State of Grace

"And I never saw you coming,

And I'll never be the same."

Taylor Swift

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Bonnie Bennett asked as she carefully maneuvered the mascara wand over her eye lashes.

"Yes, I need a night out!" Caroline Forbes exclaimed eyeing her best friend through the mirror as she was applying lipstick. She pulled back, setting the tube on the counter and fluffed her perfectly curled blonde hair while assessing her attire.

Caroline donned her favourite little black dress that was strapless and curve hugging. It happened to show off her long, creamy legs and the right amount of cleavage. While Bonnie had on a pair of black leggings with a loose, hunter green crop top which happened accentuate her eyes.

The pair stole one last look in the mirror before grabbing their purses which respectfully matched their attire. Both wearing sky high heels to top their outfits off, making them look drop dead gorgeous.

The two never went out, ever had time with their busy lives so when they did they went all out; Caroline with family and Bonnie with work. Still they prided themselves on making time for each other and occasionally going out to the bars for a little fun.

Living in the city had its perks, being that they were within walking distance of either the subway or their destination. Tonight happened to the latter, they were five minutes from the bar of their choosing.

Club Red happened to be a popular club in the middle of the city and was spilling of fellow party goers like Caroline and Bonnie. Luckily, they were friends with the bouncer and jumped to the front of the line and into the loud and crowded building. Like the name, the walls were covered in red with the tables and curtains varying shades.

They worked their way through the crowded club to the far wall where the bar was located. Caroline ordered the both of them multiple shots of tequila, needing a quick relief and to let loose.

Bonnie joined Caroline in downing their shots one after the other before ordering drinks for the rest of the night. Bonnie ordered a vodka tonic and Caroline a glass of scotch. She downed the drink eagerly, ready to get onto the dance floor.

"Come on, Bonnie, I'm ready to dance!" She shouted over the music that filled the room while wiggling beside her best friend.

Bonnie laughed and gulped down her own drink. After setting the empty glass on the bar top, Bonnie grabbed Carolines' hand and dragged her onto the nearby dance floor that occupied a majority of the large room.

The dance floor was crowded with people dancing along to the loud pop song that played over the speakers. Caroline threw both hands in the air and let her head rolled back as she shook her hips to the rhythm of the song. She could feel all the tension from the week before leave her body and she felt carefree and alive.

"Let's go!" Kol Mikaelson whined as he practically bounced up and down.

"I'm busy, go away," moaned Niklaus Mikaelson who was sitting in front of an empty canvas with paint brush in hand. He was studying it, trying to think of inspiration of what to paint.

"I want to go out, just come with me, Nik."

Klaus gently put down his paintbrush and stared at the empty canvas in front of him. Nothing had been inspiring him lately; he had no muse and had no inspiration. It was safe to say he was in a rut, one which he couldn't easily climb out of since he had been in it for months. Luckily he had enough money in the bank from previous, successful paintings that he was secure enough to take a few months off.

"Fine," he grumbled getting up off the chair and passing Kol as he walked out of his studio. Kol rejoiced and followed him through his apartment and into the large bedroom where he was picking out something to wear for the night.

"Wear the blue one," Kol suggested from the bed that he was laying on in the middle of the room.

Klaus rolled his eyes, his brother couldn't even see into the closet and he had many blue shirts. He quickly changed out of his paint stained white Henley and into a light blue button down dress shirt, rolling up the sleeve to the elbows to add casualty to his attire. He didn't bother changing out of his dark blue jeans, deciding he didn't want to dress up completely.

Walking into the bathroom, Klaus quickly ran his hands through his hair and took a quick look at his attire. He wasn't one to focus on what he looked like but he felt the need to look good, considering he was going to a club for the first time in months. Klaus wsn't one for that scene, instead he enjoyed staying at home to paint or read.

"It's about time," Kol grumbled when Klaus finally walked out of the ensuite bathroom.

His brother, he wore a v-neck and dark jeans under a leather jacket quickly made his way out of the bedroom. Klaus followed behind, sulking slightly. It was his apartment but one would never know it by the way Kol walks around like he owns the place.

The two made their way into the busy city streets, Kol hailing a taxi and Klaus climbing in behind when one pulled up to the curb. Kol told the driver that they were headed to some Club Red.

Klaus followed his younger brother into the club after paying the cabbie and surpassing the long line that awaited outside. The place was exactly as one expected it to be, adorned in different shades of red. He followed his Kol up the stairs that stood by the entrance and ended up on the upper floor that over looked the dance floor below.

The bottom level was filled with people dancing while the upper was filled with people enjoying their drinks or ordering at the small bar. The brothers placed their orders and once they received their glass of scotch proceeded to walk to the railing that overlooked onto the crowded dance floor.

He wasn't paying attention to anything in particular but rather taking in his surroundings. His brother, on the other hand, had his eyes on something or someone below.

Klaus followed the line of sight to a petite brunette with dark skin dancing. There was nothing special about the girl, she was plain and ordinary. However, the girl dancing beside her was something and he couldn't tear his gaze away. Her blonde curls bounced of her shoulders and the black dress hugged her in all the right places, leaving virtually nothing to imagination.

"She looks like a tasty little thing." Kol said, motioning to the brunette. "Will you play wingman and take the friend?"

Klaus nodded as they watched the two women stop dancing and slink to the bar placing an order. Kol sprang from the banister and wove through the small crowd and down the stairs, Klaus following close behind.

They had a little trouble making it to the bar on the lower level because it was so crowded but eventually they made it. Kol immediately took to the brunette, Klaus faintly hearing her name was Bonnie and the friend was Caroline.

Beautiful name for a beautiful woman, Klaus thought.

He approached the blonde cautiously, feeling nervous and unsure of himself. It was a surprise to him because even though he wasn't one for the bar or club scene he did know how to talk to women. However the one standing in front of him seemed to be a different species entirely.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He asked the blonde who was in front of him. She spun around on her heel, taking Klaus off guard by her beauty. Her blue eyes pierced his own while her plump pink lips curled up in a smirk.

"You can but I think I'm drunk enough. How about we get you a drink so you can catch you up? Can't be the only sober person in the place." She replied before turning back to the bartender who was patiently waiting for her to place her order.

Once the drinks arrived, Caroline handed him shot after shot of tequila which he downed without question. He noticed that Kol had since left with the friend without as much as a word from either of them. Kol was always the charmer of the family and used it frequently throughout his life, often working it to his advantage.

"Care to dance?" He asked once he felt sufficiently buzzed. She nodded, grabbing his hand and leading him out to the dance floor.

Caroline led him right into the middle of the crowd and turned around so her back was to her front and began to grind up against him. Klaus had never been good at dancing but followed her lead, holding onto her hips. He enjoyed the feel of her body when she leaned back against him and the heat that radiated off her.

Klaus spun her around, wanting to study more of her face. She pouted briefly before moving her hips again and began to rub her hands down the side of his arms. He smirked, pulling her closer as she admired his body.

Caroline and Bonnie had a rule for when they got separated, that they would always text if they ever left before the other. The other would just find their own way home without worry. Other times they would ride home together.

Bonnie had left Caroline, but she wasn't surprised for she had a habit of always leaving her when they were out to a club. Caroline made the best of the situation, getting the guy drunk and not even asking for his name.

He was handsome enough, curly dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. The stubble that lined his cheeks and jaw gave him a rugged appearance along with the necklaces that hung over his shirt.

Caroline stared up at him as they danced together, her grinding her hips with his. She had to admit he had a nice body and couldn't keep her hands from roaming up and down his biceps. They eventually moved to his muscular back and downwards onto his ass. She gave it a light squeeze before bringing them back up to his neck.

He held her close to him, the two never breaking eye contact. She purposely slowed her movement and broke eye contact as she leaned her forehead on his shoulder. Slowly, she lifted her head, giving a light peck on his neck. She felt him tremble slightly under her touch and began to kiss her way up along his jaw, eventually finding his lips.

She placed a chaste kiss on his raspberry lips, pulling away quickly when she realized what she was doing. For all she knew he could have a girlfriend of some kind or possibly a wife and kids waiting at home.

However the thought didn't last long when his lips came crashing down on hers. She responded almost immediately, moving her lips against his, liking the electricity that sparked and ran through her body. It felt like she came alive the moment he kissed her.

Caroline pulled back, biting her lip nervously. "Want to get out of hereā€¦"

"Klaus," he finished for her.

"Want to get out of here, Klaus?" Klaus, she asked again.

Klaus smiled at her and gave her a peck on the lips. "Of course, love."

Caroline could have fainted that very moment. Not only had she not known his name but she hadn't realized he had an undeniably sexy voice. She blushed at the thought and grabbed his hand, leading him through the crowd that was still dancing.

They stumbled out of the club, laughing as a warm breeze hit her cheeks. Caroline loved summer nights and relished in the warmth that came with them. She breathed in, closing her eyes as she took in the air around her, feeling herself relax.

Klaus grabbed her hand and her eyes shot open as she felt her back hit the wall. Klaus had one hand on her stomach with the other pushing her hair away as he dove in kissing and sucking on her neck. Caroline reached up, lacing her fingers through his hair while the other was on his lower back, both pulling him into her.

Caroline pulled his head back off her neck before attacking his lips with her own. She ran her tongue along his lips; encouraging for them to open and when he did her tongue darted into his mouth. They battled each other, both fighting for control as their tongues danced.

Without breaking apart, Klaus ran his hands down her sides to her thighs. He squeezed before lifting her up as she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist. Caroline relished the feeling of him and grinded against him, causing him to growl in response.

Caroline dug her fingernails into his back, holding him close to her as he cupped her ass. He broke their kiss and moved his head to the side of hers. He pecked the shell of her ear and she felt butterflies flutter in her stomach; the act so simple and sincere that she couldn't help the reaction.

"My place or yours?" He whispered breathlessly into her ear.

"Yours." She replied as smirked as she felt him licking and sucking on her neck.

The next second she found her legs being unwrapped from around his waist and her feel hitting the ground. Klaus grabbed her hand and lead her into an awaiting cab. He rambled off an address, one that was in a well-polished neighborhood of the city.

Caroline quickly sent Bonnie a text saying she was fine and went home and that she'll see her tomorrow as Klaus placed soft kisses along her collarbone.

She let out a moan as he ran his mouth across her body, licking and placing soft kisses. Before they knew it they were outside of a tall building, Caroline getting out first and watched as he threw a few bills out of his wallet to the driver.

Klaus led her past the doorman who was innocently holding open the door and into an awaiting elevator. Before the doors even closed, Klaus had her pinned up to the wall, his lips moving against hers. Her hands roamed across his body and loved the way he felt pressed up against hers.

The elevator dinged, indicating they had arrived and Klaus had let go of her. She followed him into the hallway to one of three doors that were on that floor. Klaus got out a key and unlocked the door, pulling Caroline inside after him.

His hands went straight to the back zipper on her dress, tugging it down and watched with excitement as it fell from her body onto the floor. Caroline smirked before placing a kiss on the side of his lips then his jaw and eventually his neck. She began to suck and lick while her hands played with the front buttons of his shirt.

Caroline pushed the shirt off his shoulders and reached up to kiss him. She deepened the kiss, slanting her lips across his. She had never been kissed like this before; with so much passion, she never wanted to stop.

Klaus pulled her up onto him, her legs once again wrapping around his waist. One of his arms was around her back to press her closer to him while the other was wrapped in her hair. Her hands framed his face, holding him to her herself.

He carried her through the apartment as he fumbled to take off his shoes on his way. He stumbled into the bedroom, dropping her onto the bed with him laying on top of her.

Klaus took full advantage of her, slowing the kiss down until it was merely a peck. His hands pinned her arms down at her side while he ran his mouth down her neck to her collarbone. Sucking and licking down her chest to just above her bra. He let go of one hand and reached behind her to lift her back off the bed while his other hand undid the clip.

Her bra came loose and he gently pulled the straps down and off her arms and tossed it to the side. His lips dove down and he began to suck on one nipple while the other breast was being massaged by his free hand.

Caroline ran her hands down his back and through his hair, encouraging him. He bit down on the hardened nipple causing a gasp and then a moan to escape her lips. She felt him smirk against her skip as he kissed across her chest as he repeated his actions to the other nipple.

When he was satisfied he moved his lips down to her stomach, pausing when he reached the tip of her panties. His hand cupped her core, feeling her already wet. Klaus looked up to question his actions; she gave him a slight nod through hooded eyes. He eagerly pulled her panties down her legs and tossed them aside.

Caroline was self-conscious as she watched him stare down at her but finally he made his move. His fingers ran across her slick folds teasing her while his mouth tended to her clit. He began to lick a slow pattern causing her to moan in pleasure and tug at his hair. Her hips bucked up and his free hand had to go across her body to hold her down.

Caroline tried to stifle a moan but couldn't help it when he plunged two fingers inside of her unexpectedly as he bit down on her clit. Klaus pumped his fingers in and out, it was slow at first but he began to pick up his pace. Caroline felt herself being pushed to the edge and tried to fight it but as one hand snuck up to massage her breast she was sent falling.

She was sent flying over the edge and practically saw fireworks behind her eyelids. As she came back to earth, Klaus slowed his fingers down and eventually withdrew them altogether.

"You are beautiful, Caroline." He said as he rose up to place a kiss at the side of her mouth. Klaus stood up to remove his socks and then his pants. Caroline sat up and pulled down his boxers for him. She noticed he was completely hard for her and she bit her lip in anticipation as she eyed the size of him.

Klaus moved to the bedside table, grabbing a foil packet and opening it. Caroline watched as he slid the condom over his length, biting her lip. He stepped back in front of her, eyes full of lust.

Klaus noticed her hesitation and leaned down; cupping her face he gave a sweet kiss. Caroline reached up pulling him into her as she deepened the kiss. She broke from the kiss and inched towards the head of the bed, Klaus following her lead and settled himself between her legs before he leaned down and kissed her again.

This kiss wasn't like the others before; it was needy as Klaus pushed his tongue into her mouth. His hands roamed across her body trying to claim it as his.

Caroline wrapped one hand of hers into his hairs tugging at it while the other ran down his chest. It reached his hardened length and she stroked it a few times before guiding it into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pushed into her slowly, allowing him to go deeper. She loved the full feeling that he allowed.

Klaus waited a moment, letting her stretch herself to his size before he began to move again. His movements were slow, pulling almost all the way out before pushing back into her again. His hands raked her body, teasing her breasts while he kissed her lips passionately.

Caroline didn't like the pace he had set and began to meet him thrust for thrust. She began to move her lips hungrily against his s her nails ran down his back. She felt him shiver under her touch as he let out a low growl.

When he still didn't move any faster Caroline groaned. "Faster," she whispered against his ear when she came up for breath.

Klaus pulled back and smirked kissing her quickly on the lips before he moved to her neck. He began to thrust faster and harder into her as Caroline moaned loudly, unable to supress her cries.

She was truly on cloud nine, loving the way his body fit perfectly to hers and the way he moved with her. She felt herself moving closer to the edge every time Klaus thrust into her. He changed his angle and soon he was hitting the spot that drove her wild. He seemed to notice as he hit the spot repeatedly, her moans bouncing off the walls.

Klaus wasn't quiet; he was letting his own groans slip through his teeth every time Caroline ran her nails down his back or through his hair. He loved the way she enveloped him and the way he filled her completely.

Caroline was pushed over the edge when Klaus bit into her neck lightly. This time she did see fireworks, her eyes scrunched up, she cried in ecstasy. After a few long drawn out minutes, Klaus was coming undone inside her. He pumped a few more times until he came down from his own high and then pulled out of her.

Klaus rolled off her and onto the bed beside. Caroline rolled onto her side, eying him; he looked almost at peace and happy with a small smile playing at his lips. She leaned over giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Klaus opened his eyes and got up off the bed, disposing of the condom. He climbed back into bed and under the covers, pulling Caroline with him. She settled up against him, her head on his chest with his arm wrapped protectively around her.

Caroline hadn't felt this sated from sex in a long time and if she was honest with herself it was the best sex she had ever had. This man under her could have possibly ruined her for all other men. She didn't let the thought bother her too much for she was exhausted and she was feeling herself drift off to sleep.

Caroline awoke with a start, her eyes springing open. She found herself lying on a hard, unfamiliar chest. She looked up to see the man fast asleep. She smiled to herself as she remembered details from the night before.

The sun was shining through the open window and when she looked over to see the clock on the bedside table read ten o'clock she nearly jumped out of bed. Caroline scrambled around the room as she threw on her panties and bra. When she exited the bedroom she found her dress discarded on the floor next to a blue dress shirt. Carline quickly pulled her dress on and snuck out of the apartment.

When she made her way out to the street she felt the hot summer air already begin to beat down on her. Caroline looked around noticing she was in a noticeable neighbourhood. She sent a silent prayer to the gods, thanking that she was within walking distance of her home.

As she walked along the busy streets, Caroline tried patting down her sex hair. It felt like all the people passing her by cold tell just by looking at her that she was doing the walk of shame.

However, Caroline paid them no mind for she was already home. She hesitantly walked through the front door, thankful that it was unlocked. She didn't know what she was coming home to, if she would get a scolding or not.

The moment she walked through the front door, Caroline heard a familiar voice call for her. "Mommy!" The voice yelled as a small boy came barrelling around the corner and jumped right into her arms. She caught him and lifted him up for a hug. "I missed you."

She smiled brushing his shaggy brown hair out of his eyes. His blue eyes looked up into her own, they held so much love and excitement. "I know, I missed you too."

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