Lunch. With Melanie. I am FREAKING out. I saw Paul coming over to the table I saved because Dick and Artemis were running late.

"Hey, dude. Where have you been?"

"I skipped. I was hanging out with Melanie." Paul was still sore, literally, from his encounter with her. He was wearing dark sunglasses but I was willing to bet he had at least one black eye. That girl can fight!

"Why? She is a scholarship…"

"Shut up." Suddenly, like the ninja's they were Artemis and Dick were yanking Paul out of his seat. I saw Melanie not far behind. Artemis had grabbed Paul's collar. "This "worthless scholarship kid" will use all of her resources to make you suffer." Paul, being the idiot he was decided provoking her would be a good idea.

"What resources? You can't even afford lunch," Dick, like me, threw money around for friends so he often bought Artemis lunch.

"Look, dude. I never really liked you, but you have gone too far. I like Artemis and Melanie and I know you don't want to piss them off. They live in a rough part of town, resources doesn't mean money. It means some criminal owes them a favor so shut up and get out."

Paul yanked his collar out of Artemis' grip and stomped off. I saw him talking to Scott, before Scott got up and came over to us.

"Hey, man he is a jerk."

"You don't care?" Melanie spoke for the first time since lunch started.

"Naw, I just like a pretty face." With that comment Scott turned "seductively" toward Artemis.

"I have a boyfriend." Artemis didn't even look up from her meal.

"Oh sure you do," He winked and smiled.

"She does dude. I know him." Dick and I spoke at the same time. We were doing that more and more.

"Well, worth a shot. So, Melanie, what kinda stuff you like?"

"Huh?" She looked up from her lap. She seemed distracted.

"What do you like to do?" Everyone turned to her.

"Um, I…don't know." She looked amazed. "I never really do anything. I stay inside a lot."

"Oh, well that's cool," Scott looked at her funny and then went back to trying to convince Artemis to break up with Wally. I moved closer to her.

"You like to cook, you told me."

"I forgot. I am not good at socializing. Never had friends before." Dick heard this comment and gasped dramatically.

"I will help you young padawan in the ways of being social!" Dick grasped her hands. "Let me be your guide to all things friendish!"

Melanie giggled. "Um, sure."

"First you must tell us about yourself!" Dick thrust his hand in the air and fist pumped.

"Umm, I like to cook…"

"Are you any good? My boyfriend eats A LOT and I want to learn more recipes."

"I guess I am okay, I cook all the food at home. My aunt can't cook to save her life."

"Your Selena's niece right?" Dick had gotten tired of being silly and had calmed down. Scott was just staring at everyone like we had lost our minds. I forgot how crazy Dick can be.

"Um, yeah." Melanie answered tentatively.

"Cool, I didn't know she had siblings. Why do you live with her? Parents aren't around?"

"They are around, just not much. I live with Selena and a family friend most of the time."

Dick was opening his mouth to say something else so I interrupted with a name.

"Cassidy." Dick snapped his mouth shut and looked guiltily at Melanie.

"Sorry, I lost my parents so long ago I forget people don't like to talk about it sometimes."

"S'okay, who's Cassidy?"

"She was a friend of Dick's; they used to do extracurricular together. She disappeared not long ago. She just packed up and left. The reason I mentioned her was because her family was murdered by the Joker and she hates to talk about it."

"Cassidy Pennington?" Melanie looked horrified.

"Yes, why you know her?"

"I have heard of her. I have to go." Melanie sprang from her seat and rushed out of the courtyard.

Oh, god. My parents murdered her parents and brother. I was 4 when Bryan was killed and 6 when her parents were. I spun the dial on my locker and grabbed my bag. I knew my parents murdered and hurt people but this is the first time I have ever been so close to meeting someone whose life had been effected by my parent's actions. I don't know how to deal with this. And on top of this new development is my new feelings for Jason and the stress of my parents breaking out of Arkam again. Dad brought mom this time so he is planning something. I received a package yesterday so that has got to have something to do with it. I walked up the steps to Selena's apartment, jumping over the broken one and unlocking the door. I closed the door and dropped my bag on the couch. The apartment was dark and empty. Or so I thought until a large, grease paint spotted hand closed over my mouth. I gripped the arm attached and flipped the tall man over my shoulder. In a second I was on top of him with my fist raised, ready to punch. I took in the greasy white face and scarred mouth before getting off and sitting on the couch.

"Hey Dad." I grabbed the remote from the coffee table and started flick through the channels.

"Good, you're ready." Dad walked over to Selena's bedroom door and opened it. It hit something and a loud, whiny sounding "Owwwww!" was heard.

"Harley, dear. She can come."

"Come for what?" I turned off the TV and turned around to face my parents.

"Baby, you get to come with us on a heist!" My mom rushed over and gave me a hug. I just sat there as Selena and Ivy came out of my bedroom.

"But, I don't have a costume or a…." Dad shut me up by handing me the package I had gotten earlier. I ripped it open to reveal a costume.

"We all designed it to represent a part of you." Ivy came over and pulled out a pair of black tights with a lacy rose pattern. I quickly pulled out the rest and laid it on the couch. The costume consisted of a black vest with red buttons and collar with a red rose, red striped shorts with sheer, black rose patterned tights to go under them and heavy red combat boots with black buckles.

"Go put it on, honey." Mom shoved the clothes into my hand and pushed my toward my bed room. I quickly changed and looked at myself. The costume fit perfectly, the vest showed a little stomach, but not too much. I pulled my long hair into a high ponytail and swiped a coat of purple, quick drying nail polish on my nails. I now represented everyone in my family in some way. My mother was in the red, Selena in the black, Ivy in the rose and the tights and my dad in the vest and the purple nail polish. I stepped out of my room. Everyone turned around. My dad handed me a mask and I fixed it in place. Selena pulled her cowl over her head and Ivy and mom placed their masks over their eyes as well. Dad opened his arms in a welcoming gesture.

"Welcome to the family, Red Heart."

A/N-Alright, new chapter. Cassidy is another OC of mine. She won't appear any more in this story. She is the main character of my story Fever, I am sorry I mention that story so much but I am really proud of it. I will stop now. Anyway, Melanie will be writing in her diary less and less because being a villain and having a diary is kinda silly. I will have a new chapter up as soon as I can.