High School ~ Grade 9

Luka walked next to Usopp in the hallway.

She was extremely happy for a apparent reason.

She had gain the max level within her game, and she was wanted to share it with someone...Usopp.

He just shook his head, he knew about since he played with her all of the time.

It wasn't really a surprised since she spays her bullets out on the battle field; unlike Usopp who hid in the back with traps set.

"Usopp, what's your username?" she questioned.

She really wanted to play with Usopp, let him met her new friend online, SniperKing.

He just shrug it off, "I'm closer than you think."

That was all he was going to say, he didn't want to blow his perfect cover.

Sorry I haven't been uploading. I'm drain of ideas, any suggestions at all?! This was of course, because of me playing Black Ops too much. I just love that game:)