They sat at the rest area, sipping on hot chocolate, with Clint, Steve and Tony recovering from their accident.

"You know, Barton, I think your head rammed my ribs a bit. They are throbbing." Tony complained, rubbing his sides.

"Yeah, well, your ribs hurt my head." Clint replied. Natasha and Steve were off at their own table.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"I'll live. Just need to rest my foot for a bit."

She smiled at him. "Here, have some hot chocolate." she said, handing him one. He took it and had a sip.

"Mmm. This is very good. I like to think I make it better though."

"Oh yeah? I'd like to taste that."

"Maybe after this if you want."

She nodded enthusiastically as Bruce sat down next to Steve.

"Clint and Tony will be fine. And I know for a fact you'll be."

"Yup. Just next time, let's hope Barton or Stark don't try aggravating me. This type of thing wouldn't happen then." Bruce nodded in agreement and returned to the other table. Natasha looked at Steve.

"Maybe we overreacted a bit." she said, taking a sip of her own hot chocolate. Steve shrugged.

"Maybe. But they both interrupted some tender moments between us. Maybe we shouldn't do what people call PDA on the ice anymore. It-"

"Steve, they're just being children. I find what we do on the ice...romantic."

Steve looked at her. "Natasha, you wouldn't happen to want to go out with me later, would you?"

She smiled brightly. "I would love to." she leaned over the table and pressed a kiss on his lips. The group saw this and smiled.

They ended the kiss a moment later. "Want to go back on the ice?" Steve asked.

"Yes I do."

They finished their drinks and went back to the ice, arm in arm.