Disclaimer: I don't own playful kiss or any of the characters.

Summary: What if there was more to the clumsy and silly Oh Ha Ni but a very sad and developed past story. What if her past comes back to influence her new life that she set for herself. Will she be able to cope with everything or is she going to be pushed to her limit. Rated T just because.

(A/N: Characters may or may not be added)


Song Ha Ni (Oh Ha Ni)

Yoon Ji Hoo

Yoon Seok Young

Song Woo Bin

Dokgo Min Ah

King Song

Goo Jun Pyo

Geum Jan Di

Goo Joon Hee

Kang Hee Soo (President Kang)

So Yi Jung

Chu Ga Eul

Baek Seung Jo