Dad kicked us out again. Not that I liked living in an abandoned warehouse, it's just mom never learns. Every time he does this and every time she SWEARS we will never go back but as soon as we are needed he will beg us to come back. I know dad loves mom so I don't really understand why she is kicked out so often but when you are a crazy, criminal mastermind, you don't have to make sense. We will probably have to stay with Ivy again. Maybe I will go to Selena's instead. It is closer to school. I have never been kicked out and if I go back Dad will let me stay, it's just I prefer living with mom. Dad is always out killing someone, or fighting Batman. I spend more time with mom so I feel safer. As safe as you can feel living with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Selena is the most normal out of all of us. Even if she is with Batman most of the time. She swears up and down she isn't sleeping with him and she doesn't know who he is but she does. She is technically my legal guardian since mom and dad aren't exactly around all the time she is the one who takes care of me. I am shipped around a lot because one of them is usually in jail or Arkam. If dad and mom are in Arkam, Ivy takes me and if she is in Arkam, Selena takes me and if none of them are around I have to fend for myself. That has only happened once though. Selena actually got caught by the police and mom, dad and Ivy were working together to get Batman but he got them instead and sent them to Arkam. I just switched between Selena and Ivy's apartments and went back to feed the hyena's at night. I love the hyenas. They can be mean but they are real sweethearts once they get to know you. I don't think batman knows I exist. I mean mom told him she never wanted a natural born baby but I was kind of an accident. That sounds bad but I don't mind. They don't treat me like an accident. They train me. Mom and Dad teach me the "tricks of the trade" as it were. Selena teaches me all the cat burglar stuff, the sneaking, the leaving no trace. Ivy teaches me chemical warfare and ecological terrorism. All of the sounds really bad. I don't use it. My parent made it clear that I can decide whether I want to join the family business or not. I get a normal education too. I go to Gotham Academy. Every teacher there knows who my parents are. None of the students do though. They should, my last name Quinn. Melanie Quinn to be exact. At least my parents named me something normal. It could have been weird like Auguste. It is a type of clown, like a Harlequin. I took mom's "last name" because we don't even know dads. I am surprised no one has caught on yet, I mean my last name is a dead giveaway. I don't have many friends; my life style doesn't allow it. The teachers think I live with Selena, who has done her time in Blackgate and is on parole, but I still can't bring any friends home. I guess in Gotham not wanting to bring your friends home isn't suspicious and Selena would never say anything but I still don't want to risk it. If anyone knew I knew where the Joker was hiding, I would be the most hated girl in Gotham. I would never give any of the criminals I knew up. Unless Daddy told me too.


A/N- Okay, I got this idea and if you guys like it I will write it soon. I want to feature Jason Todd but I don't know much about him. I any of you could message me with info, that would be great. This is sorta set during the 5 years in between seasons. I have not planned this out yet. quick explanation I think that the Joker does love Harley, he just doesn't know how to show it to her properly. Anyways check out my story Fever. It is really good.