Warning: Characters do not belong to me! Hello everyone! Just making a quick Spock x Kirk (Spirk Spork Kock) story (Gonna have about three chapters to it), for all those Slash-Trekkies out there. Just something quick to pass the time. Also: Story contains, -Language, Lemon, Gay Sex, lazy grammer and spelling (Which I'll fix)ect- Don't like, don't read, simple as that. I hope you guys enjoy anyhow, and whatnot. ^^ Enjoy!

The U.S.S Enterprise retreated from the hostile area and began to head back to its designed coordinates, Sulu quickly engadging to warp-speed before locating the precise directions to Earth. The mission had been a success, collecting multiple samples of plant life, and animal furs from this uncharted planet that gave them a good out look of what they were dealing with. Stress signals as well as coded messages were sent to the Enterprise, leading the crew into an uncomfortable suspision. Never the less, they left the threatening territory, with the progression reports, and analasis on the non-agressive natives, as well as rude, vile and violent.

The trip back was stationary, as well as in order. Everyone worked in efficiant time to get everything fixed properly for their return back home, the moods were set, and so was the course. Slight chatter filled the bridge, sutble and polite, with a bit of laughter every now and again; Everything was going alright.

Well, almost everything.

"Sick leave? What do you mean sick leave?" The captain replied, confused, "I thought Vulcans couldn't get sick?"

"I'm not going into the details, Jim, but Spock ain't gonna show up for work for a few good weeks." McCoy entered the code to enter Sickbay, stepping inside with the captain at his heels. Flipping on the lights, McCoy led Jim to sit at the edge of one of the medical beds. The room was empty, exsept for a few nurses who were finishing up some patiant reports off in the far corner of the room.

Earlier that evening, McCoy was contacted by the infamous First Officer about his sudden unfortunate illness; That Spock was very hesitant to reveal to the doctor, no matter his qualifications, that he would no longer be able to continue his duties for another week until healed. The entire ordeal was very awkward for the Vulcan, although he did a very good job at hiding his discomfort, and eventually explaining in detail his current delema. Which, to McCoy at least, was a surprise that the hobgoblin waited to almost the very last moment before taking a very much needed sick leave; Which should have taken place a month ago.

The suddeness of the First Officers absence didn't go unnoticed by the Captain, who was very much unaware of Spocks sudden medical urge to leave; Leaving the Vulcan alone in his quarters, and where he will be staying, until the entire ordeal blows over.

"I'm the captain of this ship, and I demand to know what's wrong with my First Officer, I at least need to know that much," Jim began, eyes fixated on the good doctor, and his best friend. "Besides, I want to know if I can help him at all with his recovery; Which brings me to my next question, if Spock is that sick, why exsactly isn't he in Sick bay getting the treatment he needs?"

McCoy only shook his head, "The hobgoblin has a special type of illness that forces him to be in complete and utter solitude."

Jim stared at him a moment, giving him a questionable look, "Now what kind of sickness, involves that? He doesn't have the plauge, or anything too bad, or the scans would have notified he was carrying it before he even boarded the ship."

McCoy cut him off with a glance, "No, he doesn't have anything contagious." But, he wouldn't exsactly ellaborate on the subject either.

"Then what does he have?" Jim pursisted, leaning forward from his seated position, as if to get his point across. "Please, McCoy."

The doctor gave a weary sigh, "I promised Spock I wouldn't say a word about it to you."

Jim gave him a cross look, raising one eyebrow slightly in confusion. "Now, why would he do that?"

The look his best friend gave him was incredious, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. As if he had just asked McCoy if they were flying in space, or what a star looked like. "You seriously haven't a clue, do you? Fuckin'-" He cursed, grabbing a few files off his desk in a highly violent and frustrated mannor. "Of all the stupid-" Shoving the papers in his desk drawers with a loud thud, "Incompiden.-" He continued to mutter under his breath as he sat down, rather roughly at his seat, giving the captain a cross look.

He went mute, pressing his lips together in a thin irratated line; One in which the captain wasn't sure how he even provoked this time. McCoy pointed to the seat, "Sit." He demanded, though the tension in his voice wasn't as profound as it was just a moment before. Jim silently obeyed, taking the seat, before uncomfortably clasping his hands on his lap; for some odd reason he felt like he was a child about to be punished by a anger bewildered mother. Something he didn't have to often growing up.

The doctor was quiet for a moment, contemplating his words carefully, before crossing his legs. "I want you to do yourself a favor, and play along here," McCoy began, sitting slight forward in his seat, and readjusting his dishevled doctors coat. "I'm not technically allowed to tell you a damn thing about whats going on with Spock-"

"C'mon, Bones." Jim interrupted, "You can't just leave me in the cold about-"

McCoy put up a stern hand to silence him, "Let me finish." Jim gave him a slight unmanly pout before leaning back in his seat, the concern for his first officer that was radiating off of his captains being was choking, which is merely one of reasons why he was telling his captain this at all.

"What I was saying," He gave Kirk a slight glare before continuing, "Was that I want you to play along with me here, I may not be able to tell you whats wrong with Spock. Because I promised, and I am a man of my word-" Jim looked like he was about to interupt again, so McCoy put up his hand, making Jim purse his lips together, "But,-" He paused, letting the word sneak itself and take refusge in his friends cerebrium, "- He never techically told me I couldn't Hint at it." The smile that spread across Jims face was one to remember.

"Now," He sighed, thinking about his words carefully. "Have you noticed any strange things going on with Spock? Him acting funny, or out of place?"

The question was fairly blunt, but Jim still had to think about it, any times that Spock had done something un-Spock-ish. It took a moment before something came to mind.

About a week ago, in passing he had accidently touched Spocks hands. It was merely a slight brush, which tingled his hand a bit but ignored it, but when he went to go sit in his chair he turned to see Spock frozen in that spot, unable to move. Jim brushed off his curiosity, and called his First Officers name. That quickly pulled the distracted Vulcan back to presant time, who quickly brushed off the situation as well with a soft apology, before sitting at his station.

Another instance, now that Kirk thought about it, was a few days ago down on the bridge, him and Sulu were discussing slight mechanics about the Enterprise's functioning system invoving updates and some new repairs to get her working more smoothly, to send down their thoughts and recommendations to Scotty once they finished. Sitting at the Captains chair, with Spock by his side like always, and Sulu in front of him; Kirk could of Sworn he heard Spock growl when Sulu patted his knee in a friendly mannor once the discussion was over.

Jim thought about that situation a tad bit more, and when he did, he started coming up with other times he could of sworn that deep growl escaped his First Officers throat when he interacting with the crew, but only when touching (Like a pat on the shoulder, or a nudge) was involved, and never on Kirks end either. He never said anything, and he doubted any of the crew members noticed, but he did recall one time when Uhura grabbed the edgy Vulcan and had a little chat with him, she seemed to see something that Kirk didn't.

They had come back only minutes later, Uhura fuming and Spock by his side seemingly emotionless as always. Jim knew better than to pry into their personal affairs.

The more Kirk thought about it, the more he was convinced something was off, but he never really put two and two together. But then again, not all of it was aggresive, there was a few time when his First and himself were playing Chess, and he could here a faint Purr emminating from the Vulcans throat, but again, said nothing. For one, he didn't think much about it, and merely assumed that was what Vulcans did when they were experiancing contentness, (A game of logic with his best friend after a stressful day of work, one could only assume that the Vulcan was content.) and secondly, Jim sort of found the noise soothing to his ears, and liked the way it sounded; Slightly aware that the Vulcan most likely didn't realise he was doing it, he was afraid that if he said something that he would suddenly stop.

Jim looked up at Bones, nodding. "Yeah, Spock has been acting a tad bit weird as of late, but I never really sat down and thought too much on it." The doctor merely nodded.

"What Spock is going through right now, with his progression towards you-"

"What makes you think he's progressing towards me?" Jim questioned, leaning back in his seat more comfortably, before crossing his legs. McCoy gave him a bored-knowing look.

"He told me, how else? He's terrifed to be around you, mainly because he doens't want what he's going through to hurt you."

"Spock admitted he was terrified?"

McCoy gave a weak chuckle, "Well, not in those exsact terms but you catch the drift all the same."

Kirk let the words sink in slightly, before looking back at his friend. "What do you mean, 'Doesn't want to hurt you,'? Why would Spock hurt me? He seemed to be fine when I last saw him, all high and mighty, and as logical as fuck. Same old Spock, he didn't act aggressively towards me or any of the crew members for that matter-"

"You're missing the point, Jimbo," Bones cut him off, "This genetic impulse going through him would tear you apart if he wasn't careful, and you and I both know how careful our First ranking officer is, it's just that.." He hesitated on his wording, "He's um.." He paused.

Jim looked at him, feeling the edgy notion that he's missing something, with all the peices of the information becoming makeshift and not standing in complete order. "Bones," He finally said, "Just tell me what it is, I could just say that I accidentally ran into his file if it should come up, and that he can press all the charges on me that he wants, which we both know he will if he so decided it would benefit himself in such a way, and you'd be off the hook, and I'd at least know what's wrong with my friend."

Bones let out a heavy sigh, nodding his head in agreement. "He's going through Pon Farr."

"Pon what?" Jim asked, raising a brow. "What the fuck is Pon Fair?"

"It's pronnonced Pon Farr, and it's a time every seven years where a male Vulcan has to mate in order to survive."

Jim stayed silent, waiting for Bones to get on with it. "It's like a girl on her period, it has to happen eventually, although with female humans its every month, when in Vulcan males its every seven years- Which by the way is a very long time to want to get laid, but some still do it before their times come." Bones waved his hand idly, "If they do not find a mating partner, they have very few choices to pick from; One, they can meditate it away, which is still a rare thing to be successful at, even as a Vulcan, or they can go through Plak Tow-"

"Plank Toe?" Jim stated dumbly, before getting a sharp glare from McCoy.

"Again, you idiot it's Plak Tow, and quit interupting me if you can't follow." Bones snapped, although the statement was only half serious, with a slight grin fell on his lips for a split second. "Now.. Where was I?" He took a moment to rethink, before it came to him. "Ah, yes. Plak Tow; Plak Tow is basically saying that they're going to die."

Jim stared at him, silently for a moment before looking down at his hands. The idea of losing his first officer, his friend, was a bit too much to bear. It's true he's been infatuated by his sexy, stotic, brilliant First officer for a while, but he never really considered the thought of it actually happening between the two, but to suddenly lose him, just because Spock was too stubborn to ask anyone was beyond him.

"Why didn't he want me to know?" Jim asked slowly, slightly afriad of the answer.

McCoy took a deep breath, "Because his Katra, or something of that sort, picked you to be his little fuck-buddy, but the logical side of him didn't want to put you through that." He scratched the back of his head, "Apparently it's Dangerous, possibly fatal and painful to those who arn't ready, and he made it clear that he didn't see how you would survive the process, even if he did come up to you and ask." He gave a small shrug, "Which by the way, is one of the few reasons he didn't ask, another I seemed to pick up is that he didn't want to hurt you, and it seemed he really didn't want to be responcible for his Captains death, so in truth, he saved your life, in some weird.. fucked up hobgoblin way."

"How can I help?"

McCoy gave him a cross look, "Didn't you hear a damn thing I just said?" He crossed his arms in a way a dissaproving mother would.

"I did," He gave a small sad smile, "I heard that he could die if he didn't mate, and that meditating it away was practically a one in a million chance. Bones, I'm not prepared to lose the best First Officer the StarFleet has to offer, just because he was too stubborn to ask for help."

"You could die as well Jim-"

Jim stood, waving his hand. "You'd be surprized, Bones." He chuckled, "Don't worry about me, I'm replacable, It's Spock with the sickness, not me; Besides, Spock has a bit of human in him, I think that his self control on his Vulcan side shouldn't be able to consume all of him, if he's not all Vulcan." McCoy couldn't really argue with that logic, needless if he had this bad feeling in his gut.

"Besides," Jim began, brushing his fingers through his golden locks, "His body apperently wants me, and who am I to deny that?" A small smirk went onto his lips, and although McCoy was worried, a bit of his concern for his friend wore away.

"I hope you're right, Jimbo."

James T. Kirk gave the most reassuring smile he could manage, "If he denys assistance, which seems will be futile in his state, we're sending him to Vulcan for assistance, he can't die on us." Jim turned to leave before he heard McCoys voice speak up from behind him.

"I just can't stress enough of how careful you need to be, 'right? I don't want that hobgoblin tearing you in half with his pointy demon teeth, you got that?" Jim turned to look at him, giving him a small smile. "Don't worry too much,"

"Your infatuation with Spock never ceases to amaze me, risking your life to get laid."

"While saving his in the process, remember Bones, I don't believe in No-Win senareos." And with that, he left. A smile spreading across his features as he slowly advanced to his First Officers personal quarters, heart racing a tad bit faster with every step he took.

Ah, I've found myself in love with this pairing as of late. Although I was picturing Christopher Pike, and Zachary Quinto when writing this, I'll admit I love the originals more. But the new movie was very addicting, kinda where I got the Tital from ^^ If anyone gets it. There shall be a few more chapters, and yes.. Pon Farr, everyone has to write about it at some point, and I found it impurdinate that I partake. I hope you guys enjoyed, and can excuse any of my careless errors. Thank you for reading and don't forget to review!~