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Chapter 5

Tamaki nervously paced his room and checked his watch. Still another hour until dinner. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, still slightly damp from the shower. Usually he would dry it all the way (meaning his maids would dry it while Tamaki rambled on about whatever new thing was happening with the Host Club), but unable to concentrate he had stopped halfway through (shooing the confused maids out of his room), called for Kyouya and started pacing. Why isn't he here yet?

As if on cue, Tamaki's raven-haired friend walked in and looked at him. "You wanted to see me?"

"Ah, yes. Please, Kyouya, sit down." Tamaki gestured to the chair next to him, and the pair sat down in silence.

More silence.

Kyouya started drumming his fingertips on the arm rests of the chair while he saw Tamaki struggle to form the words he needed. Kyouya sighed and adjusted his glasses, as the blonde finally voiced his question.

"According to Haruhi, uh... earlier you two, ah...were talking about her housing opportunities... and I guess that I was wondering..." Tamaki found himself once again at a loss for words.

Kyouya asked the question for his friend. "You were wondering if she seemed okay, if there was anything we discussed that you should know about, and frankly, why she chose the Suoh household instead of that of the Hitachiins." Tamaki nodded, and Kyouya answered his own questions. "As much as she can be, no, and I'm sure that you'll find that out at dinner tonight when your father asks her the same question. Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have a physics project to finish..." Kyouya stood up, and out of the corner of his eye saw Tamaki stand up as well. He turned to his blonde friend and saw in his eyes some sadness and a small plea.

Kyouya sighed again. "Tamaki, I can't answer any more than you can ask, and I can only read the questions in your mind so far."

Tamaki's shoulders slumped in something like defeat. "...I know."

Suddenly, in a gesture that no one would have guessed from Kyouya, the tall second-year placed a hand on Tamaki's shoulder and looked at him over his glasses with something resembling... was that compassion? "Tamaki... surely you don't still see yourself as a father figure to Haruhi now that Ranka has passed?" Tamaki shook his head sadly, and in confusion, wondering where this was going.

"Then what is it that you feel for her?"

No answer. Kyouya saw in the confused, stormy eyes of his friend that there was none coming, so he quietly let himself out. As he was walking down the hall out to his limousine, he chuckled softly to himself, a sort of sadness in his eyes.

"I wonder what will happen when he discovers the answer..."

"...n...on...Son!" Tamaki snapped out of his reverie and looked over to his father, at the head of the table. He was looking at his son with something almost reminiscent of concern masked behind slight frustration.

"Yes, father?"

"I've been trying to get your attention for a while now. I would appreciate it if you were focused during dinner." Tamaki nodded at his father, and tried his best to lock up the storm inside of his head that Kyouya had unleashed earlier with his one simple question...

"Then what is it that you feel for her?"

What do I feel for her? Do I feel anything at all? Of course I do, that's undeniable. I have for a while...but, I thought that it was as her father...so... if not father, then what?...

He pushed these thoughts to the back of his head as he saw Haruhi descend the flight of stairs, in a beautiful red dress that flattered her figure and fit perfectly, with red sandals on a slight heel studded with occasional sequins and a flower hairclip made of rubies. Tamaki's heart did a little flip in his chest, and he found his breathing becoming shallower. Deciding to ignore these, Tamaki found himself standing up and walking over to her to escort her the rest of the way to the table. She looked at him in slight surprise as he offered his arm, and for some reason his cheeks felt like they were on fire when she took it. "Oh. Thanks, Tamaki-senpai."

"Uhmm...no problem..."

She looked at him curiously, and for some reason the look on her face made his heart flip-flop again. "Something the matter, Senpai? You're rather quiet."

"Oh, uh... just hungry, I guess..." He made an excuse as he pulled out her chair for her, and pushed it back in as she sat down. He went around to his own place opposite of her and a few places down from his father at the head of the table. He noticed the slight nod of approval from his father for escorting her to her seat like a gentleman, but that wasn't the reason why Tamaki had done it, though he didn't know why.

"Oh... sorry if I made you two wait for me", Haruhi apologized as she set her napkin on her lap, looking kind of shy in her dress and out of her element at the large table.

"Oh, no, you didn't. We just got to the table ourselves", Tamaki's father reassured her, and went on to say, "I heard from Tamaki that you have a desire to taste fancy tuna, so I asked the chef to prepare some dishes with it for us tonight. Ah, here they come", he said, looking at the line of butlers and maids bustling in with trays upon trays of food in their arms.

Haruhi looked on in astonishment at the large array of food being unveiled before them, her eyes glittering with excitement at the thought of finally being able to taste some fancy tuna. "Wow, thank you, Mr. Suoh! I've been waiting to try some."

"You're very welcome, Haruhi", the older man laughed lightheartedly at the young girl's excitement. "I would have thought that the Host Club would have served some fancy tuna at one of the parties they host so often."

"Well, we were all kind of occupied at the Ouran Fair, what with Ms. Tonerre's...appearance... though it's been used as an incentive for me to stay in the club," Haruhi offered, remembering her own nonchalance at her being discovered as a girl during physical exams, and Mori's motivating her with the promise of the fancy tuna.

"Yes, I see. What about the party in the beginning of the year, your first I believe?"

"Well..." Haruhi laughed at the memory of her first Host Club party. "We were all sort of preoccupied trying to get a couple back together, and I wasn't really able to toward the end of the party." Mr. Suoh raised an eyebrow, curious to why, and Haruhi explained, an amused smile appearing on her face. "I was kind of in a slight shock that I had accidentally just kissed a girl." She looked over to Tamaki with mock distaste. "Thanks, Senpai."

"What's this?" Tamaki's father asked his son. "What did you have to do with that?"

"I might have... accidentally... pushed her into it trying to stop it..." the young man started blushing again as Haruhi and his father laughed.

Haruhi took a small bite of some fancy tuna now, and her eyes widened to an impossibly large state. "This... this is delicious!" she said enthusiastically, and turned to the nearest maid. "Give the chef my compliments!" she asked with a thumbs-up for emphasis, and the two Suoh men had small smiles of amusement on their faces, which had disappeared by the time the girl turned back around and took another bite happily.

"You look beautiful tonight, Haruhi", Tamaki found himself blurting out, and blushed furiously as she looked at him with a shy smile. Why am I acting so oddly?

"I must agree with my son", Mr. Suoh commented. "You do look absolutely stunning."

"Thank you very much."

"You're quite welcome. Is it one of the pieces in the Hitachiin collection?"

"Yes. Hikaru and Kaoru picked it out especially for tonight. I'm just glad they didn't stick me in anything with lace", Haruhi laughed. Mr. Suoh smiled.

"Yes. Quite a talented family in the fashion world. And I'm sure..." Tamaki noticed his father's 'business' face coming on. "I'm sure that, in your difficult time, they have also offered to provide a place for you to stay for the remainder of your high school career."

Haruhi took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes, they have. All of the Host Club offered, actually. I don't know what I'd do without them."

Mr. Suoh smiled. "Yes, I see. Well, as I'm sure my son has already offered on behalf of the Suoh family, we would also like to extend an invitation for you to come and live with us." Haruhi nodded, and Mr. Suoh continued. "And, I would like you to know that it's not only an invitation, not merely a formality- I can honestly say that we would be genuinely pleased to have you. We've been keeping loose tabs on your progress at school out of interest, and the results we've seen from you have been truly impressive. Top girl in your class- and only second overall behind Kyouya- with amazing dedication and skill and admirable loyalty. You know what needs to be done and do it, but at the same time have remained flexible enough to be open to new opportunities and challenges, all of which you have risen to. You know when to step down, and the only instance in which you have failed to do so was solely for the reason of defending your friend Kyouya, which you were right in doing as his father's actions at the time were rather unjustified." Haruhi blushed slightly at the memory of her opposition to Mr. Ootori. "We would truly be honored to have a young gem such as yourself join our family", Mr. Suoh said with a flashy smile, and Haruhi could for a second see where Tamaki got his instincts to host.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Suoh", Haruhi said politely. "This morning Kyouya-senpai and I were going over the offers I have received, and we actually made a decision."


"Yes." Haruhi took a deep breath to steady her nerves, and a few sips of water to try and cool down- she was feeling a bit warm a few beads of sweat trickling down her back, probably from the unnerving situation... "I was wondering if I could possibly take you up on your offer. I would be greatly honored if I could stay with the Suoh family for the rest of my years in high school."

Mr. Suoh immediately brightened up, and looked slightly surprised. "Of course, my dear! Happy to have you in the family! I'd have our people gather your things from your apartment and bring them here, but your friend Kyouya's people came by right before dinner and took care of that. Your things are in the front room, we didn't have time to move them just yet... though, at the time I thought your stay was temporary... but of course I'm very pleased that you'll be staying with us," Tamaki's father enthused, a smile lighting up his face.

Haruhi slumped in her chair a little, clearly relieved. She wiped her forehead, which was slightly damp. "Thank you very much, Mr. Suoh. You don't know how much that means to me."

"Of course, my dear! This will be excellent!" Tamaki's father clapped his hands together. "Welcome to the family! Call me Uncle!"

Haruhi laughed weakly, still a bit uncomfortable at the thought of family other than her father... "Okay, then, Uncle Suoh."

"What? Oh, definitely not! Uncle Yuzuru! You're a Suoh now, anyway!" the chairman exclaimed happily, while Haruhi looked down.

"Actually... if it's not too much of a bother... I mean, I know I'll be living in the Suoh household, but I'd like to keep my father's surname... I mean, at least until I'm married..."

Yuzuru nodded in understanding. "Ah, no, of course, that won't be a problem. You'll still be Haruhi Fujioka, then." She nodded in thanks.

The rest of the meal was finished with discussion about legal matters, such as the paperwork for Yuzuru to become Haruhi's legal guardian and sorting things out with the school and such. Haruhi had a few more small bites of the fancy tuna, but ate no more, insisting that while the meal was delicious, she wasn't hungry- at which Tamaki looked at her in concern, but said nothing. The maids cleared off the dishes once they had finished, and Mr. Suoh dismissed them all from the table while Tamaki showed Haruhi to the room she would live in, where all of her things had been put in by Kyouya's people.

"...And, here we are", Tamaki opened the door and gestured inside excitedly, running in after Haruhi like an excited little boy. "Isn't it grand? It would have been the room I'd have picked if I hadn't chosen the other one!"

It was a rather spectacular room. Very spacious, indeed bigger than her whole apartment back where she used to live, the theme of the room was a deep rich feeling, very textured and thick. With dark maroon curtains laced with royal purple on the sides as well as rugs, bedspreads, and furniture to match, the fading sunlight streamed in through the large windows as the last of the sunset sank over the horizon. All of Haruhi's things from her previous apartment were in five small boxes on the floor a few meters away from her bed. There weren't a lot of things, as they hadn't had a lot of space in the apartment.

"Well, what do you think?"

"I like it very much, Tamaki-senpai. Thank you." Haruhi wiped some sweat from her brow (was it a bit stuffy in this room?) and sat down in a nearby chair, feeling slightly lightheaded.

Tamaki noticed and sat down with her. "No problem. And, please, Haruhi, if we're going to be living in the same household, I don't mind if you just call me Tamaki."

"But... It's respectful to use the correct honorific..." Haruhi murmured, and whispered so he couldn't hear, "don't change anything else, please..."

After a few moments of silence, Tamaki cleared his throat. Well, this is it, he thought, remembering the earlier conversation with the rest of the Host Club (Haruhi excluded) while Haruhi was petting the horse. No turning back. We all agree... we have to at least give her the chance...

"Er, Haruhi", he said rather uncomfortably. She turned to him, slightly flushed, and he felt his cheeks grow rather red at how adorable she looked, still in her beautiful dress.

"Yes, Senpai?"

"I...er...well..." She raised an eyebrow at him, and he felt his heart beat even more rapidly in his chest.

"Ummmmmm...ah..." Haruhi sighed.

"Sen- Er, Tamaki, just say it already, please. I don't know why you're so nervous."

I don't either, Tamaki mused, but gathered up enough courage to steady his nerves and finallly start. "Well... while you were petting the horse earlier today, the rest of the club and I had a conversation... and came to a conclusion." Haruhi looked at him intently now, having caught her interest. Usually, from her perspective, whenever the Host Club got together to talk about her, things didn't turn out too well for the first year girl.

"About what?" She asked warily.

Tamaki sighed deeply, and Haruhi started to become concerned. I wonder what could be making him act like this...

"Well, as you know, you obviously enrolled in Ouran to get a better chance at a law school scholarship so you wouldn't have to pay tuition to achieve your dream of becoming a great lawyer." Haruhi nodded, and Tamaki joked weakly, "why else would you put up with us damn rich kids?" A light chuckle came from the young girl in an effort to conceal her worry. He never joked like this...

"Your studies, therefore, are obviously your foremost priority."

Why is he talking like Kyouya?

"Of course, any distractions would not be beneficial to your grades and your scholarship here at Ouran. The Host Club, it could be argued, has already distracted you from your goal..." Tamaki's voice was growing weary.

"Senpai?" Haruhi said quietly, forgetting his earlier request and wiping a few beads of sweat off of her forehead. It was hot in here...

But Tamaki forced himself to continue. "Now, with your father... gone... you'll need some time to grieve, but you studies can't afford that with your current schedule, so there's really only one solution..." Tamaki gulped and looked down, no longer able to meet her eyes... "Haruhi Fujioka, due to your current position at Ouran, and as you are now a resident of the Suoh household with debts easily repaid, you are officially removed from any obligations regarding Host Club duties."

The words rang in Haruhi's ears. "You are officially removed from any obligations regarding Host Club duties"... All the blood rose to her face, and she started to once again feel lightheaded, this time from shock. Haruhi felt herself getting up, as if in a daze, unable to control her body. She walked in front of her senpai, who was still unable to look at her.


The sound of Haruhi's hand connecting briefly with Tamaki's face rang out across the room, breaking the quiet that had inhabited it a few moments before. The blonde's hand slowly rose up to his cheek that was already turning pink, and his violet eyes finally managed to look up at the girl's face with shock and confusion that quickly turned to alarm and concern when he saw the tears streaming down her face, her body shaking with tears.

"Hey, Haruhi, wha..."

"You IDIOT!" Haruhi shouted, her anger betraying her in every word. "How the HELL would that make anything better?!"

Tamaki stared at her, dumbfounded. "I thought... I mean, we thought it would be easier for you if you had some alone time and-"

"Alone time? Alone time?! Are you kidding me?! I just lost my dad, Senpai! I have no family, and somehow you and the others have deluded yourselves into thinking that it would be easier for me to be alone in dealing with my father's death when I haven't even gotten over my mother yet?! Damn it, how many times have you said it since he died? How many times have I been able to hold on to the fact that, yes, you are my family? That, now, you're the ones that care for me more than anyone that's alive now? That you've each tried to help me in your own way, and you've told me you'd be there for me, and now you're leaving me?! You damn rich bastards just don't get it, do you? I don't have anyone else now. There's nothing left for me outside of the club except for lonely, empty memories! You're my family now, you're all I've got! To experience life together, every day, through the highs and lows, the everyday rollercoaster of not-knowing-what-comes-next, and having fun being able to experience it with the people that I love?! I can't lose any more people that I love!"

Tamaki stared at her in amazement as the tears racked her body, her face in her hands to cover her tears. "But... we thought you hated the Host Club..."

"Idiot..." she choked out a weak laugh, and then he watched as her eyes fogged over and her knees gave out.

"Haruhi!" he caught her just before she hit the floor, and nearly burnt his hand feeling her forehead. It felt like fire, and her whole face was a hot pink color. He gently lay her down and called for the family doctor thinking, how could I have been so stupid? He had been oblivious to more than just her being ill.

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