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There is no greater myth than the stillness of the night.

Under the shimmering gaze of the Great Night Circle, the quiet atmosphere was split in two by the racket of a monumental battle.

As the loud bellows, roars and thuds could be heard issuing from deep within a small forest upon a hill, trees were sent toppling like twigs, and small animals flew or scurried away in fright. Among these in this hurried exodus was young Twoclaw (tyrannosaurid) Sharptooth, her iconic silhouette burned against the night sky.

The young predator paused in her escape, turning her gaze back towards the ferocious fight, her emerald green eyes glistening with wonder and fear. She couldn't stay long, however, which she knew – especially with the rockslide making its way down the hill…

She turned tail and continued to flee, but soon found herself getting gathered up by these the descending rocks, tumbling head-over-heels down the steep tor, before she was flung clean out of the way…

As the titanic battle continued, a young cyan bladeback was seen hurriedly skidding down the fallen rocks. He swept his amber eyes over the scene of post-disaster, until he saw a figure he recognised – a snow-white young female twoclaw, whose body was adorned with elegant black stripes, was laying several metres away.

He hurried over to her and nudged her roughly with his snout.

"C'mon, Saureen," he said. "We've gotta move!"

Saureen gave a soft moan as she feebly attempted to stagger to her feet.

"Seizon…" she murmured. "I don't think I can…" she swayed slightly on the spot.

Seizon grabbed her.

"You've got to," he said, shortly. "We can't stay here. We're heading west."

These words were a slight surprise to Saureen. She fixed Seizon with a penetrating emerald stare.

"Why west?"

Seizon narrowed his eyes.

"Because," he replied. "That's what I've been told. Now, we need to hurry, because-"

That was as far as he got, when a blizzard of gravel and stones hammered the ground in front of them. An animal had just landed on top of the rockslide. A massive, angry animal, which let out a gargantuan bellow…

Grabbing the younger sharptooth firmly by the arm, Seizon fled, and with the stomping that he heard in his wake, the creature was undoubtedly following. He continued to half-drag Saureen off into the night, until he noticed a massive fissure in the ground just ahead of him. Just what he needed…

Taking a calculated risk, he sprinted towards the edge of the fissure before leaping with all his strength.

Whilst suspended in mid-air, he flung Saureen's limp but conscious form away from him, hoping their momentum would take her to the other side. He was lucky – Saureen's zebra-patterned body hit the other side of the fissure and rolled away from the precipice. Now all he had to do was focus on getting himself there too…

It was fortunate for him that bladebacks were blessed with long arms. Clinging onto the edge of ground with his fore-claws he was able to haul himself up.

"Hey, Saureen," he said, nudging her again. "You OK?"

Saureen slowly raised her head off the ground. She gave an affirmative nod, but then her eyes widened as she looked past Seizon's shoulder.

On the other side of the fissure, the animal pursuing them stood still. Although the two young sharpteeth could only see the silhouette, they could tell exactly what it was. If the evil yellow glint of its eyes didn't confirm it, its tall frame and menacingly spiky body was enough…

"Did you ever believe the legends?" Saureen whispered. Seizon gave an uncomfortable twitch. No, he had never believed, not since he was a hatchling. Those sorts of scare stories, he thought, were sure to have been made up – but now, the physical evidence was right before his eyes.

"The longneck with a sting in its tail," Saureen murmured. "A huge flattooth with spikes covering every part of its body…"

"I know the story," Seizon interrupted. "And I can see this beast for myself…" He turned to his companion.

"Gawping at this thing is not going to do anything for us," he said. "We need to move."

"What about our families?" Saureen demanded.

Seizon hesitated. That was a tricky one…

"If I know your dad," he said, "Then it'll take more than a spiky longneck to finish him off. I'm sure he's just lying unconscious somewhere…"

Saureen twitched slightly and this tactless remark, but didn't breach the subject.

"OK," she continued. "And what about Xal?"

Seizon gave a short snicker.

"Oh, he'll be absolutely fine…don't worry."

The young bladeback began to walk away. Saureen followed him.

"What about our families?" Seizon remarked. "We've got each other, haven't we?"

"We're not related," Saureen said shortly. "We're different species…"

"So what?" Seizon replied, smiling at her a little. "We've lived together for as long as we can remember. You're like a little sister to me."

Saureen rolled her eyes, but smiled back.

"OK," she said. "Now let's just get moving."

And so the two of them began their perilous journey west…watched, as they did so, by the longneck stranded on the other side of the chasm. Although he couldn't understand the sharptooth language, he could see where they were headed, and he knew exactly what they'd find if they headed west…

The longneck turned away from the chasm and hurried off.

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