He was irresistibly sweet and kind, something she desperately tried to disacknowledge. She was growing fond of the Captan, but she always told herself that love was for children. It was winter, a good five months after Lokis's attack. Tony looked out the window of Stark Tower, down at Central Park, then at Rockerfeller Centre.

"Suit up. We're going skating.

"I have no idea how you convinced us to come." Natasha said, putting her mittens on and wrapping her scarf around her neck.

"I'm a smooth talker." Tony admitted smugly.

Natasha rolled her eyes and looked over at Steve, who seemed excited as he tied his skates.

"You look like you actually want to do this." she said, walking towards him.

"I loved to skate when I was younger. Haven't been since 1941, so yeah, I'm pretty excited."

"I only ever went once. So I'm pretty crappy."

"I'll believe it when I see it." he said and he got up and skated onto the ice.

She was essentially walking on the ice as everyone else sped past.

"Damn, you weren't kidding." a voice said from behind her. She didn't turn to look.

"Steve, don't startle me." she said as she moved forward.

"Here, let me help." he sad as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Steve, no." she said as he sped them faster.

"Move your feet as well. You'll wear down your blades if you drag them." she complied. She found herself gliding, and soon, she began to have fun. She became scared a little when Steve let go, but she remembered to move her feet and began to skate fluidly. She turned around and skated back to him, crashing into his arms. They laughed as they fell to the ice.

"You're doing great. For a beginner." he joked.

All at once she melted into his charm and smiled.

"Let's go again, shall we?" he said as he stood up and offered out his hand. She eagerly accepted.

"Those two are getting cosy, don't you think?" Tony pointed out from the break area as they watched Steve and Natasha skate by hand in hand.

"She's finally fallen for him. Cute." Clint mused, also watching them.

"It will be nice to have another couple around the tower. Me and Pepper feel lonely."

"Only couple?" Bruce scoffed. "What about me and Betty? Thor and Jane? Clint and Darcy?"

"You've never asked if you could bring them around.

Clint sat up. "Are we?"

"It would be foolish of me to have so many suites and not use them. Give me a 24-hour heads up, you could bring the New York Jets over if you want."

"I have to give Darcy a call." Clint said, leaving. Tony chuckled.

"I don't know." Natasha said, voice dripping in concern.

"Skating backwards is fun. And if you fall, i'll catch you."

"You promise?"

"I vow it."

She sighed and pushed herself backward. She felt herself shake and soon she tumbled. Like he promised, Steve dipped down and caught her in his arms.

"It takes practice. Not everyone gets it the first try."

Natasha lifted her scarf over her mouth, in an effort to conceal her smile that Steve "saved" her.

He smiled and moved it down. "I saw that."

They looked deeply into each others eyes and Steve struck up the courage to lean down and kiss her. She didn't resist it.

"The steaminess coming from you two could melt the ice." Tony said as he skated pass.

"Shut it, Stark." they said, simultaneously. They looked at each other again and smiled.

"Aww, next you'll be finishing each others sentences." Tony said as he laughed.

"Steve, set me down. We have a billionaire loud mouth to kill." Steve complied and put her on her feet. Tony went wide eyed and fled as soldier and spy zoomed to him.