home and he quickly took off his outdoor wear. Doing this was something he hadn't wanted to do. But, these friends of hers probably wouldn't want to know that Katniss was letting a near stranger, borrow her parents' car.

"Yeah, I'm Finnick..."

She just grinned and told him to go sit in the livingroom, he'd been hoping that the peppy blonde would be the only friend here. But, hoping did nothing but make him nervous and annoyed.

He ran his fingers through his hair as the two other teenagers he'd seen before were sitting on one couch, of course he sat on the other, not wanting to seem like a major weirdo. They could most likely tell by his appearance that he had no valid reason to be here. But, he just gave them a smile that looked to be more of a grimace than anything else. As he sat down, he began to fiddle with his fingers and beg God to just kill him then and there.

And, of course they decided to just stare at him like weirdos. Making him feel even worse than before. What is wrong with rich people?! He thought and quickly stood up as Katniss entered the room. Her hair was up in a ponytail, sidebangs curling at her jawline. She wore a thin purple t-shirt and a pencil skirt. Purple leggings beneath her knee high combat boots. He gave her a relieved look. She grinned and it soon left her face as the blonde ran into the room and hugged her from behind.

Finnick tried hard to hid his surprised expression at how affectionate Madge was being with Katniss, he knew for a fact that Katniss liked guys. But, maybe he was just assuming things and he was wrong. Not that it was his business, but he felt like he should be concerned.


Katniss sighed as she sat on the bench, they were now at the mall. Kyla and Madge were off at the Claire's just across from them, and now Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick were just sitting down on the bench outside. Waiting. While Finnick was standing up and just leaning against the window outside of the store.

Without having Madge around to keep the conversation rolling made things only so much more awkward. Katniss leaned her head back to stare at the glass cieling of the mall. It showed how the snow slowly covered almost every bit of it. She didn't understand how it had yet to come crashing down on the hundreds of people iniside this place. Maybe even thousands.

At least her parents would sue the place for everything they had if she had as much as a scratch on her arm. Then there would be people who would be left blind or even dead, and their greivence would never be payed. Sure, she was being a bit morbid but she had mentioned that plenty of times. She had morbid humor, a violent mind, and a whole other load of shit going on with her personaility. But who cared?!

It was her shitty mind, her problem! No one else had the right to give a shit!

"Katniss," she looked up, hoping it was Finnick. But it was Peeta, smiling at her nervously and slightly blushing. "Yeah?" she asked, hiding the dissapointment she felt. She loved Peeta to death and was feeling beyond guilty. But, there was nothing she could really do about her feelings.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Finnick watching them with a look of amusment in his expression. She wondered why. She didn't find anything particurally funny at that moment. Though she wasn't exectly in the best mood at that moment. So, maybe there was something she should be laughing to death over, but just couldn't see it.

"Um...Could we maybe...go check out the sporting goods store?" She instantly giggled, putting a hand over her mouth as he blushed an even deeper shade of red.

"Yeah, I'll just text Madge on the way there. Come on, Finnick!" she called and Peeta blushed again as she stood and Finnick walked over. Peeta turned in the direction of the store and began to walk off.

Katniss shook her head and chuckled. Finnick gave her a confused look, "It was a few months ago. I promised a very drunk Peeta that we would go to the mall and shop for hunky football players." Finnick rolled his eyes and they began to follow after the blushing blonde who hadn't gone too far just yet.

Maybe he wasn't as eager as he led on. "Why on Earth would you tell him that?" She giggled as he nudged her.

"I don't know, I wasn't drunk. That's for sure. But, I do believe that Peeta's need for a football player creeps me out. I mean, what's wrong with baseball?" Finnick busted into laughter and she rolled her eyes.


"Katniss!" Madge squealed as she walked up to them. Now they were finally at the foodcourt, Finnick was more than happy about that.

Katniss was yanked straight into a hug and Madge rubbed her face in her breasts, making Katniss blush. It was obvious that Finnick had no clue what was going on and knew that she was straight. But, that didn't change much of anything for her, she was terrified of what he would think.

She really did not want to end up hurting Madge in the future. She hoped more than anything else that Madge would realize they weren't meant for each other and move on. But, it was becoming harder and harder to believe as the days went by.

"Come on, there is no way in hell you're eating fastfood today. Let's go." Madge said, gripping her hand and tugging her toward this place. Finnick gave her a look of embarrasement and Katniss quickly realized that he had come unprepared. "Here, Finnick. Get whatever you want." she said and tugged a pair of twenties from her pocket. She still had her credit card on her, so it didn't really matter.

He looked like he was about to protest. But, she was quickly dragged away by Madge before he could even open his mouth.

"Katniss, where did you meet him? I mean, I've never seen him before. And I don't mean to be rude, but...he doesn't seem like he's in our class..." Katniss didn't take offense and nodded.

"I met him in the park one day, we had a short conversation an I made him come home with me. We've been hanging out since then?" Madge suddenly stopped and crossed her arms over her chest, Katniss sighed and explained before Madge went into a rage. "Only as friends Madge, he's never touched me, or anything of that nature. All you have to think about right now, is you and me."

Katniss gave her a smile and placed a hand on her girlfriend's cheek. Madge melted into her and smiled brightly. Calming down and they continued over to the little court.


Finnick sighed and plopped onto Katniss's bed, she looked at him with an eyebrow raised. Her hair was now down and she wore pajama pants with a tiny camisole. He wanted to kiss her badly, she looked so hot, but he wasn't about to fuck up.

"I'm sorry you got dragged into that today. But, if you hadn't been there. My friends would ask questions about you every ten seconds." he chuckled as she fell down beside him. They felt like they could be best friends. But, there was this wall between them. Strong and erect, keeping things from going where they both hoped.

But, they could break it down if they wanted. It's just that no one had the guts to try and break through it yet. The hatred they held towards both of their communities, all of the things they hid about themselves to keep others safe. All of the smiles they faked, all of the laughter that never sounded quite right.

They turned to look at each other at the same time. Looking but never seeing each other, not knowing what either of them really wanted. "Night Finnick." she said quietly but continued to stare at him.

"Goodnight Katniss." He said as he stared into those grey orbs of hers. Swirling with so many emotions she tried so hard to hide. Her eyes held such sadness that he'd never seen before, it was like he knew so much. So much that didn't matter, like all the things that her friends thought they knew about her.

He opened his mouth, and before he could stop himself. He asked, "What are you hiding?"


There was something that Cato Shaun thought about quite a lot. It didn't have to do with his friends, family, school work. Or anything of that nature, for some reason, all of those things felt unimportant. What did feel important was his wedding. After he graduated High School, the girl of his dreams would be his, he remembered when they first were told of their future. It was when they were twelve, after a day filled with fun and happiness, their parents told them what would happen only six years later.

Letting them know that any relationship they would have wanted, wasn't available any longer. They were doing it for status, they were doing it for money, they were doing it because they had to. They weren't ever going to get married because they loved each other, they had to do it because their parents said so.

Cato growled and walked into his bathroom. There was this nagging feeling in his chest that always told him that Katnis wasn't his and that he didn't deserve her. A long time ago, he believed it. But, as he grew to truly know her, to read her and see how much she needed him. He felt stronger and stronger. But, for some reason, he became better for her. He became captain of the football team and practiced how to have proper sex with Glimmer.

Maybe on their wedding night, or sometime in the next year and a half, he would be able to show her what she meant to him. He would make love to her all night long and give her the greatest pleasure, so much of it she would never be able to comprehend it. She was his, her body was his for sure, he had taken away the one thing that every girl cherished to death. That was his, he knew that her heart belonged to him, she may not know, but it was obvious enough for him.


Finnick rubbed his eyes as bright light streamed through the window of Katniss's bedroom, he sat up and she was lying her head in his lap. Her chocolate brown hair on his thighs and on...other places. He chuckled lightly and ran his fingers through his hair. He couldn't believe any of it at first. Katniss had told him everything from start to finish. But, it wasn't like she wasn't trying to hold back, she let him know every little detail of why she was now so fucked up.

It was shocking at first, but knowing that she trusted him with this information that she hadn't dared to tell anyone gave him a great happiness. It was a sickly sweet feeling, his feelings for this girl grew stronger and stronger as she continued, hearing the sadness in her voice, the bitter laughter that she would let out, the sparkle of joy in her grey orbs.

So many emotions surged through him and he felt like he was apart of her, this girl, that he had known for a week, he felt like she was his new best friend and the person that caused him the greatest grief. It was when she wasn't even trying, when she gave him the smallest of smiles. He fell in love with her little by little. Making him want to burst into tears as it overwhelmed and took control of him. Made him hate her and made him love her.

Those two emotions ran in the same circle, so it makes more sense than none at all. Which made him feel somewhat sane. He hadn't felt this way ever, not since she had come along had he been interested in any girl, none had caught his eye the way she had. This rich girl that didn't fit in with all of these others. She was where she never belonged in the first place and had no reason why.

He wished he could pull her away from all of this and bring him to his home, snuggle in his little bed every night and whisper secrets to each other like mischevious children on a camping trip. Holding a flashlight under a blanket to iluminate their face, to try and scare the other with odd expressions, he wished she could have had those experiences. All she had ver done as a child was speak to the children around her, they weren't allowed to play outside on a swingset or play tag.

He wanted to share those experiences with her, but would things still turn into what he wanted? Would he still fall head over heels for this girl? She wouldn't have had to be with all of these horrible people who were so entrenched in their greed that their was no way they could save themsleves from it.

Stroking her chocolate locks, her eyes fluttered open and moved to look at him. She gave him a tired smiled and he returned it without a second thought, remaining that way for the longest time. He petted her hair and let her relax in his lap as he stared out the window of her balcony. Watching the sun break through the thick clouds that had been pouring snow onto them for so long. As if letting them know that their ray of hope was coming and that they would reach a salvation.

They would find a way to each other, they would survive their personal hells and all of the emotions that would come their way. They would learn what it meant to love someone properly. Those people, would hopefully be each other.



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