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Chapter 1 Questioning Beliefs

The team gathered around carefully watching their latest foes moves. All three of them positioning themselves on the defensive with their weapons in hand. No one moved a muscle. Standing a little ways away appeared as that of a young woman. She had bright red eyes and ghostly pale skin, but her soul wavelength possessed unimaginable power that seemed to seep around her even now. Turtella was the witches name, and she was not one anyone wanted to mess with. "Remember the plan!" Maka ordered clutching her scythe, Soul, with ferocity. So far the only thing that had happened were mini skirmishes with the enviroment around them. The whole land reeked with traps of all kinds to slow them down, and they worked real well. The group had went through a lot of trouble fighting the rather sickly beasts and dodging trip wires. Lord Death had specifically given them this mission because of the great diversity. Someone without soul perception, mastering skills, and incredible strength would not be able to pull off a mission like this. Not to mention they were all incredibly close to begin with, and could intercept their souls with each other. The witch had been up for grabs after capturing several weapons for her personal gains, and their job was to retrieve these weapons safely and destroy Turtella.

"Now we really shouldn't fight." Turtella frowned running a hand through her boyish golden hair. "How's about we make a deal and avoid all this drama?" She wasn't lying, she really didn't feel like fighting a bunch of kids now. Her plan was underway and going rather well for the time being, and waisted time was the last thing the witch wanted.

"Like hell we will! We're not going to wait around for you to grab more people!" Blackstar shouted instantly running after the witch. "Tsubaki, enchanted sword mode!"

"Right!" The weapon answered changing from her chain to a sharp and deadly sword.

"Wait, Blackstar!" Kid shouted, but it was far too late. The trio broke the moment the fiery energetic boy flew at the witch, and the fight commenced.

It wasn't the first time a plan had failed, and they knew it probably wouldn't be the last, but what happened next threw them for a loop. "Black river, Black river, turtle hurdle!" Turtella got out quickly. "Snapping time!" The spell went off just as the assassin was about to cut straight through the woman, a large white blast enveloped the area and blinded all who dared to look. Worst of all, when they opened their eyes, nothing would be the same.

Turtella smiled devilishly as the DWMA student's were gone. She had no idea what that spell did, but when she used it on someone, they would disappear leaving no trace behind. It was useful overall and a favorite of hers. Once used, Turtella never had to see the faces of her followers again. The only thing that she would regret, was that she couldn't use them for her plans as well. With that, she disappeared within the night.

The catastrophic light had them all scream when the ground disappeared beneath them. Colors started to swerve all around their heads threatening insanity. "Someone take my hand!" Maka yelled through the thunder rattling in her head. They were all falling and being shot in different directions that someone, though she had no idea who, took hold of her leg. "What is this?!" Tsubaki shouted after transforming. She had lost her meister during the impact and had went to grab him, but it happened all too fast that when she turned to take his hand, Blackstar was already gone. Before Maka could answer they jerked in another direction. Kid's body flew right above them in a whirl while Liz and Patty were nowhere to be seen. "Soul!" Maka screeched as her scythe slipped from her grasp and whizzed through a vortex. All in the short amount of time, it came to an end. Their bodies wavered as if getting altered, and with a thud, they landed.

Maka's eyes felt like lead when she finally got them open. She had heard voices for a long time now to know she was in a hospital. Her body ached and her ears were ringing. "Oh, you're awake." Said a feminine voice. Turning her head to see who had spoken, she stared in confusion. "How are you feeling?"

"Where are the others?"

"Others?" The nurse tilted her head to the side. "We only recovered you out in the forest. You're lucky someone was passing by today or else who knows what might have happened."

Maka's body suddenly tensed up and quickly shot straight up, startling the nurse for a minute. "Alright, what hospital am I in?"

"Konoha's hospital of course. The best in all the Hidden Leaf village."

Konoha? Hidden Leaf Village? That proved that she wasn't in the right place. Turtella must have done something or be playing mind games with me. She thought gripping the white sheets in annoyance. Where were her friends? "Listen! I have friends out there somewhere. I need to find them. I don't know where they are or what exactly happened, but I know they're out there."

"Of course. I'll find someone who can help." The woman replied quickly hurrying off. Maka watched her as she left and waited for a few moments to make sure she was gone. Quietly, she threw her covers off and hoped out of bed making her way to the nearest window. Outside, a town not at all like her own, greeted her. "This isn't Death City. Where am I?!" Down below the colorful homes were topped with people happily jumping from roof to roof like it was normal. Some were in groups, others looked like they were relaxing, and then many more on the ground went about a normal life. The strangest sight of all was seeing the shiny bits of metal that clung to their heads on a bandana. Everyone who was doing the fancy tricks and wearing special gear seemed to have one.

Deciding it was time to take a look around, Maka headed for the door and peaked outside into the hallway. It was a narrow area with a few people walking in and out of similar rooms. Digging into her soul perception, the meister found it pretty much impossible to sense into the souls of the nearby doctors. "What?" She whispered putting her hands together as if building a bridge with fingers and focused as she always did within herself. As if it were all but a distant memory, Maka couldn't tap into her powers. "I can't... sense anything." The thought was almost unheard of. Not once before could she not receive any kind of wavelength when concentrating. This had surely been a mind trick. It didn't feel real. Think Maka... what is the last thing you remember before coming here? A white light... Lots of noise... That was it. Her mind couldn't pick up anything else.

"Hey there I was just coming to check up on you!" Maka looked up to see a boy in an incredibly neon orange jump suit. He looked rather energetic and had a smile plastered on his face. "What were you doing out in the woods like that for? Hehe, I bet your happy I found you! Remember my name, Naruto Uzumaki the future Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village! Believe it!"

For some reason he kind of reminds me of Blackstar... "Oh, you're the one I should thank for helping me? Thank you." Maka nodded to the boy afraid to say anything that would go into his head. "I'm Maka Albarn from Death City. I'm looking for my friends who are somewhere around here I assume, and if you'll excuse me for the moment. I need to use the restroom, but I have no idea on how to get to it." Naruto gave her a look of concern.

"Just go down the hall and to the right. It's the first door on the left." He pointed wondering where exactly Death City was. "And if you need help looking for your buddies, meet back up with me. I'll find them!" She wondered if she might have just made a friend in this strange new area and it actually felt good, however, she knew she couldn't let her guard down yet.

"Thank you, Naruto!" Bowing, Maka made her way rapidly through the hallway a bit perplexed. There could only be one more option to prove this place. Turning into the bathroom, she faced the mirror and stared herself over. There were no cuts or harsh markings. At most she looked dirty and in need of a bath. Her face leaned in closely to the mirror as she breathed a heavy breathe and placed her finger on it tracing what she always remembered. "42-42-564... Whenever you want to knock on Death's Door." The meister repeated the chant she had learned since her first day at the academy. The mirror started to shine brightly imitating that of a firefly and gave Maka a bit of hope as she expected to see the figure of Lord Death. Her smile quickly faded after the mirror abruptly cracked and exploded. Screeching, Maka fell to the floor covering her face from the shattering metal. Something's blocking me. I need to find the others! Naruto! Yes, that was right. She had to find Naruto. He would help her. At this point, it was all or nothing.