High School ~ 12 Grade

Lights flashed across the room.

Everyone moved to the sides, letting the two pass them.

Each of them came from two different sides, and they made their way to each other.

The music changed into a slower pace song as the two almost reached each other.

She was in a white strapless dress; one that was more beautiful than the one from the party.

It went well with her jet black her; which now had white sparkles and in a ponytail.

The sparkles came from her hair, to her face and chest, and all the way to her legs.

She was sparkling in the low light, causing everyone to compliment on her and stand back so she could pass through.

Her dress was soft and shiny as silk; which her father brought.

Everyone had their eyes on her, this was only made possible because of her friend, Nami.

And the same was said for her date to the prom.

He wasn't shiny, or beautiful as Luka; but he was still handsome in his own way.

Gel was used to made his hair stuck back, but it didn't work for a certain piece that hanged out on his face.

His suit was ironed, as nice as a guy can do, but it was still large for his body.

Let's just say he looked dorky, but still adorable as a guy can get.

He still tried his best to look good for his date.

And it worked, Luka was smiling at him while he was jaw dropped at the sight of her beauty in that dress.

She walked wards him and looked weirdly at his hair, it just didn't suit him at all.

Her smile grew larger as her hand hovered over his head.

Soon his stuck-hair was messy as it was always, and this was how Luka liked it.

The gel-hair look wasn't for him, but it was still cute he tried so hard to impress her, his friend since childhood.

She smiled at her creation, while Usopp just laughed it off.

He should have knew it wouldn't worked, but he still tried.

His arms wrapped her body as he pulled her closer to his.

Their pace was totally off, but it was a eye catcher.

No one would remove their eyes off them, that's how cute they were.

They danced throughout the night, still in each others' arms.

When the final dance was over, Luka peaked her lips.

She leaned wards him.

A kiss was placed on his.

Since I haven't updated for a while, I just figured this drabble was needed. This was suppose to be the ending of the series (which is why I added it completed) but we haven't did the dates or anything. I am just saying that this will be added onto after this chapter, it's just it won't be often (maybe once a month).