Dean grunted as he heaved the broken slab off of his baby brother, wincing when Sam let out a pained groan.

That spirit had some mojo. She'd managed to throw Sam from one end of the graveyard to the other; resulting in Sam plowing and knocking off three consecutive gravestones.

"You okay buddy?" Dean asked, concerned.

Sam nodded. "Feel like I got mowed by a truck." Sam gasped as he tried to sit up.

"What's wrong?" said Dean in a panicked tone.

"Ribs." Sam managed.

"Dude, you got mowed by a chick." teased Dean.

Sam groaned in annoyance. "Jerk."


A/N: I know this isn't my best. Thanks to DeansBabyBird for sending me this week's word. I've just started attempting drabbles and a few of you convinced me to join this challenge. Hope you all liked it. 100 words on the nose :)