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Titans North (Central City):

Jinx—Hannah Diggona

Her skill set includes sorcery and hexes, manipulating the probability of bad luck, advanced gymnastic skills, master acrobat, enhanced agility and skilled hand-to-hand combat. She is the leader of Titans North. Her mother died in an explosion accidentally triggered by Jinx's own powers when she was ten years old. Her father took her brother and left, leaving her alone. She ran away from the orphanage she was sent to after she was beaten to "excavate the devils within her" two years later. Brother Blood found her when she was twelve and took her in, acting like a father figure. She formed the Hive-Five and lived with them for three years until she turned to the good side, helping the Titans defeat the Brotherhood of Evil. Robin sent her and her team back to Central City, where Cyborg helped them to build their own Tower. She is very sarcastic and does not tolerate laziness well. She can be impatient and obsessive when it comes to missions, and comes off similar to Robin at times. She is very ambitious and determined, as well as outspoken. She is often insecure about her leading skills for a team of heroes, considering she still doubts she was meant to be good at times due to the nature of her powers. Although she sometimes has a hard time reeling in her hexes when she gets upset, her team remains very understanding and helps her through the transition from evil to good. She and Kid Flash are romantically involved, and her and Argent are great friends. Although she loves her team like family, she and Hotspot butt heads often due to Hotspot's inability to take orders and unwillingness to power down, even indoors.

Kid Flash—Wally West

His skills include superspeed, enhanced strength, above-average endurance, supercharged brain activity, experienced hand-to-hand combatant, phasing, friction, tornado formation and shockwaves. His parents died when he was young, and he was taken in by Barry Allen (Flash) due to his incredible speed after he had an accident concerning chemical waste. Bart donned him Kid Flash, and he helped him to patrol Central City, until Justice League duties called and Kid Flash was left to run the city on his own. He met Jinx while watching Jump for the Titans, and immediately felt feelings for her. He eventually convinced her to switch sides and together they helped take out the Brotherhood of Evil. He invited Jinx back to Central City to live with him, and Robin decided they could use some extra help. He sent some heroes back with them to help, forming the Titans North. He is romantically involved with Jinx and often leaves roses for her throughout the tower. He gets along with everyone else in the team, even Hotspot who has a very bad temper. He is very cocky and energetic, and constantly cracks jokes. He often is the one to lighten the mood in the room and enjoys embarrassing Jinx in front of people. However, one of the few things that angers him is when someone insults his pride, his family or tries to hurt his team, especially Jinx. Otherwise, he is very good-humored. He is well known for his wit and laid-back, casual attitude given the fact that time is not a problem for him, often causing Jinx to be enraged with him.

Herald—Mal Duncan

His skills include skilled hand-to-hand combat, gifted trumpet player, portal generation, sonic blasts and enhanced strength. He has no recollection of his past and lived in limbo, living alone and playing music until Raven gave him his Titan Communicator. When he decided his solo career was up, Robin assigned him to the Titans North. He is a laid-back person and enjoys making music on his horn and other various instruments. He has the ability to pick up any instrument very quickly. He and Bumblebee have mutual feelings towards each other and can be heard video chatting late into the night.

Jericho—Joseph Wilson

He is mute and can only communicate by writing or entering the bodies of one of his teammates. He was orphaned at a young age and was raised by monks in Tibet (A/N: For those who have any knowledge regarding the Teen Titans comics, don't worry, Jericho's true parentage will be revealed), where he was taught to control his powers of mind-control, body possession, soul transformation, memory seeing, and knowledge seeing. He is musically gifted and he and Herald often perform songs together for the rest of the team. He is an innocent, caring and kind-hearted pacifist who doesn't particularly enjoy fighting and violence. However, when a crisis is at hand, Jericho will fight with surprising skill. He has a secret crush on Raven and admires her telekinetic powers.

Argent—Amy Silvs

Her skills include red plasma-energy manipulation flight at superhuman speeds, and resistance to sudden change in air pressure and altitude. She is half alien and was created to help the aliens defeat the human population so that they could take over Earth for themselves. When her mother is killed in front of her as punishment for disobeying, she rebels completely and destroys the remainder of the aliens, throwing them through a black hole. She settles in New Zealand, where she uses her powers of bending metal to help the people in her village. When Starfire warns her of the Brotherhood, she is glad to know there are other aliens on the Earth. She is then taken and frozen by General Immortus. After helping to defeat the Brotherhood, she has no where to go since her home in New Zealand was destroyed by General Immortus. Argent is quiet, calm, honorable, and very collected. She is mostly to herself and can be a little sarcastic. Jinx offers her a position in the newly founded Titans North and she accepts, graciously. She and Jinx can often be found teasing the boys on their team and doing activities together, excluding the boys. Her and Jinx are very good friends, as are her and Hot Spot.

Hotspot—Brahim Dehbi

His skills include flight, enhanced agility and jumps/leaps, temperature control, pyrokinesis, heat transformation, heat vision and superhuman durability and endurance. He was born in Morocco and raised there, with his mother and three brothers. In his small village, he was shunned for the powers he had, so he left when he was thirteen. He took on fighting crime in the largest city in Morocco, until Madam Rouge attacked, taking him to the Brotherhood base in Paris to be frozen. Once he was unfrozen, he decided that sometimes it was better to have friends around and was quick to accept the invitation to join Titans North. He is very quick-tempered and dislikes receiving orders from others, causing him and Jinx to argue often. He is very sarcastic and blunt. He and Jinx are friends when not in battle, as are he and the other Titans. However, he cares slightly more for Argent than he'd like to let on.

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