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Before the situation would have escalated into complete chaos, Harry maneuvered Tony out of the hallway. With a look to Minerva, he made it clear that she was welcome in their home tonight. Hand in hand, the couple had walked out of the hallway, but not without Harry giving a parting shot at Molly.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Weasley. But it seems like you need to leave your robes behind. Tricky things, those Permanent Sticking Charms. If only you had a willing house-elf to help you loosen it."

Tony had snorted aloud at that, and Harry could hear the restrained chuckle Minerva couldn't hold in.

Knowing the hospital by heart, even after all these years, Harry quickly led Tony to an abandoned fire-place. He quickly produced a small pouch that was filled with floo powder.

"What's wrong with the main entrance?" Tony questioned with raised eyebrows. He had thoroughly amused himself with Teddy, and later the show Minerva had given him. He suddenly recalled Harry's words when he talked about trying to go get him in Afghanistan.

"It was the first time in my life I was tackled by an eighty-something year old lady. Minerva is surprisingly fit."

Yes, he could know definitely imagine the spry old woman tackling Harry, preventing him from doing something stupid. The woman was an older, sterner, primer version of Pepper. Like Pepper, grandma edition.

Harry looked at Tony with unveiled disgust written over his face.

"Do you really believe that witch downstairs kept her trap shut? Hell no, right now the entire reception area is swamped with Britain's wizarding press. And I for one, have no inclination to deal with them. I know this floo, I used it to come and go to my Healing sessions. It's not used often, therefore not well known by the average wizard."

Harry once again accompanied Tony through the floo, clearly not willing to let him endure the experience on his own. Tony couldn't be anything but happy with that. The sensation of shooting through the chimneys (though Harry had explained that they didn't literally transported in and out of chimneys), was one of the most disconcerting ones he had ever known. The other one on the top of that list was the portkey.

They arrived in a room with a few wooden chairs around the walls, and portraits and landscapes hanging above them. Tony looked around. It seemed like a welcoming area, were one entered the home before being brought to a study or living room.

"Master Harry has returned to his noble house. Oh, Kreacher is happy with the return of his Master. And Master Anthony as well. Kreacher wonders who Master's partner is, but Kreacher knows not to ask. Oh, Kreacher is proud to serve his house obedient and silent." Kreacher was waiting for them by the door. Tony saw the uniform the creature was wearing had a weapon on it.

"Kreacher, it's good to see you. I trust the house is in its prime condition?" Harry's tone was warm, looking at the old wrinkled elf with kindness.

"Of course, master. Kreacher would not do anything to besmirch the noble house of Black. The house is clean, and the master bedroom prepared for you and master Anthony. Dinner is served in an hour." With those words, the elf bowed and popped away.

Tony shook his head bemused. The popping was a thing to get used to. Harry said he could do the same, only the sensation is very different between the two races. Harry explained that Apparating (as he called it) could be compared by being pulled through a very thin rubber straw. Tony was not so eager to find out whether he had exaggerated or not.

Harry took his hand and led him around the house. It was a fairly big townhouse by the look of it.

"We're in London. This is Grimmauld Place, the London townhouse of the Blacks. They also have a mansion I believe in the rural area around Dover, but I've never really been there. Sirius always said that the intruder wards could be quite lethal. I really don't want to test if he was right."

They settled into a small and cozy living room. Or family room, as Harry called it. Tony had immediately responded there was no difference between the two. Harry had smiled wryly and responded with a: "Unfortunately, for the British upper class, there is. Then, they're called family room and visitor's parlor."

Harry had requested some tea and biscuits, seemingly from the thin air. Tony was more than surprised to see a tea serving pop into existence on the side table next to Harry, with a plate of biscuits appearing on the coffee table in front of them.

Tony couldn't help himself and groaned. Harry laughed devilish.

"Sorry Tony, you're in England now. We don't do coffee, but our tea is strong. It'll last longer than your coffees normally do." And with those words, he had pushed a cup of the dark liquid into Tony's hand. Tony still couldn't believe it, when Harry took one for himself, and squeezed some lemon juice in it.

"Really? You Britons call us and our quantity of coffee crazy, but you think it absolutely normal to squeeze some sour crap into a sweet drink." Harry snorted behind his teacup. This argument was a sort of ritual for the two of them. Though Harry could appreciate coffee like the next person (really, he owned a freaking café, how could he not?), but nothing soothed his nerves like a well-made cuppa.

"So, what did you think of your first taste of my wonderful world?" Harry was nervous about the answer. If Tony hated it, he couldn't see him agreeing to taking Teddy in and giving him an – at least partially - magical upbringing.

"Well, I can honestly say that magical mishaps have much funnier outcomes than normal ones. I mean, you don't see a Medusa-clone every day." Tony said.

"Tony," Harry sighed.

"I know, Harry. And I can't tell you what I think. Teddy is a sweet and bright kid, overly curious like a ten-year old kid is supposed to be. Your old buddies are sons of bitches and hoes. Andy seemed like an old gal, with too much sorrow. And Minerva has become my personal hero." Tony sighed.

"What did Andy want, Harry?" It was the crux of the matter after all. And Tony was not one to beat around the bush.

"For me to take on Teddy," Harry whispered. "it's about more than just my right as a godfather. There's trouble brewing here, again." Harry put down his cup.

"The pureblood alliance is gaining strength again in the Wizengamot. Our parliament," Harry added after seeing the confused look on Tony's face.

"Teddy's father, Remus, was well-known in the entire wizarding world. In every book about the war, he's written and with his description, there's his werewolf status as well. If the Creature Laws are to be changed, become harsher, Teddy will be one of the first to be hurt by them. Everyone knows he is a Cub."

"I'm sorry, a cub?" Tony asked him.

"The born child of a werewolf. They have different attitudes, don't always transform. It really depends on the mother. Teddy's mother was a Metamorpmagus, so that also interferes with the transformation. Teddy only becomes over excited during the full moon." Harry sighed again.

"But it wouldn't matter a damn to the people in charge. They would only see him as a mindless beast, to be locked up or put down. I will protect him from that. I have enough pull in the MUSA's government to get him a double passport. Then he can flee England whenever."

Tony was silent for a few minutes, letting the information sink in. He knew that there was more to it than just Creature Laws, but he didn't want to get into the political side of the discussion right now.

"But that's not the way she wants you to take care of him, isn't it?" Tony asked him shrewdly.

Harry looked up to him from under his lashes.

"No, she wants us to take him in and take him to America. I can easily get it, I just need to make an appearance at the Wizengamot to announce official Ancient House business. No one can defy my right through the house of Black."

"How so?" Tony was interested, hey this was a whole new world he was in. He would take any crumble of info he could get his hands on.

"Sirius made me his heir. So when he died, I became Lord Black, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black. Andromeda is a cousin, albeit a disowned one. Teddy, through his mother and grandmother, is a Black. I can claim him as a Son of the House of Black. Considering Andromeda's husband was a muggle-born, and Remus comes from a merchants pureblood line, no one can dispute the claim." Harry explained.

"So," Tony spoke slowly, "I am dating a member of the British aristocracy. A Lord?"

"Twice over," Harry spoke guilty. "From the Potter line, I also received a Lordship. And they are both of Higher Standing. The Potter-line is the last living line of the Peverells. It is one of the most famous lines in British magical history."

"And why didn't you tell me this sooner?" Tony's eyebrow rose higher and higher over his forehead.

"Because it doesn't matter a damn thing to me?" Harry spoke sarcastically. "I am not part of that world Tony. I own and work in my café, I love my walks on the beach and my time spend with you and Pepper. I love the quiet life. Andy was my proxy in the Wizengamot for the Black House. Minerva is the one for the Potter seat. They do, or did, fine business and hold the same values for our society as I do."

Harry grabbed on of Tony's hands with one of his.

"I am not just my title, Tony! What good did my title as 'heir'," Tony could hear the quotation marks in the sarcastic tones of Harry's voice, "do me as I was whipped an inch from death? What good was my noble blood line, when my friends cast me out just because I didn't marry Ginny dearest?"

Tony had to concede the point. Harry was more than just the titles. They didn't define him, even worse; they seem to restrain him with a burden of responsibilities that was thrown upon his shoulder from the age of eleven. To take care of their society and keep it safe, no matter the costs.

"Alright, alright. I get it. Sorry BTW," Tony rubbed his face tiredly. Dammit, he could really use a hot shower and some food right now. But he knew he needed to voice his opinion about Teddy to Harry. Harry made it clear that Tony was a part of his life, such a big part that he would not make this decision on his own.

"Look, I talked to Teddy and, yes, he scared the crap out of me with changing his hair color. But, he is smart and sweet and doesn't deserve the things done to him. He is really bright, Harry. The way he picked up on the basic scientific equation and the theories that they are based in. "Tony shook his head, it was filled with the bright smile of the young boy who didn't seem to realize his grannie was dying in the bed next to him.

"But are we ready to be parents? Am I ready to be a parent? I don't know." Tony confessed with a sigh.

"The question is not if you're ready, Tony. It isn't a conscious choice like adopting is." Harry looked old beyond his years. "The question is if you're willing to give that boy a home."

Tony didn't respond to this. Harry decided to try it in a different way.

"Okay then, let's try it this way. If everything had gone according to plan back then, I would've had custody over Teddy from the get go. It would mean that I had Teddy with me when I moved to the States, and believe me eventually I would have moved to the States," Harry said earnestly when he saw that Tony was ready to cut in.

"Would you have been as persistent to date me, if I had a toddler, or later a pre-pubescent son to take care of?"

Silence leaned heavily on them as Tony contemplated what Harry had said. He knew the question behind the question. He also knew what Harry wanted most in the world was to take care of Teddy. Could he love Harry, and remain in a relationship with him if he took on custody of Teddy?

Tony was close to panicking as he contemplated this. He was not the responsible adult, the way Harry or Pepper were. He was bouncing from one thing to the next, shrugging off reprimands or exasperated advice by his friends.

But… After the last few weeks, the weeks he returned from Afghanistan, the way Harry supported him. The way Harry had come clean to him, to help him carry his burden, his torture. He didn't want to lose that either. And he would if he couldn't accept Teddy as a new constant in their lives. Besides, he had to concede that Afghanistan changed him. Into what, he didn't know. But he knew he was no longer the same light-hearted playbor genius that he had been before. A part of his ignorance about the malice in the world had been chipped away.

"I can't promise that I won't screw things up." Tony spoke weary. "But, I know I'll lose you if I can't handle Teddy. And he seems really easy to get used to."

Harry's response was to fly in Tony's arms and snog the living daylights out of him. Tony didn't take long to overcome his surprise and wrapped his love tightly in his arms. The smell of Harry was surrounding him, the taste and feel of his tongue on his. Tony deepened the kiss, and his hands traveled lower over Harry's back. The moan, coming from deep within Harry's throat, made him twitch in anticipation.

He wanted to take him, right here and right now. He didn't care about small wrinkly house-elves that could walk in on them. He slowly started to open the buttons on Harry's shirt. Harry was leaning backward, giving him the space to work the shirt from Harry. And, inconsequently, shamelessly rubbing over the stretch of denim covering Tony's cock with his arse.

The sound of the doorbell interrupted them for a second. Tony released Harry with a groan, frustration rising in him.

"Don't worry, Kreacher will take care of them. I never allow people in here, he knows my door policy." And Harry quickly claimed Tony's lips again. Things got heated fast. It wasn't long before they were both shirtless, the button of Harry's pants open and Tony's hand down the back of them.

They were suddenly interrupted by a small clearing of a throat. De-attaching himself from Harry, Tony looked over his shoulder and saw Kreacher with a blushing Minerva McGonagall in the door opening.

"Sorry for interrupting, masters." Kreacher bowed to the two men on the sofa. "But headmistress McGonagall is here, saying you are expecting here."

Harry flew from Tony, exposing an impressive bulge in the man's jeans. He hastily buttoned himself back up and summoned his shirt to him.

"Minerva, good to see you," walking over he kissed her cheek.

"Harry Potter, that was more than I wanted to see from you." She admonished him, but the curling of her lips belied her stern voice.

"Well… If you waited outside the door, while Kreacher announced you…" Harry trailed off.

Minerva shook her head in fond exasperation.

"Why I put up with you and your behavior, young man, I'll never know."

"Because you know it's too late to try and change it in me?" Harry suggested cheeky. "Just be glad I don't call you Minnie yet."

Minerva did nothing to hide the shiver her old nickname evoked.

"Minnie?" Tony asked from the sofa. He also retrieved his shirt, and had just fastened it up.

"Yes, perhaps a story for another time?" Minerva suggested primly.

"Oh, I don't know Minnie. I think the finer ironic details will not be wasted on Tony." Harry replied impishly.

"No! you have sworn oaths, Potter! I will not be cajoled into revealing that information ever again!" To Tony's astonishment, a faint blush appeared on the old woman's cheeks.

Harry chuckled good-naturedly and gestured for her to sit down. Once everyone was sitting with a new cup of tea, Minerva turned to Tony.

"Well, Mr. Stark. Tell me, why should I not curse you into oblivion for dating Harry here."

Tony was dumbfounded, while Harry laughed uproariously. He leaned to Tony and stage whispered.

"This is the grandmother version of 'why should you be allowed to date my beloved son'," Harry stared mockingly at Minerva.

"And, really Minerva? You know you are a bit too late with this conversation? First date is normally the occurrence for this. Besides, didn't you already approve of him in Mungo's?"

"Yes, I agree. I did not have the chance at that time, however. So you will indulge me now." Minerva was not to be taken astray from her mission.

Tony decided to bite the bullet.

"Because I am absolutely and completely in love with Harry. He helps me face my life and I think it's also vice versa. We were friends before my feelings developed from there. And I survived Afghanistan, because I knew he was waiting for me." Well, no one could claim Tony Stark did not do things thoroughly.

Minerva's eyes had softened at the last part of his acclamation. She reached out and lay her hand softly on his arm, ignoring the suppressed flinch it created.

"I know dear. And it's the right answer." She winked at him.

"Now, tell me how you both are doing." And they did. They talked for an hour. First about Harry's and Tony's life in Malibu, how they started dating (including the telephone pole crash, which had Minerva call out a curse on the madness that included Potters and dating) and later Minerva told Tony all about Harry's exploits at Hogwarts.

The last part had Tony howling with laughter. There was a lot that Harry never told him. He only told him the life story of Harry Potter; the painful road. But there had been enough laughter as well, especially once he and the twins had got together to honor the memory of the Marauders.

The time went by swiftly, and before they knew it Kreacher had come to announce dinner. Minerva stood up.

"Do you want to stay?" It was Tony who asked this, not Harry. But Tony couldn't help it, he absolutely adored the woman. She was intelligent, stern, but with a hidden wicked sense of humor. Unfortunately, she normally couldn't show this to anyone, being the headmistress of Hogwarts.

Minerva had shook her head.

"I'm afraid I can't Anthony. I need to return to Hogwarts, Filius cannot hold the ford down on his own forever, you see."


"You met him today, love. It is professor Flitwick's first name." Harry kissed him behind his ear.

"Really? Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape? Is the magical world pining for alliterations?" Tony asked stunned.

This made Minerva and Harry burst out in laughter. Together they walked to the front door. Minerva first hugged Harry, and drew the stunned Tony into her arms next.

"You take good care of him now," she whispered in his ear. She released him and looked seriously in his eyes. Tony nodded solemnly at her. He had every intention to take good care of Harry for the rest of his life.

Harry opened the door with the remnants of exuberant laughter still on his face. When turned to face the porch, the laughter died on his face. Right in front of his door, stood the entire Weasley clan with murder on their faces.

Behind him, Minerva and Tony both saw the people waiting outside. Minerva pulled off her cloak again. Tony looked at her questioningly.

"You really think I am going to let Harry deal with them on his own?! Goblins' gold! No, I think I'll take you up on that dinner invitation Tony." And with a malicious smile she handed her cloak to Kreacher.

"Kreacher, outside are some people wanting entrance to the House of Black," she spoke to the house-elf.

"What sort of people, Headmistress McGonagall?" the old elf croaked, cocking his head to the left.

"The worst kind. Not blood-traitors, no. But disloyal, fake friends. Those who abandoned your master." Minerva looked maliciously satisfied.

Tony was clueless. Why was Minnie telling all this to the elf? Yes he was loyal to Harry, but Harry also told him what a dirty little sneak and abhorrent creep he had been when they first met. Harry had confessed to him that when he first inherited the elf, he wanted nothing more than to a) kill it or b) give it clothes and never look at it ever again.

Only after he had realized the treatment the elf had his entire life, and the importance the elf played in the theft of a horcrux, the relation between the two had changed.

Tony witnessed a miracle, then. He saw the old house-elf swell up in undiluted rage, his old papery skin turning red with his anger.

"These people hurt master Harry?" Tony heard in the elf's voice that he was seething.

"Indeed," Minerva confirmed grim.

That was all the elf needed, and before the staring match that Harry had with clan could dissolve in a row, the elf popped into existence in front of Harry armed with a copper sauce-pan. Harry had no time to grab Kreacher, or call him off, before he dashed forward and gave the first person (who happened to be Percy), a full strength swing with his pan on his kneecap. Percy went down howling with pain.

Tony let out a disbelieving laugh, turning halfway to Minerva. Minerva was gleaming with vindictive pleasure. Tony couldn't help but be more impressed with the elder woman. She had a malicious protective streak in her, that was nothing short of the wrath of a fury. The message should be clear; don't mess with anyone under Minerva McGonagall's protection.

Kreacher only had time to hit Ron over his head with the sauce-pan (and really, how had he managed that? The man was like a giant and Kreacher was tiny), before Harry called out to the elf.

"Kreacher, that's enough!" Harry spoke sternly, but even if Tony could only see his back it was clear that it took his all to keep the amusement of his face.

"One more for good luck, master?" Kreacher asked him. Harry smiled fondly at the elf, the words bringing him back ten years to the kitchen of this place with Mundungus on the floor.

"Not now, but if our esteemed guests need persuasion to leave, I'll let you do the honors." Harry promised.

Tony saw the harpy's face, Hermione, contort at that. It was clear that it brought back memories for them.

"Well, is the esteemed Lord Potter-Black going to let us into his home, or is he going to be so hospitable to let us stand on his front porch?" The Weasley matriarch's tone was scathing. Tony had to suppress a growl at that. This was the man who was like a father to Harry for quite some years. The woman who had acted like a pseudo-mother. And now they acted like he was a dark wizard, worth less than the mud under their boots.

Harry sighed and waved the group into the house.

"Kreacher, please escort our guests to the parlor." Harry ordered the elf with an icy tone. He so did not want this coming conversation, but he knew it was unavoidable now. He cursed himself, he should've put the place under Fidilius and raised the wards to maximum power. But he didn't do that, preoccupied with Teddy's and Andy's fate and Tony's introduction to the wizarding world.

They arrived at the parlor, and immediately Tony, Harry and Minerva settled on the sofa and grand chair near the fireplace. This left the Weasley clan to the other chairs and sofas that were further away from the fire and divided the company clearly.

Kreacher popped in and out with a new serving tray. He bowed low to Tony and Harry, and gave Minerva a respectful half-bow. Without a look to the rest, he popped back out. Clearly he was not interested in serving the guests tea.

Minerva stood up before Harry could, clear in her intent to serve the tea to the Weasleys so that Harry didn't have to play the host. When the tea was served, Hermione brought out her wand and casted a detection spell on their tea.

"Pardon me?" Minerva inquired frostily. Even Arthur and Molly Weasley looked at her in horror. Only Ron gave her an approving nod and smile.

"We can never be too safe, Headmistress." Hermione said, casting a nasty look at Harry and Tony.

Harry stood up.

"I do sincerely hope that you did not just insult my honor as host and Lord of the houses Black and Potter, to imply that I would poison or spell your tea?" Harry couldn't manage a cool and detached tone. To the contrary, his voice was like a bubbling cauldron filled with potion ready to explode out.

Hermione opened her mouth, no doubt to say exactly what would escalate the situation, but Arthur cut her off.

"I do apologize, my Lord. It seems that as preoccupied as she is with the coming conversation, my daughter-in-law forgot the gravity of such actions." With a glare to Hermione he made it abundantly clear that she was not to open her mouth any time soon.

"I hope you are right, Mr. Weasley," Harry managed to cool his voice down to the detached tone he was striving for.

The next five minutes were a terse stand-off with innate chitchat filling the silence.

"Now, I do realize that we have not seen each other for many years and catching up is certainly a must. However, I sincerely doubt that this is the only reason for your impromptu visit." Harry invited the Weasleys to speak their mind. Tony sat up straighter, finally they were getting to the good part.

"Yes, Lord Potter. I do have to confess that there was an ulterior motive. I would hope, before coming to that part, to be more thoroughly introduced to your… companion." It was clear the Weasleys wanted to know who the man sitting at Harry's side was. The inquiry was so blunt and inelegant, that even Minerva was looking at Arthur in disdain.

Harry's lips curled into a discomforting smile. He let it rest on his face for a few seconds, bringing home the point with Arthur exactly what he thought about the obvious ploy. Arthur shifted nervously in his seat. It became more and more obvious that the man sitting in front of them was not the same boy they kicked out of their family a decade earlier. Then Harry's face became a blank canvas with mildly friendly disinterest on it.

"Very well, allow me to introduce to you the newest addition to the Potter and Black Houses; Tony, Consort Black and Consort Potter." Harry gave a respectful bow, accompanied with a saucy wink to Tony. Tony was struggling to keep his face in the same blank lines as Harry. He had a few choice words that he still needed to say to these people, but he knew this was an arena he was unfamiliar with and decided to take Harry's lead on this.

"It is a pleasure," the word was drawled out, its tone belying the word, "to make your acquaintance." And gave a curt nod to the gathered crowd across from them.

"And where do you come from, sir?" For the first time Ginny spoke up. Harry had to struggle to keep the surprise from his face. Ginny didn't speak in the same tones as the rest of the Weasleys were. She seemed honestly curious.

Harry's eyes fell on George, who was smirking and clearly enjoying the show.

Tony answered the girl in a polite tone.

"I originally am from New York, my parents mansion still stands there. I am, however, from different places around, though I still have a love for the American west coast."

Tony hadn't lied. He had been all over America, and the world. Especially after his parents death and before he took on the mantel of Stark Industries' CEO. And he knew that he would always have a love for Malibu.

Ginny nodded, clearly pleased with the answer, and wanted to further her inquiry. Before she could ask another question, her brother spoke.

"American?" Ron's voice was dripping with derision. "You wanted to befoul your family name more, Lord Potter-Black?"

Harry's fury rose. The wards of the Black House rose as well to meet their master's anger.

"Forgive me, Mr. Weasley. But to my knowledge the further reputation of my NOBLE families are not of your concern. Do not presume to have any influence over two of the ancients houses and their members. One more comment alike that, and I will take personal insult in it and bring it in front of the Wizengamot, bringing shame to your family name!"

Harry reseated himself, struggling to keep his anger back under control. The wards gave one last threatening crackle before settling down as well. Tony spoke when he was sure that Harry's anger wouldn't squash those people into shish kebab.

"You people have a lot of nerve. How dare you invade someone's home and then proceed to insult that person inside his own home? What more do you want from Harry? Do you want to try and take his fortune? It won't work, it goes to blood relation or partners." Tony sniffed angrily.

"You cast a seventeen year old broken boy, who lost every adult and friend except you people, out of the family. And for what! For being honest with you! You would actually have preferred that he'd continue to lie to you and marry your daughter. But never be able to love her fully, because that is not who he is!" Tony stood up, and slowly stalked towards the Weasleys. George was now wearing a full-blown smirk, he knew it was time his parents and siblings were put in their place. Only Ginny had enough sense to shamefully avoid Tony's stare.

"Let me tell you what happened back there. You couldn't handle that he didn't fit in to your picture perfect future. You never gave one damn about him. You only cared about what he represented for your family, and what he could give to you. And the one time that he needs you, not the other way around. The one time that he needed acceptance, outside of fighting for his life, but to make his own life. You don't know how quick to stab him in the back. You, this entire country, this is what I think of you." Tony was steaming and spat Ron vindictively in the face.

Minerva was gleaming, almost purring like her Animagus form. Oh yes, she approved Harry's choice of partner one hundred percent. And what a rant, she thought impressed. It was delivered in a biting, bitter tone. And not once did he say something about Harry himself. No, he attacked the Weasley family on their faults and vices. And she loved every second of it.

Ron was cleaning his face, seemingly unable to react to the words or the actions of Tony. But Harry could soon see the tell-tale reddening of his ears and the red blobs appearing in his neck.

"HOW DARE YOU!" He roared, and drew his wand.


It was not Ron who casted the spell. Not even Harry or Minerva or even George. Standing up from her seat, with her wand trembling in her hand, stood Ginny. She summoned the wand to her and shot a contemptuous glare at the youngest Weasley male. She then turned towards Harry.

"Lord Potter-Black," she started, clearing her throat slightly. She drew a fortifying breath. "Harry, I'm sorry. I know it is not enough, not by a long shot. But I am."

She seemed to lose her nerve, but after a few seconds she showed her Gryffindor spirit.

"I was hurt. Not only because you turned out to be gay, and not planning to get back together with me. But also, because we had to read it in the paper, not being told by you." She held up he hand, to stem the upcoming protest.

"I know that wasn't your fault, rather your Healer who couldn't keep his fat mouth shut. But, and I know that isn't an excuse, we already lost Fred, Remus and Tonks. I thought we'd lose you too. And I should have known that you wanted to be my brother still. But, well, I didn't had it all lined up in my head." She snorted self-deprecatingly.

"I hope you are happy, and found a new family. I hope you've found your peace. And I hope that if we ever meet after you leave, we could if not friendly, at least be civil to each other." She threw Ron's wand at Hermione, who caught it automatically obvious still stunned by Ginny's words. Ginny did a perfunctory obeisance to the couple on the couch.

"Lord and Consort Potter-Black, Headmistress McGonagall." And with those words turned to leave the room.

"Kreacher!" Harry called out. The elf popped into existence.

"Please escort Ms. Weasley to the front door. Sincerely." Harry added as an afterthought. He did not mean Ginny harm.

"Ginny," he spoke hesitantly. "I never meant to hurt you. It's just who I am. I hope you found happiness as well."

Ginny smiled softly at him. "It's Mrs. Thomas actually." With a wink she was out the door. Harry kept smiling, he hadn't known Ginny and Dean got back together. He could honestly say he was glad for them.

Harry then let the smile drop from his face and glared at the other Weasleys.

"For the rest of you, I believe my love made my point perfectly. I only say this once so pay attention. I no longer want or need your love, acceptance or protection. Leave my house, or I'll be forced to let Kreacher throw you out of here." With a wave of his own wand, he woke Ron up.

Percy already stood up and walked away without uttering another word. Harry didn't care one bit. He never really liked Percy, and the boy had not only betrayed him in the past, but turned his back to his entire family. Untrustworthy, was his unmerciful conclusion.

Bill and Charlie were next. They bowed to Harry and Tony. They always were angry at Harry for hurting their baby sister, not because he was gay.

"Many happy and fruitful years in your future, my Lord. May we part as equals and find you in good health in the future." It was a formal parting, but Harry accepted it in the spirit it was given. Ginny had given her apologies for overreacting, so the older Weasley boys no longer held a grudge against him. It was painful to see how the two had let their behavior depend on Ginny's. Harry had never been close to the two, only seeing them a handful of times.

Arthur gave a small curt nod to Harry and dragged Molly out of there before she could go on a rampage and endangering the whole family. Arthur had no doubt that one more insult and Harry would make them regret it. He was also painfully conscious of the debts the Weasley clan owed the house of Potter. He would not do anything to aggravate the Lord into calling the debts in.

This only left George, Ron and Hermione. Harry smiled at George, completely ignoring his two ex-best friends.

"George, meet Tony! Minerva stays for dinner, you want to tag along as well? You can have an in-depth conversation with Tony about pranking and the use of electricity in a prank." He gave a wink at his friend.

"Oh, that be great! Thanks mate!" George replied cheerfully, also ignoring the other two still in the room. "And Minnie! Long time, no see. How are you my dearest kitty."

Minerva drew her wand and transfigured George into a scratch pole.

"Now listen closely, George Weasley. When we were visiting Harry, I already warned you that I could use transfiguration to punish you, since you are no longer a student of mine. Be careful, next time I will transfigure as well and make good use of your new form." Minerva's tone was full of fire, her nostrils flaring like an angry dragon.

Harry and Tony burst into laughter and watched as Minerva turned George back into his human form. Harry rose from his seat.

"Shall we go eat then? I'm a bit hungry, and I really need to get my energy back up. I swear to God Tony, how do you handle the time differences with all your travelling?" Harry mock accused Tony.

"Whiskey. Lots and lots of whiskey." Tony deadpanned. George snorted and Minerva made a small disapproving noise. Harry turned to Ron and Hermione still sitting down.

"I warned you," he said shaking his head. "Kreacher, please make sure our last guests leave as quickly as possible."

Kreacher popped into the room with a malicious smile on his face.

"With pleasure, master." And with a flick of his fingers, the two rose from their seat.

"You shall not besmirch master's house any longer," the elf spoke with an impressive glare. With a wave of the wrist, the two were send flying out of the room and down the hall, through the front door. The bumps they heard on their way, made it clear that Kreacher did not seem to concerned in making sure they didn't hit anything on their way out.

"Kreacher," Tony looked at the elf seriously.

"Y-Yes master?" The elf looked nervous.

"You are my new favorite," Tony still kept the same earnest tone. Kreacher looked at his newly acquired master and broke into a blinding smile.

The group walked to the dining room for a nice and not so quiet dinner. George spoke his afterthought.

"Oh, Harry?" Harry turned to him expectantly. "that Healer of yours?"

Harry nodded and raised his eyebrow.

"Total whimp, he really couldn't stand up to Ginny's Bat-Bogey Hex." And George strode up in front of them, cackling madly.

And that's it. Hope you liked it and 'till next time.