Welcome to my first RO fic! Hope you enjoy the ride!

summary: He's waiting, waiting, and waiting. But his friend hasn't come to his place yet. He heard a rumor that his friend was murdered three days ago. Is it true? On the other hand, how will he handle his feelings towards the one who helped them reconcile?

While looking at Lighthalzen's afternoon sky from the window of his room at the Downtown's pub, Maku is thinking. Or more accurately, worrying about something.

It's been three days since that High Priest girl last visited him. The same High Priest girl who promised him that Digotz would visited him soon. But, when is that "soon"? Digotz hasn't come yet. And so is she.

Could she be lying to him? No, no, no. She's so kind to him, even though she expressed it in -somewhat- cruel manners. They even went together to Rekenber's secret laboratory just for fun. And then she took him to the field just outside the town to hunt some Metalings, only to be knocked down quickly by Rafflesias because of his recklessness. Now that he thought about it, could she did it to calm him down after he expressed his rage towards Digotz?

Yeah, that could be it. He could tell that she tried her best to make him forget about his anger. She poked fun at him and abused him so that he would angry towards her instead. Like when she left him alone inside the lab after they got out from the lab's secret entrance (and he got beaten by the ghosts soon after she left). And when she didn't heal him after he's knocked down by those Rafflesias. And not to mention she laughed hard at the idea of him and Digotz "getting it on". Damn you Benkaisten, why did you write that!? "I'm one-hundred percents straight!", he thought. But he's happy that she didn't take it seriously. Nobody should take Benkaisten's thoughts seriously. Especially girls, like her.

Wait, why is he thinking about her? Should he be more worried about Digotz?

When Maku notices that the sky's color is slowly darkens, he suddenly remembers something important. Yesterday he heard a conversation between the gate keepers that "another interrupter" has been "eliminated". Is the "another interrupter" Digotz? He's frequently sneaking to the Downtown just to give him stuffs and tell him about what's going on in the world. Even though both of them know that it's forbidden to go to the other sides of the town. But they're friends, and friends should keep in touch with each other, right? Also, Fishbone's there, and he's a professional when it comes to secret passages.

And unless you're adventurers from another countries or children, who -probably- don't know how the "system" works here yet, anyone who get caught sneaking to the other sides of the city will be killed in sight. Although they will be warned three times before the death sentence is given. Or that's what Digotz explained to him. It's complicated stuffs.

Maku sighs. So that's why that High Priest girl could pass the sentence. And why it's fine for his cirlcle of friends could playing freely in the Uptown back then. And why Digotz did- Oh God, could his promised visit the fourth time he's been caught for sneaking here without Fishbone's help!? Even though he's only planning for a visit and hadn't actually go here!? He remembers that since they hit their puberty, Digotz has been caught by the guards three times. For taking him to Rune-Midgarts to get a job together (and both got caught when they returned) , for visiting the Downtown's village elder to consult about how to deal with those ghosts inside Rekenber's labs, and lastly...

...For causing loud noises because of their latest fight.

What have he done? Had he paid for their lunches and apologized to him, they wouldn't have a fight, and Digotz wouldn't...

Suddenly, Maku remembers that he still have his Rogue outfit from the old days. He thinks that with cleaning up his appearances, wearing his Rogue outfit, and a simple lie, the guards will let him go with no suspicions whatsoever. And he could mention that High Priest girl's name to make the guards believe that he's her fellow adventurer.

He wants to do this without Fishbone's help. He needs to meet Digotz by himself, and make sure that he's still alive and breathing. Then, he could find that High Priest girl and ask her for a date, too.

And soon after he made his resolve, the street lamp outside the pub is turned on.

"Ah, so it's already late. And there goes another day without them", he thought as he lays his body on the bed and puts the blanket around his body. He needs to sleep early to prepare his best for tomorrow, after all.

Hope his plan will work as intended tomorrow.


Odin, what have I written!? Sorry for noob-tier writing, a bit canon-defying, and bad wordings. I'm not a native English, after all.

And curious about the name of "that High Priest girl"? It'll be revealed in the second chapter.