I can't get my head into writing for my other stories...so I been 'researching' (my way of saying I been watching anime and reading manga). And again I'm starting a new series, drabbles (meaning the chapters are short) that will have small connects between them. Some might be counted as fluff or friendship...the setting is in school (I will skip around the years a lot so some might be in Pre-School or High-School). This was started by 'one piece girl 99999', not be confused with 'one piece girl 99998' (just a joke).

If you'd read my other stories, this one is Fem!Luffy or Luka, and her best friend The Great Usopp. So some of the things are about friendship or added romance. I'm keeping most of the romance in a High-School setting (that's the place where most of it happens). Yes I really love this pairing, so I hope others will read this.

Also I accept prompts or suggests since somethings my brain doesn't work. And please tell me on how well the characters were in character, this isn't one of my strong points so I like being informed.



It was Friday of the first week of school; Usopp didn't want to go to school.

The others stayed away from him since that one kid say something on Thursday.

He wasn't anti-social, he loved talking; but he mostly told lies.

Since he told lies, well they were in a story-context, he gained many followers on the first day.

All of the kids circle him as he told them of his conquest in the Middle East.

One girl seat to his right with sparkling brown eyes, which followed all of his movements.

Her unruly black hair would bounce as she listened to his stories.

Like the others who listened to his 'lies', they believed they were true as the Teacher's Lessons.

It stayed like that till that fateful day when one of his followers stopped him before he could introduce the story.

"My father say that's a lie!" shouted a boy.

"A lie?" shivered Usopp since he been found out.

And after that, the other followers discuss his stories and came to the conclusion of them being false as the Ancient Bubble that never popped.

The bell rang, the girl looked at him with eyes filled with what he thought of pity.

And now it was Friday, and Usopp was standing behind the wooden door, not wanting to enter the room.

The wooden door moved, and a black-haired girl looked at him.

Luka smiled and grab his hand.

'What's she doing?' thought Usopp, shouldn't she be shunning him.

His eyes wondered around the rest of the class which should hate and mistrust.

"Tell me a story!" Luka said as she shooed him into his usual seat.


"I want to hear a story!" she declared, "They sound better coming from you."

Usopp smiled, maybe lies weren't all great, but someone enjoys them.

Base on the Quote "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."