"Peggy?" Ted whispered, knocking lightly on the only closed door upstairs. His other hand keeping the blanket he had taken from the couch wrapped around him. The temperature seemed to be dropping fast in the house. As the heater had shut off the cold of a New York November seemed to seep into every room.

"Come in." Came her muffled reply.

He carefully pushed the door open, almost worried that any sudden movements might force her to change her mind. It wasn't as though he had come up stairs in search of something salacious, just warmth. Which might prove to be a greater request than anything.

"I think there's something wrong with your furnace." He stated plainly, looking around her bedroom.

It was different from her old bedroom, same bed though, he certainly spent enough time thinking about her bed over the last year. The walls had been painted a darker, warm red. It didn't necessarily scream Peggy, but it made the room seem more comfortable, something calm for her to come home to after a long day alone. It pained him to think that Duck might have joined her in this room after one of those long days. It should have been him. He should have come to an understanding with Nan, divorce but visitation with the boys. In the end his sacrifice had been for nothing, he had given up Peggy and still lost his children. He tried to be a moral person and ended up with nothing but his morals.

"I know, it's been acting up. My brother-in-law is coming to fix it this weekend." She didn't roll over to face him, she simply stayed on her side, facing away from the door.

"It's freezing downstairs."

If the apartment weren't so quiet her sigh might have gone unnoticed. Wordlessly she reached an arm behind her and pulled the sheets back to invite him into the bed. She shifted away from the middle, readjusting the pillow beneath her head. Not wanting to appear over-eager, he moved to join her, adding his blanket to the pile on the bed.

"Hands to yourself." She murmured.

"You know I wouldn't force anything."

"I know."

He settled into the bed, welcoming the warmth from the mountain of blankets and Peggy's proximity. He could tell that she was still awake, despite her desperate attempt to fake sleep. The silence and tension seemed to be growing until:

"It's much quieter out there than it used to be." He mused.

"Those kids found a new place to hang out after midnight."

"Thank goodness for that…" He glanced towards her and realized she was shaking. "Are you shivering?"

"It's cold."

"Come closer."

"No. I forget myself when you touch me." She admitted softly, clutching her pillow tighter.


"Would it had made a difference?"


"If I didn't tell you to go home that night? Would you still have changed your mind?"

"I've thought about that almost every night for months."

"As long as we've both been losing sleep over it."

"If I could…"

"Don't do that. Makes no sense to torture us more than we already have been." Peggy slowly rolled onto her back, still not looking in his direction.

"I wish I did better by you."

"I missed you." Her hand found his under the comforter.

"I missed you too."

"I'm not ready to trust you again… yet." She whispered.

"But… do you think there might be a future? For us?"


"Are you still cold?" Her shivering still hadn't subsided.

"I am freezing."

"Come here."

She started to move to rest her head on his chest but stopped and turned away again.

"Not like that, not yet." She said, thinking of how they last laid together like that, with him stroking her hair and making plans for Christmas.

"Okay." He waited until she was settled again before curling around her. "What are you plans for tomorrow?"

"Turkey sandwich and working."

"What would you say to turkey dinner and I'll fix your furnace?"

"Do you know about either of those things?"

"Furnace? Yes. Cooking? No. But I know where we can get a premade dinner."

"No, I can cook."

"You don't have to."

"I want to. Can't remember the last time I cooked for more than one person."

"You don't… entertain much?"

"Not much. You can unclench your jaw." He could almost hear her smile.

Peggy wouldn't admit it, but she was glad to know that he was still jealous of other men. She could feel him relax against her, his arm pulling her a bit closer.

"I did miss you." She repeated, resting her hand over his.

"I missed you too, Peggy. So much."

For the first time in a year, Peggy and Ted had their first good night of sleep.