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It was that time of the year. It was Christmas once again. Harry moodily arranged his tarot cards and started doing a reading. His father and godfather were busy fawning on his brother, and attending to his every need. It was sickening. At least his Mother was better, no matter that she had betrayed him and was currently sitting on a chair beside him, constantly nagging at him.

"Harry dear, are you at it again? Put your cards down and go spend time with your brother. You'll have plenty of them to play with them later. This is the only time when you can visit him," Lily said gently to her youngest son who was once again, doing 'fortune telling'.

Inwardly, she sighed. She had told Albus that it was a bad idea to send trelawny to 'train' Harry. But, did he listen? No. He thought that Harry would get jealous of his brother, who had more knowledge on magic then him. Now that batty old lady was rubbing off on her child, causing him to prefer shuffling creepy tarot cards and laying them out, saying what they 'meant' before starting all over again to spending precious time with his beloved brother.

Harry looked up from his cards and sent Lily a withering glare.

"And whose fault is this?" He said coldly, his voice sounding positively Arctic, even to him. He wasn't really angry with his mother. Well, not anymore. The first few weeks with the Dursleys had been horrible. He was treated like a house elf, forced to do their cooking, lug huge bags of pulled out weeds and Dudley's toys around. But after Aunt Trelawny was sent, entering their house and his life one afternoon, they all stopped. Harry was for once, treated like a esteemed guest. It probably had to do with the fact that Aunt Trelawny was a trained witch. Looks like the Dursley's magic phobia was good for something after all. When Harry found out that Dumbledore was behind it, he was all but forgiven. Harry even canceled out line seven A.K.A Dumbledore is an old coot.

His mother winced. "Dear, can't you see that the reason why we sent you there was for your own good?" she pleaded. Guilt ate at her heart. Even after numerous apologies, her youngest son still had not forgiven her. And she doubted he ever would.

"why don't you go talk to Max? Today could be the last time you ever saw him. You should treasure your moments with him, as poor Maximus could get killed by death eaters the next day!" Lily said, trying a different tactic.

Harry rolled his eyes. His mother could be so dramatic. That would never happen. The powers that were had said so. Though they could be wrong... No. Must not doubt the powers that be. But if they were... Grudgingly, Harry neatly packed up the cards before standing up and going over to the center of the room where his brother was regaling the Weasleys with tales of his heroic acts, the latter hanging on to his every word.

"... I dodged the spell and when I checked the time left, there were only a few seconds to spare. So I ran like the wind and once I was infront of instructor David, I cast a extremely complex freezing spell. The instructor immediately froze. A split second later, the bell rang. Everyone came and congratulated me on my defeat of the great instructor David. But I modestly said," Nonsense! Instructor David almost beat me. I had won out of luck." " Maximus finished.

'Cue the awed faces,' Harry thought disgustedly, as he made his way over.

The admirers sitting in a circle, with Maximus in the center, started clapping.

"wow Max, what you did was amazing! You actually beat the Great David, who had own countless duelling championships!" A red headed boy - Ronny? Or was it Ronoldo? No, it was Ron - said excitedly.

"Could you teach me how to fight like you?"

"I absolutely adore you!"

"Can I have your autograph?"

"Of course, of course," Max said proudly, smiling benevolently at his fans crowded around him.

Harry plopped down at the empty space next to Max. "Here's your autogra - Hey brother! Come to tell our fortunes?" Max said cheerfully to the boy beside him as he handed over a slip of signed parchment to a scrawny read headed girl, who was blushing furiously.

"As a matter of fact, yes," Harry replied and started taking out his signature cards. "Alright, Whose first?" He asked, looking around questioningly.

A chorus of 'me's' came out. Harry's talent at divination had become legendary, in Max's circle of friends, as more often than not, his predictions had come true.

"Me," Max said last, grinning widely.

Harry shuffle his cards expertly with practiced skill and ease, before spreading them out In a semi circle around him. "Pick three," He said to his brother. Max followed as he was instructed. Harry then gingerly picked up the three cards and flipped them over and laid them down.

The ten of swords.

The King of wands.

The Five of Swords

" You will be betrayed by one you call a friend. Feeling of shock and Loss will be felt. The betrayer will be swept off his feet by the grandeur and fame he gets for being a friend of the Boy who lived. He will be arrogant and aggressive to try and get what he wants. Lastly, he will be jealous of you," Harry intoned.

the people in the circle started looking around at each other warily, casting suspicious glances at one another.

"So, be careful of jealous people!" Harry finished cheerfully, breaking the tension. He gathered up his cards and walked away, eager to get started on eating his piece of the hundred galleon christmas log cake. Merlin knows that cake - especially magical ones - was a rarity at the Dursley's house.

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